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  1. Good goals, and good plan. Not easy, but a good one! Chronic illness definitely ups the difficulty level of life. I applaud your courage.
  2. Oooh, no chocolate. @_@ Good luck with that one! Win that bet!
  3. *thumbup* Hope your bones dense up for you. And great running challenge! That sounds like a good one.
  4. Whoaaa! Awesome! Way to go. ^_______^
  5. We were checking the thread - you were working out. XD
  6. I'd like to be - I'll see if it works out that way. @_@
  7. Doing it! Working with middle & high school students. I love them. I teach them to love themselves and love others. It's exhausting and draining. But I love my job - and I AM changing the world. Maybe later it will be a bit more high profile.
  8. Like. All this. Right here. Is good stuff. From good peoples. :3
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