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  1. Wow, guys... just catching up and totally surprised to see my name up there! Scouts are such a great community to be a part of... without the support and encouragement from everyone here, there's no way I would have really stuck with running long enough to realize that (go figure) I'm actually ENJOYING it! Thanks for the nomination!! I'm totally stoked now! What a great start to my day!
  2. aimless

    Phylanx Go!!!

    Holy crimoley.... saw your "Dragon Flags" column on the Mini-Challenge, and had to google it.... WoW!! O.o Color me WAY impressed you could even do THREE!!!!
  3. Man... dinner sounds YUMMY!!! (Almost glad there's no picture to go with that... I'd be drooling, I think!) I like the goal tweaking. Making things more workable for your life helps set you up for success! Nice consistency! Strong start out of the gate!
  4. Good for you for taking the chance to break out of textbook-jail to go for a run!!! I find my brain's clearer afterwards! My head gets pretty murky pretty quickly when I hit the books without a plan for breaks... Push through, keep doing your study break blasts, and good luck on the exams!!
  5. Awesome! Never really thought about gait mechanics before I started running... Funny how suddenly they're fascinating! Glad to hear it's being beneficial for you!
  6. I'm one of the "Been there, done that, got the T-shirt club"!!! Seems like I had more of ^^^ those types of days than not LAST week! Funny how when the first one of my goals slips some, it can snowball... and how when I start to snowball, it seems like the kids pick up on that and start with attitudes and issues we don't usually have to deal with... NOT HELPFUL!!! Get over it, put it behind you and decide today's a new day!!!
  7. German, you're doing GREAT! Awesome progress! I need some of your consistency to rub off on me... I've just GOT to make the time... As for fun kid ideas... My kids love to cook with me... I let them pick what we cook, and it's one time we trash the kitchen and I don't worry about the clean-up till later. They also like it when I take them on a "real date" to go get a milkshake, sit and talk about school, friends, or whatever's on their mind. Other things we love: walking the dog, "making" something (these projects aren't always pretty, but they have fun in the process), card games/ board games, bikes/rollerskates/hiking/swimming, picnics, planting seedlings for the garden, sidewalk chalk masterpieces, capture the flag, washing cars, sewing something, making forts, climbing trees, making an elaborate blanket fort and then letting them "camp out" in it...
  8. Man... I muscled through a 3 minute plank for my last challenge... worked up to it, and still was only able to do it at the very END... and I thought I was going to DIE afterwards. ...Something I should probably continue to torture myself with regularly... thanks for the reminder! Great strong start!!!! You're rocking this!
  9. I'm in the middle of Born To Run as well... and am about convinced I need to at least TRY barefoot or vibrams! I'm loving the writing style too! Very engaging! Hard to put down!
  10. Yup. Me too! You're doing AWESOME! Sounds like a strong start!! Good job on the PT, even while out of town! Impressive!
  11. I'm intrigued by your transition to barefoot/vibrams running... how's it going? I could see this being a future goal myself... I'm in the middle of reading Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen ...and I'm about convinced this is something worth pursuing. Do you notice a change in your stride or effort? Any advice for someone thinking of trying it?
  12. Starting strong! Good work, Sora!
  13. I feel like this challenge has had a pretty lame start. I've been having a crazy week at work... had to go out of town overnight for a conference, on top of my normal staffing shifts at the hospital. I did manage a bodyweight workout in my hotel room, but it wasn't anything huge. I also got some "me" time in... which is few and far between around here! Got my first run in tonight after work. *whew* My legs feel better now. Put 3 of my 4 on a bus this afternoon for a jr high youth group retreat... I'm missing them all already! The oldest is going as a counselor, and my other 2 are SO excited about it. I'm hoping they have a fabulous time, make wonderful friendships, and learn more about nature and spirituality! ...I can't help but worry about them some! Ah well, tomorrow's another day... and this weekend I hope to pack in a lot of fitness related activities and quality time with the youngest rug rat who was left behind! Things are looking up!
  14. Thanks, Wicked! I'm totally awed by the fact that you managed a freakin' MARATHON even with 4 kiddos. I hear ya about the deciding it's ok to say 'no'... it's something I really need to learn how to do. Thanks!!! And I have to say... so thankful to your husband for his service. And for you... taking over and playing the single parent while he's away. I feel like you should be wearing a cape and a crown! (at the same time)
  15. You are ROCKING this challenge! I'm excited about your upcoming doctor's apt. Over the last 3 years, I've been able to come off of 5 asthma meds just from diet and fitness changes... I know they're not metabolic in nature... but MAN it felt great to drop those meds! And no... it wasn't me who brought up oreos... but MAN, they used to be one of my favorite non-food items..... *drool*
  16. First "kid date" time last night... she LOVED it! Thanks! I feel like all aspects of my life could stand to be more intentional... time management, focus, quality time with family, financial, etc etc etc. Really, I think why NF has been working with me so well is because it's letting me prioritize my life and make fitness a part of that... it's all in all making me give my life some intention with the goals I set! Thanks! The encouragement from you guys and the accountability to you all keeps me moving forward!
  17. I hear ya on the yoga being great for core strength... That's something I need to work on too, and after a yoga class it's a realization I always re-discover!
  18. Looking forward to following along! Great-looking goals!
  19. Great goals and plan!! SO impressed by your races, and by your planning and determination!!
  20. Love the goals!! And... um... we STILL play old-fashioned DK at our house! My kids think it's the greatest "old game" around! They still haven't managed to beat my mom though... she holds the record!
  21. Welcome!! Great looking set of goals, and sounds like a solid plan for getting there! I hear ya on the getting to bed on time struggle... I either get distracted with my book/computer/tv or I decide I need to do "just one last thing" that turns into 13 last things before bed... Next thing I know, it's hours later than I thought it was. Can't wait to follow along with your progress!
  22. Strong start, Sora!! You've GOT this!
  23. You're gonna KILL it!!!! I KNOW it!!!!
  24. I think we're probably hardest on ourselves. You may not have completed your goals all the way you wanted to, but you accomplished a lot this challenge! Your spreadsheet shows it! Exercising 3x's a week is great! New muscles... WOOHOO! Celebrate the forward movement! I think you have a lot to be proud of!
  25. I'm St Louis too! Will be in Columbia briefly this week for a conference, but it's a quick overnight stay.
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