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  1. AWESOME job!!!! ...both in the race AND the push ups!!! W00t! W00t!!
  2. WOOOHOOO!! On track at the end of week three! Strength training: 3 strength training workouts knocked out. Upping weight where I can... and my teenager who has caught the Barbell Bug with me has been pacing me workout for workout. Just today he upped his weight in the bench press to one past me... I'm so proud!! my hubby (hi honey! ) has joined us whenever his work schedule has permitted! It's becoming a family project... getting me in shape! No bonus runs this week, but things have been so crazy that it was a struggle to find time to get workouts in at all... so feeling good about lifting consistently. One huge achievement... knocked out 3 sets of 10 pushups from my toes today!!! W00t! Water/diet: Water is becoming a good habit. I actually am getting thirsty for water, instead of forcing myself to get my glasses in. I've been researching protein powders, and think I'm going to order Teras Whey as the most natural-minded one I've come across. Grad school: Got folders and such. Got grades in, so submitted tuition reimbursement paperwork to the program at work so that I get that set in motion so I can make the first payment for this upcoming semester. Dinners: Cooked dinners, and tried to make enough for several meals' worth to take to work for lunch. Also cooked one night just for portable meals... the kids have started grabbing my mason jars of leftovers as snacks and for lunches when we're working. Budget: Got my eldest daughter moved in for her freshman year of college. She's 3 hours away, and although it was tight, we were able to get all of those last-minute Walmart runs done without having to charge anything. Hanging in there with the budget, although I've been having to get creative with it. I also filled out my FAFSA forms so that I can get some student loans to take some of the financial burden off of the family of this school year. Working the plan, and trying to curb any unnecessary spending! Feeling good about the progress despite the craziness of life! I'm still a little emotional about my eldest leaving the nest... but at the same time I'm so proud of who she is and who she is becoming. It's such a bittersweet time!
  3. ...Oh, he's past me in SEVERAL areas... that boy can whip out the push ups, and he can do pull ups like he's on a spring.... boing boing boing! I'm so jealous!!!! But when we're doing weights, I'm matching him in the push press, deadlifts, barbell lunges, bench press, etc etc. I just love finding that connection that I don't have to work to find! As for the week, things are looking pretty good!!! Strength training: Got in all 3 Barbell Work-outs. Advanced to "assisted" pull ups today... W00t! W00t!!! Getting closer to the real thing!!! I've been trying to fit more small moments into each day, and choosing the more active alternative even outside of workouts... Like I haven't shuttled to or from the parking garage to work at all this week, and have started taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Water/Diet: Have not been as aware of the water intake as I need to... I know I've skimped on my 3L goal at least 3 days this week. I have upped my protein to try and feed any baby muscles that are trying to make their way in the world... I've started having 3 hardboiled eggs for breakfast and after each weights workout. I stay away from processed foods whenever possible... but protein powder really would be so convenient to throw into shakes/smoothies... I may have to see if there's a more natural alternative... Grad School: Hopefully finished the semester strong. Waiting on grades, and have one week off before the fall semester starts. Got my books, and am going to start reading ahead while I wait. Dinners: Did semi-ok. Bought kids pizza one night this week when they had a friend sleep over, and did carry out sushi one night when everyone else was busy and I was just feeding me and the bottomless-pit teenaged boy. Budget: Catching up on bills, and have "assigned" categories to every dollar of last week's paycheck. Trying to stretch it!
  4. I am loving the Barbell Battalion. My 14-year-old son has taken an interest in the free weights with me, and is my workout buddy. Tonight after our last set of pushups we were lying on the floor laughing at each other because our arms were like jello from the rest of that workout... so by the third set, the pushups were comical... He says "Mom, my arms are so rubbery I can't even lift my hand up to scratch my nose!" It hit me, that I was building memories with this teenager who is figuring out who he is and where he will fit into the world... and it's a connection I want to nurture, and memories I'm going to treasure to get me through any crazy mood swings that may come. And secondly... in the weights department, I'm proud that I'm keeping up with him so far! (He'll pass me soon, I know!)
  5. Oh, man... you do cabinets??? I may have to hire you!!! I've hated my kitchen for 15 years!!! There's always been a home project that has taken priority.... *sigh* ... SOMEDAY!!!
