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  1. Good goals, and good plan. Not easy, but a good one! Chronic illness definitely ups the difficulty level of life. I applaud your courage.
  2. Oooh, no chocolate. @_@ Good luck with that one! Win that bet!
  3. *thumbup* Hope your bones dense up for you. And great running challenge! That sounds like a good one.
  4. We were checking the thread - you were working out. XD
  5. I get a B-. Did great week 1-3, dropped to a B average week 4-5, and 6 is a no pass.
  6. mmm - yes, please keeping in touch? Past two weeks have been nuts for me, but I don't wanna quit! Blogging about it. <3
  7. I weighed in heavier this morning too. (up by 1.8 since last week.) Sometimes it's just a bad week. (Like mine) Weight doesn't always show what's going on either. I know I gained a WHOLE lot of muscle this week (leveled up twice in angry birds squats! w00t!), but also am doing some water retention. (SOMEBODY didn't drink like they were supposed to.) Slower progress is a pain, but it's ... well, it's more permanent. *hug* Hope tomorrow feels a bit better for you, and keep on trucking!
  8. Oops! I don't always remember to sign-in so I just saw the message notification today. I'm in South Eugene.

  9. Okay, ladies, I'm asking for a bit of help. My PMS symptoms, including pre-menstruation mood swings and cramps of HORROR have become so severe that they're disrupting my life. Twice I've had to miss work because of severe cramps - even with full doses of pain killers, and my emotional instability the week before is DRIVING ME CRAZY. I can tell that what I feel is 80% hormones, but that doesn't make me feel better. I talked to my physician, and she recommended birth control to help even out my hormones. (I'm 28 3/4 years old. Things have been getting worse yearly. Also, not sexually active. Ever. lol. I'm okay with that.) The thing is, my background is filled with horror stories of "how The Pill ruined my life/killed my babies/killed my uterus/gave my baby ____" ... And it's a little difficult for me to ... overcome. Also, there's a healthy dose of doctor suspicion/conspiracy theory. (Not entirely without cause.) My researching skills suck. So, could you help me out? I'm looking for two things: 1) Is there ANYTHING I can do/eat/WHATEVER to help ease out the symptoms first? (Exercise no longer works. Used to, but for the past few years, NOPE.) 2) Please help me find stuff that will ease my fears about doctor conspiracy theories and THE PILL WILL NEVER LET ME MAEK BABIES EVER. (Fact: Talked to my Mom today about this. Her response: "Oh no! It's a well known fact that women on the pill have problems conceiving later!" Me: "I talked to my doctor -" Her: "Doctor's always say that! They just think a chemical is the solution to everything!" After that, the conversation kind of broke down ...) So yeah! Appreciate the help in advance, and thanks ladies! ... Or any men who read this.
  10. IT WAS VERY EXCITING. AND SORT OF WOOT. EXCEPT FOR THE GETTING DROPPED PART. I was rough housing with my good friend Caleb, and it was cool because I could tell I was stronger than I had been. BUT THEN! He changed up his tactics and used more strength, and did this weird twisty thing, and I immediately fell onto the floor on my head with Caleb landing hard on top of me. Oops. He was TERRIBLY sorry, poor guy. Once the pain had faded (by the next day) I was kinda proud of myself that I was strong enough to make him misjudge like that. XD On the other hand, OW!
  11. I'd be interested! The only problem is June is banana-nuts-bonkers-crazy month for me as a teacher. 3 concerts, 2 awards ceremonies, graduation, yearbook party (I'm yearbook editor AUGH! MUST FINISH THAT THING!), piano recital, closing the school ... and that all happens in two weeks. @_@ So uh ... while I would LOVE to come ... I'm not sure I'd be able to. :3 And if I did, you wouldn't meet ME, you'd meet banana-nuts-bonkers-crazy me, which while fun .. Can also be stressful. XD So yeah! Consider me wanting to be posted! What about the Chinese gardens? They serve tea! AND POWELL'S. ANY TRIP TO PORTLAND MUST INCLUDE POWELL'S BOOKSTORE! And ... and ... I'm no longer allowed to go there unsupervised ... ... ...
  12. Meh. 110 total. I was uber busy all day Saturday, and then Sunday ... I got dropped on the ground and hit my head pretty hard. Jumping (or moving quickly at all) was out of the question. (I'm okay now. No damage, just EXTREME PAIN! @_@) so meh. Sorry guys! Hopefully the next challenge will be something a bit more up my alley ...
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