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  1. Currently I am doing cardio but not at morning, at evening or you can say it night time. I go for jogging and then do some push ups and squats. thats it, I am not doing cardio for weight loss but just for maintain my body health.
  2. well in winter dry fruits are the best thing to for snaks and you can use coffee or tea with you.... But in summer I think jucies and salads are the good thing. becuase pop corn and chips are the too old things. You can also use any soft drink or soda.
  3. Well i guess it looks like that in the picture below.... I am not sure but I heard about it.. and its the ninja's secret. Why you want to do that. are you getting training any kind of martial arts or ninja training...?
  4. Hey guys I am Henry, 22 year old and currently doing a part time job. My height is 5.9" and weight is 148 pound/67kgs. Well I was trying to find some good tips for health and some exercise tips also which can reduce my weight and also reduce the fat from the belly. So i found this forum to helpful for me. Hope guys it will be a great time with you and I will get much knowledge about exercise and healthy body. Thanks...
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