  6. I think I have the BEST HUSBAND EVER... He broke down our spare room yesterday and cleaned it out to be our home gym... bringing up a bench, squat rack and free weights from the dingy basement so that we could have it at hand and ready to use! Isn't he the best???? We christened it yesterday with a Barbell Workout that my teenage son, husband and I did! WOOOOHOOOO!!!!! When I can figure out how to get pictures from my phone to here, I'll post one of our new gym! Walked to and from the garage to work today (mile or so total) and didn't get my run in because I was at work 2 hours past my quitting time.... but signing up for a 5K in September so that I'll have something to work towards! And MAN, did I feel those barbell lunges when I was climbing my stairs to work today!!! Yowza!!!! Good on clean diet... still 750 ml water to go for today.Ugh... need to get it in quickly so I'm not up through the night peeing!!!
  7. Thanks for the encouragement, all! Glad to be back! Going back for my pediatric nurse practitioner (PNP) - master's degree. It's one of those deals where I kept waiting to WANT to go back... and never really did... it got to the point where it was "now or never" because my eldest goes off to college in a few weeks... and we'll overlap by 2 years... but after that, I have 2 others who will be in college too... ...so I took a leap of faith! It's not a convenient time or situation... but one year down and 2 to go! It was as humid, hot and sweaty as I remembered! I didn't plan quite as well as I will next time... but it wasn't a complete bust! ...and consistent sleep is highly overrated anyway... right? THANKS! I've always loved Xena... I think she's my Halloween goal this year! I love strong female heroines... No wussy princesses for me!
  8. Love the pull up bar!!! Supportive hubbies are AWESOME!! One of my goals is working towards the ever-elusive pull up... Great goals!
  9. aimless

    Mac Reboot

    Great challenge and goals!! My brother lives in LA (Hermosa Beach) and I've only been able to get away to visit him twice... but each time it makes me SO JEALOUS of his temperate climate/lack of humidity... and the awesome chip trails they have for running!!! *Sigh* ...Maybe I need to see about saving up for another plane ticket...
  10. HULK SMASH... ...NOT fun... but glad you are being able to find an outlet, and that your pup is helping. Great lifting consistency!!! And living in St Louis I can totally relate to the HUMID HEAT... Ugh. Keep it up!
  11. I'm back in civilization and getting caught up on everyone's threads... AWESOME START!!! GO YOU!!! And yes... I totally think the video needs sharing!
  12. Okay... Long Version: I've been MIA this week, but I knew this was going to happen... Just got back from being in the midwest-middle-of-nowhere at a summer camp playing camp nurse to 75 middle school/high school/college kids and the staff. It's in a valley that gets absolutely ZERO cell service... so completely outta touch. I'm currently a walking zombie... I'd forgotten how LATE teenagers are up... I didn't get to bed before 1am any night of camp, and was then up through the night with things like campers with 3am migraines and stomach-bugs. WEEKS LIKE THIS IS WHY COFFEE WAS INVENTED!!! First five days of my challenge kinda tanked because of it... I still managed to get in two walk/jog/runs (I can't really call it a RUN because I'm super-slow... but it's my version of it!) and in reality, without going out for a formal "run" I walked a TON more and out in the heat sweating my butt off at camp and being active... I still have a few days to try and crank out some strength training, but it won't be 3. Did do some incline pushups from the nurse's cabin bed frame that was the right height... still working towards real ones. Wins: Kept my diet clean (brought food and an electric hot plate... NO camp food for me!). Drank OVER 3L of water a day because of the heat... with the heat motivating me, it wasn't even hard! Kept up with grad school workload... even drove up to the McDonalds in the closest town to use their free Wifi to post my assignments. No purchases outside of the budget... hard to shop from the middle of nowhere with no internet!! Short version: Back home now. Going to kill it from here on out.
  13. I TOTALLY get this... Sometimes I just need some "down" time to recuperate and get my head back in the game... and sometimes it just pulls me further down... When I get to that point, I start trying the opposite tactic... the "fake it till you make it"plan, and sometimes just going through the motions even withOUT loving it reboots my brain, and I get psyched for it again. Set a date (say Monday, when the challenge starts?? ) and decide that date is your reboot, where there are no more excuses and you HAVE to at least start every workout and do X-amount before you can quit (...the warmup... or one set...), then re-evaluate and see if you really need to quit, or if you can keep going. For me, STARTING is the hardest part! You've GOT this! You can do it! ...and ((((((HUGS)))))) !!
