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  1. It really helps having family backing you up on diet and training. I haven't had a lifting partner in 10-ish years! We have been weeding through Amy's dietary restrictions for 6 years now and she is doing better than ever! Sent from my RCT6272W23 using Tapatalk
  2. SuzyQlou that is Martin Rooney and his wife. He is a PT turned coach. I have followed his blogs for a while now. His business Training for Warriors is a great source of inspiration for me. We will have to create our own lighthouse picture! Sent from my RCT6272W23 using Tapatalk
  3. So proud of your transformation babe! Sent from my RCT6272W23 using Tapatalk
  4. I can't wait to make that costume! Sent from my RCT6272W23 using Tapatalk
  5. Back on track now. House projects and van service has been caught up now. Running and lifting today! WOOHOOO
  6. The scouts were represented well by the clan! I will let Aimless fill in the details! So proud of my women today!
  7. Aimless will run her first race ever this week, everyone!! Cheer her on Sunday morning for a 5 mile charity run for one of our son's friends-She is ready physically and more than able mentally to tackle anything she wants to.
  8. Nice goals-Pick a guild and get some support going!

  9. So, there are things that are funny, and then things that almost make me snort my soup out of my nostrils!! I am juvenile but here it is: A feeling of having made the same mistake before: Deja Foobar. Great day: lawn mowed and trimmed, basement organized, motorcycle inspected, 3 mile run, son's baseball practice (I got to play catcher!! ) and then chillin with my lovely scout!
  10. So, first week almost done, with a run for tomorrow in the works. The weights have been successful this week with lactic acid levels at a ferocious level! The mileage has been weak so far, but should have at least 2/3 of goal done by tomorrow. I have had a nice easy day today with my lovely scout and youngest daughter-Track date, motorcycle shop trip, and campfire evening My student is gloriously flying and has made real progress towards finding her own style and had great success with several of her patients this week. All around a much better week than the previous 5-there is hope
  11. Nice job Kong! Love the vibrams myself, and they look like gorilla feet-keeps the ape theme swinging!
  12. Tracking will be done with a spreadsheet and my student will be finished with her rotation in 4 weeks. This gives me a couple weeks to catch my breath/return to normal habits towards the end of the challenge. I like to lift hard and fast at lunch time, and I can't count on that when teaching. It will be nice to get back to that.
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