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  1. It really helps having family backing you up on diet and training. I haven't had a lifting partner in 10-ish years! We have been weeding through Amy's dietary restrictions for 6 years now and she is doing better than ever! Sent from my RCT6272W23 using Tapatalk
  2. SuzyQlou that is Martin Rooney and his wife. He is a PT turned coach. I have followed his blogs for a while now. His business Training for Warriors is a great source of inspiration for me. We will have to create our own lighthouse picture! Sent from my RCT6272W23 using Tapatalk
  3. So proud of your transformation babe! Sent from my RCT6272W23 using Tapatalk
  4. I can't wait to make that costume! Sent from my RCT6272W23 using Tapatalk
  5. Back on track now. House projects and van service has been caught up now. Running and lifting today! WOOHOOO
  6. The scouts were represented well by the clan! I will let Aimless fill in the details! So proud of my women today!
  7. Aimless will run her first race ever this week, everyone!! Cheer her on Sunday morning for a 5 mile charity run for one of our son's friends-She is ready physically and more than able mentally to tackle anything she wants to.
  8. Nice goals-Pick a guild and get some support going!

  9. So, there are things that are funny, and then things that almost make me snort my soup out of my nostrils!! I am juvenile but here it is: A feeling of having made the same mistake before: Deja Foobar. Great day: lawn mowed and trimmed, basement organized, motorcycle inspected, 3 mile run, son's baseball practice (I got to play catcher!! ) and then chillin with my lovely scout!
  10. So, first week almost done, with a run for tomorrow in the works. The weights have been successful this week with lactic acid levels at a ferocious level! The mileage has been weak so far, but should have at least 2/3 of goal done by tomorrow. I have had a nice easy day today with my lovely scout and youngest daughter-Track date, motorcycle shop trip, and campfire evening My student is gloriously flying and has made real progress towards finding her own style and had great success with several of her patients this week. All around a much better week than the previous 5-there is hope
  11. Nice job Kong! Love the vibrams myself, and they look like gorilla feet-keeps the ape theme swinging!
  12. Tracking will be done with a spreadsheet and my student will be finished with her rotation in 4 weeks. This gives me a couple weeks to catch my breath/return to normal habits towards the end of the challenge. I like to lift hard and fast at lunch time, and I can't count on that when teaching. It will be nice to get back to that.
  13. Well punk, do ya?!

    1. Ba'sini'on


      Sounds like me with the green horse I train

    2. lrgart


      Love watching that process. I am nowhere close to being a cowboy!

  14. I'm going back to basics on this one. I have had enough of making excuses to myself and my family. Work has been slowly burning my fuse at both ends and I need a hard vomit-inducing schedule to break through plateaus and shove stress down the throat of all that is deserving! My student will either catch flight or plummet to her death, I have laid the ground work for her success-Time to fly little birdie! Running: 3-5x a week 15 miles average. +1 STA 3 day split for strength training: +3 STR Legs: the heavier the better, with plyos to finish them off. Back and Arms: Negatives, plyos, unstable oh my! Chest and shoulders: 1:1 with the back, keep shoulder girdle healthy and shirts tight! Diet: No lunch runs: Meals made pre work week Level up with a vengeance: R's room flooring and dining room patched. +1 CON A prechallenge salute to all of you assassins and to my lovely scout Aimless: The reckoning is here!
  15. You definitely rocked it despite my monkey wrenching abilities the past few weeks! You can see definition in your legs, back, and arms that you couldn't when you started
  16. 6 week wrap up: B- overall. Teaching and working the past 5 weeks has been exponentially more difficult. To ensure high quality patient care AND clinical experience for my student, most nights were an hour past shift. Workouts were basic and not along the spirit of the challenge. Better work next time. 2nd Challenge - Starting stats: Finishing stats Height: 67" Weight: 195#. 193 Neck: 15.5. 15.125 Chest: 46.5. 45.5 BIcep: 14.25. 14.25 Waist : 37.25. 37.5 Hip: 38.75. 39.75 Thigh: 24.0. 23.75 Calf: 16.25. 16.375 Decreased neck, chest, thigh circumference-Woohoo! Increased muscle bulk in calf and buttock-Even more reason to not wear skinny jeans!!! Goals for this challenge: Cardio/conditioning: Weekly mileage of 15 miles composed of: Trail running with natural obstacles as agility and strength training, Road running with playgrounds used as self-abuse waypoints, Swimming. (Nothing like having to time your breathing or else!) +2 STA +1 STA. did not reach 15 miles avg. Ran 3x consistently. Strength training: 2 days of upper and lower body functional movement drills to include jumping, rolls, and wall climbs. There is an exposed I beam at work that I can use for hand over hand work to work on upper body strength and drops into rolls. Subgoal: 3 trips back and forth 10' section without dropping and increase dead lift to 300#. +1STR .5 STR here. Issues at work prevented consistent strength training. Diet: I was successful in making meals prior to work with only 2 trips to the store during work to get food. This was helpful for budget and ensuring that I followed healthy plan. I want to continue this goal into this challenge. Added side goal for this is to drop an inch from my waist (this is one area that I tend to carry my body fat). +1 CON +1 CON here. Diet plan maintained. Waist measurements increased this round. Level up life goal: Place ceramic tile in kitchen floor, and vinyl in DD's room. +1 WIS Didn't happen-no points. I still plan on completing Tough Mudder 2013 in MO. Any and all welcome to meet up and slay the beast with me.
  17. Alive and (dead)lifting! Heavy leg day in 20 minutes: Single leg press 250# x 24, 330# x 14 Single leg calf raise 270# x 20 Hamstring curl 140# x 30 Roman chair 20 x double leg 10 x single leg Dead lifts 185# x 30 bent concentric, straight eccentric Band sidestepping with overhead press 50' and 60#
  18. Thanks Nuala- very not dead today, and bonus- no more mouth breathing! Back to the training program tomorrow
  19. I nearly spit out my wine when I saw that pic! Keep fighting 18ck!
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