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  1. How'd the run go?? Just got my second in.... not from dog munchings... did my injury to my own self... bloody footprints are never a good thing.... But it SURE did feel good to get back out there!
  2. Setbacks suck. (Been there, done that.) Sounds like you have a good handle on it though. Those small steps all add up to bigger results. ...and I'm preaching to myself here too! We're in it together! Great job jumping back in! You can DO it!!!!
  3. aimless

    Phylanx Go!!!

    Getting caught up now... loving your storytelling as always! And NIIIIIICE on the full front lever!!! Impressive!
  4. Wow... one of these days I will be able to do it... One. Freakin. Pull. Up. Until then I will oogle at your awesomeness... Nicely done!
  5. Best wishes, sending healing thoughts your way for a straightforward procedure and a fabulously non-complicated and quick recovery! And how AWESOME that you dominated the pull-up before your pause! Legen- *wait for it*....
  6. Thanks! Glad to be back!!! Went on a small trail run with my favorite assassin today... my second run since the bloody-feet mess! MUCH easier than the asphalt! 2 miles through the woods... and although we had to battle some pretty voracious mosquitoes, it really was pretty great. I can tell I lost some endurance, but since I have to build up slowly for the feet, I figure it'll come back as I keep plugging away at it!
  7. Woefully behind on all my friends' threads! Catching up now!! So excited your balloons are dwindling! I love your determination and drive! You're killing this challenge!!! GREAT work, girl!!!
  8. Thanks for checking on me! Yeah... stupid skin takes too long to heal. It scabbed over, then grew new skin... but the pink new stuff was still way sensitive. Finally able to do a run this past Friday. Going to start slowly... just did a mile with the pooch in my new minimalist shoes... vibram sole, but toes all together (can't do the shoes that separate them). Felt good to be out there again. LOVE the site Dawsey has that someone pointed me towards (German, maybe?)... super pumped to have a transition-to-barefoot plan. Going to go ahead and use my minimalist shoes to protect that new pink skin... but hope to build up protective callouses soon... just glad to be out and RUNNING again!!!
  9. Thanks so much! This is exactly the kind of thing I need... a real Plan! I def did too much on my first attempt at a barefoot run... looking at Dawsey's lead-up, I need to do WAAAY more focused exercises and strengthening/toughening up my feet before doing what I did on my first try... which was just a really uneducated take-off-my-shoes-and-run-on-hot-asphalt-for-half-a-mile-thing... Lesson learned! Will try it the right way! THANKS again!!!
  10. Ok... WAY overdue for an update... but I think really that's because coming on to say "my feet are still skinless and healing, so no runs lately" is SUPER-boring, and makes me feel like a failure for not being able to get out and do my runs according to my plan... I have some brand-new pinkish skin... and it's still a little tender, but I bought some "minimalist" shoes to keep me from running the skin off again, so I hope to be able to tolerate getting out there and running again this week.
  11. Great job on week 2!!! I'm impressed with how well you're staying on track despite traveling... that has to throw a wrench into things!
  12. Thanks, all! The pictures are right... it was an awesome experience! ...now I need to find another one or two to keep me occupied until my next scheduled one in September... I found it really motivating to have something to be "training" for... Took yesterday "off" as a rest day after the race. Today went out and did an easy wooded trail near where my husband works. Walked a little over a mile to where a paved trail split off, and then took off the crocs I was wearing to try a little barefooted jogging... and after only about a half-a-mile of light jogging, I'm realizing I'm going to have to go even slower in transitioning-to-barefoot because I ran some skin off My feet need to hurry up, suck it up and grow some better callouses! Other than the tender feet, it felt good, though. It was crazy hot (remember my race 2 days ago was 55 degrees?) I got back to my van and the reading said it was 91 degrees!!! No wonder I was all red-faced and drippy! Off to research transition to barefoot running a little more...
  13. YAY! So glad! German's right... Doc's instructions come first!! I just wanted to make sure you were safe... It's one of those details not everyone would remember to share with their doctor!! So proud of you for stepping out in this!!
  14. AWESOME pictures!!!! (And man, what a pretty bike!!!) ...and I especially love the one from earlier as a frame-of-reference.... Wow, German, you should really be proud of how much you've accomplished in under a year!!!!
  15. YAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!! So excited for you to be able to come off metabolic meds!!! And how awesome to have a doctor that is so supportive of your goals! Did you ask him specifically about your fasting days planned, and what (if any) transitionary period issues might come up? You totally don't have to share the info... but as a nurse in real life, I wanted to make sure you asked! Proud of you!!! GO SIFTER!!!!
  16. LOVE the writeup, my heat-resistant primate-friend! Sounds like a great experience!
  17. Curious... in what form do you keep your longer-term data? I really like my spreadsheet for the 6-week challenge periods, but I should probably set something up longer term like what you're looking at. (I guess that would be admitting that longer-term I might actually stick with running... *gasp*) Glad you're enjoying the runs you're going on!
  18. WOW!!! You are rockin' it!!! Great job, Anwyl!!! ...And I'm with you on the being surprised at liking running.... funny how that happens...
  19. Thanks, Sifter! It was a GREAT experience! And even better when the family could take part as well! It was AWESOME! And not sure... have one in Sept for sure... but may have to schedule some more between now and then... addictive little buggers, aren't they? Thanks!! The support from the guild here is PRICELESS!!! I want to get sloppily drunk and tell you all ad-nauseum how much I love you guys!!!
  20. Awesome job on the pull-ups!!! You are my new Pull-Up-HERO and I will someday be just like you!
  21. Glad you had a good rest day! I think that time off with friends is just as important as the work we put into our fitness! Have a good fast today, and thanks for your encouragement/support! You're doing GRRRRREAT!
  22. Awesome job, German!!! Thought of you today!!! Can't wait to hear the deets!
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