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  1. Lookin' good, Shukar!!! And speaking as a wife who regularly depends on her husband for motivation and training programs, I have to say, your support and motivation to her is priceless!
  2. Good job, Anwyl! So sorry to hear about your dad, hope he's better soon! Proud of you for sticking with your challenge, even when life's throwing you a curve!
  3. Congrats, German!!! I love following along in your challenges! You have been a huge encouragement to me (an many others around here), and help to keep me motivated!! I salute you, Challenge Champion! And welcome, wandering Druids!
  4. Yay, new bike!!! Have fun breaking it in!
  5. Good job, babe!!! Thanks for keeping me active! you ROCK!!!
  6. Great plan!! And I agree with German... the way you phrase things, even in your mind, seriously help form your attitudes towards a choice! I LOVE my slow-cooker!!! When things get busy, I'm the crock pot queen!!
  7. aimless

    Phylanx Go!!!

    Ok... wow. I'm going to have to try one, just to see how high I can get before I lose it, fall and break my neck...
  8. Great job, Sora!! No $$ lost this week, eh?
  9. You're rocking it!!!!! Great job! Just keep swimming... just keep swimming...
  10. Yay for yummy coffee time in the morning!! Glad you got some "recharging" time in too! Thanks! I'm thankful I don't have to travel more... it really throws my little family for a loop when I'm gone! ..and I feel kinda lost without them too! Thanks! Without shoes was definitely a different feeling. I'm going to wait until after my first scheduled race (this coming Sunday) and then am going to slowly start adding more shoeless time in! I'm loving all the suggestions on your thread! I've been following along closely for ideas, and pilfering freely!
  11. Week 1 Report: 1- Running – 3 / week Really didn't know if I would get these all in this week because of some craziness at work, and having to go out of town... Used up one of my non-program-following "fun" runs because I knew i was cramming them into the last 3 days of the week, and I didn't want to push too hard 3 days in a row! 2- Strength training – 2 / week Did one. Other days did a few small bodyweight things here and there, but nothing to really count as a whole strength training workout. Going to enlist my husband to help me get these done. I do much better with some structure... and he sets up a brutal circuit. (I may regret this later...) 3- Intentional living – 5 / week Yes. Had LOTS of opportunities for quality time with the youngest while the older 3 were off on a youth group retreat. They came back energized and excited... looking forward to planning one-on-one times with each of them! Got some good "me-time" in, and felt much more relaxed because of it!
  12. LOL!! If we were separated at birth, then I think I got the SHORT end of the stick if you got the beach and I ended up in the Midwest!! I loved following your last challenge! AWESOME job, and and having just as much fun stalking this one! And so sorry to hear about Frankie. We love the four-legged members of our family, and are so sorry you're having to go through this. *hugs*
  13. Hi! And WELCOME! Great goals! You'll find we're good cheerleaders here, always ready to help you celebrate a success (no matter how big or small) or trouble-shoot problems that arise! Every now and then I get a well-deserved kick in the pants as well, to get me back on track! Let us know if you have questions! How's it going so far?
  14. I hear ya on the baseball season chaos... I only have ONE boy in it (my girls are into other things) and I feel the chaos rising!! Planning ahead is my friend... I find that when I "don't have time" to plan ahead that's when it all falls apart! Great goals! Can't wait to hear about your progress!!
  15. Nice goals, and nice tree-dodging!! When I started push-ups, I started on the dining room table. As I got stronger, I moved to the stairs, and progressed one step down at a time, maintaining good form, until I could do them on the floor! If my form got iffy, I'd move back up a step for another day or two. Sounds a little silly, but it really worked for me! Great start to your challenge!! Keep it up!
  16. Not sure how I haven't seen your thread till now! Love the race report!
  17. How have I missed yours till now? Great goals. Following. *hrm* great minds and all that... may have to alter my challenge title!
  18. Heard good things about geocaching... may have to look into that more... *hrm*
  19. Today was a good day. Did my w9d3 run yesterday, so instead of a full run, went for a "fun" run to the local high school track this morning with my husband and the youngest munchkin. She played while we ran. I warmed up and then did a mile, and then because I've gotten intensely curious about it, I took off my shoes and did probably about a quarter of a mile barefoot (I blame Born to Run... which I'm almost finished reading). It was a balmy 50-degrees, so my toes were a bit cold, and I found it much easier to run in the grass than the track (my tootsies are going to have to toughen up if this continues). I could tell I run differently barefoot, but not much more than that at this point... just that it felt different. I have a kind of "shuffly" gait normally (I prefer to think of it as gliding) probably compensating from metal in my back (spinal fusions x2), but something about it has been stressing my right hip flexor... it's been bugging me lately any time I run over 2-3 miles. Any-whoo, to make a long story even longer, I thought maybe going minimalist would strengthen the right muscles in my feet and ankles, and take some of the strain off that stupid hip flexor. We'll see. I plan on going REALLY slowly (especially since those kinds of shoes aren't in the budget at the moment, and my tootsies are tender!) Got some "me time" today too... met with 3 other women from work for a knitting session! It was fabulous! They do it monthly, but I have missed the last 4 months because of the chaos... felt good to make some relaxing "down time" a priority! Then back to family time at my in-law's house with a fire outside in the firepit, and the youngest little one running around! Great start to my weekend!
  20. Thanks, Sifter! It was a little bit crazier than usual... that's for sure! Took the youngest to the track for a bit this morning and we "played." Ended the day with a fire outside in the firepit, making hot dogs and S'mores. She sure was ready for bed tonight! Yeah... I find it really hard to turn people down, and think "maybe I can just do that ONE more thing...." It's all stuff that by itself I enjoy very much, but I really do need to get better at self-assessment, and realize when my plate's getting too full. Yes, I'm stalking *err* I mean following along with German very closely! Thanks!! I don't get away often, but random things do come up, and I wasn't really prepared with a plan!
  21. Looking good!!! Got a strong plan, and working it! You've GOT this, Spidey!
  22. Late to the party... but great goals! Following along!!! Doing a similar KeepItSimple/DummyItDown type of thing this challenge! Crazy how complicated I can make things sometimes!! Strong start! Great job!
  23. Yay Tough Mudder!!! (And I'm seconding the "better you than me" comment) My husband (Assassin on NF) did his first last year... and he did AWESOME! If it weren't for the electricity obstacle and then ice water one, I would be more likely to even kinda sorta pretend to consider it......... Instead, I'm looking at the DirtyGirl in September! Not *quite* as suicidal in its obstacles! AWESOME goals!
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