  14. Great goals! Great plan!! I'm chasing the elusive One. Friggin. Pull-up. too!!!
  15. Absolutely!!! Following you back!! We can DO it!!!!
  16. Yay!!! One of my goals this challenge is to get my push-up count to 10-REAL-from-the-toes-with-good-form-no-cheating!!! YAY FOR PUSH-UPS!!!!
  17. Love it!! You've got this! I'm following along for the ride!
  18. Oh man, I love the side quest... Seriously need some de-cluttering action here as well... you may inspire me to start!!! Great goals and plan!
  19. Everyone has a past… everyone has a history. I have never been ATHLETIC. I’ve always admired those who could run races, be strong, and fast, and fit… but that was never me. And then I found NF, and for the first time in my life it became something I could do. I made progress. I kept up with my challenges… and then life threw me a doozy. I landed in the hospital, had operations… got out to heal, and then went back in for more surgery. When I got out, I recovered, went back to work (pediatric dialysis/pheresis nurse) and started grad school a month after discharge. For the longest time it was all I could do to put one foot in front of the other and make it through my days. I was in survival mode, and that was ok. I’m just now to the point that I don’t feel like getting through each day takes everything I am and everything I have. I’m ready to start climbing that ladder again, and ready to make this body stronger and more resilient. I’m re-zeroing all my stats and starting over (RESPAWN!) at Level I in everything (*sniff sniff!!*) In previous challenges (forever ago) I’ve hung with the Scouts, because to me the idea of being “in shape†meant being able to run more than a block without dying. This time I still want a few runs… so rebooting the C2-10K program… but I’ve come to realize that I don’t find JOY in running like a true Scout should… (I partially blame the St Louis 105 degree heat index and 99% humidity), so that can’t be my whole plan… I’m doing some searching this time around. I’m going to try weights because I want some strength, and I want to see if it’s something I like. I want to be able to see some muscle under the skin, and know that this body may have been through the wringer, but it’s not frail and fragile... I need to find my fitness JOY My diet’s pretty solid… no processed crap. Gluten-intolerant so yay (?) for having something VERY self-reinforcing with immediate unpleasant consequences. Used to be off ALL grains and most complex starches, but have added back in rice, quinoa, lentils, potatoes and sweet potatoes and am able to tolerate them now. No interest in soda at all (gross!), but I could stand to back off on the coffee and up the water intake. Other than that, I also drink 1-2 glasses of red wine or whiskey every-other-dayish that I probably could cut back on as well. SO… Onwards and upwards! Fitness goal: I AM someone who lifts weights three times a week.NF Academy: Barbell Battalion: Level I workouts: 3x/week (STR +2)Side-goal: Working toward being able to do ONE FLIPPIN PULL-UP… also 10 real pushups from toes with good form. (STR +1 each)Bonus points: For any C2-10K run I complete. (STA +0.05 each run- rounding to nearest tenth)Diet:I will drink 3L of water a day. Cannot refill coffee cup until I drink one bottle of water per refill. (CON +1)Research and figure out what kind of protein needs I will have with my weightlifting workouts. Feed the muscles I want! (CON +1)Life goal:Keep up with grad school work. Make a plan for the week, and schedule out schoolwork time as appointments so that I KEEP them and not rush to finish projects right down to the wire with deadlines. (WIS +0.5, CHA +0.5)Cook healthy dinners for the hubby and minions, and plan ahead with the crock pot for days I know will be busy. (CON +1)Work my budget. Seriously. I have a plan, it can flex with my life, but I need to WORK IT for real. Eldest daughter is going off to college next month, I’m in grad school, one middle schooler and one high schooler still at home with us. I need to get a handle on where we’re bleeding money and why, and stop up the holes so that I can plan for what life throws at us. Will track/manage this with YNAB on laptop and tied to cell phones for spending tracking. Each dollar will be put in it’s category so I know where it’s going. I will reconcile with online bank records WEEKLY. I want to go from tracking where it went to telling it what category I want it to go in BEFORE it’s spent. (WIS +1)Step one in working towards Xena Warrior Princess!!
  20. AWESOMESAUCE, Kiwi!!!! That's fabulous!!!! So proud of you!!! New mantra: "Relapse-free in two thousand one-three..." ...or "Don't get stuck in a bog... I'll go for a happy juice jog" Hmmm... needs some work. Regardless, that's AWESOME news!
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