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  1. Week 3 Sunday Steps: 5,840 F/V: - Discard: - Bonus: Monday Steps: 5,902 F/V: - Banana smoothie / spaghetti squash Discard: - 1 item Bonus: Snowshoeing out in the cold! I also cleaned up in the kitchen and dealt with my recyclables. +2 Tuesday Steps: 1,683 F/V: - Pears Discard: - - Bonus: Didn't do much of anything today. Wednesday Steps: F/V: - Strawberry banana smoothie / spaghetti squash Discard: - 3 articles of clothing, and 4 misc stuff boxed for GoodWil
  2. Week 2 results... EAT BETTER - I struggled this week, but I did four days of fresh fruits and veg, and that's what I needed to do. MOVE MORE - Working in the office two days this week helped me get extra steps because of how far I have to walk from where I usually park to get to my office. But I also got in a lovely walk in the park on Saturday, saw a beautiful hawk and got to pet a dog named Maggie. TIDY UP - I made a small dent in my messy apartment, a win!
  3. I've never had a tree before, but this year because of working from home now, I needed some cheeriness to look at so I bought a nice 7 ft artificial tree with lights and did it up nice. A friend of mine taught me a simple buttered cabbage and noodles recipe ages ago. You shred cabbage and cook it down a bit in some butter & chicken broth, make noodles separately (egg noodles or whatever pasta you've got), then combine. I added some canned chicken. Nothing fancy, but I'm no cook so making anything myself is always an adventure, no measuring anything, just adding stuff unt
  4. I suppose I'm restarting my fitness journey so that might work for me. I'm 51 and I don't know the first thing about discord except it's like a live chat platform,(?) and I don't wanna talk to anybody (introvert) so I don't care about that.
  5. Somehow, I'm just over one pound down. I'm not tracking, just trying to each a little more sensibly that I've been used to over the past year or so. QUESTION: Does anybody have the Nerd Fitness Journey app? Or have you used it? And if so, is it worth the price? I was thinking of doing a 3 month trial and could use some feedback before I commit to it. I didn't do anything with it during the first 7 (free) days.
  6. Week 2 Sunday Steps:5,158 F/V: - Discard: - 1-some old undeveloped film got trashed Bonus: I took down all my Christmas decorations AND rearranged some furniture to fill up the spot where the tree was. Big job gets +2 Monday Steps: 5,456 F/V: Cantaloupe Discard: - 0 Bonus: I walked a mile and a half at lunch - first time in weeks I’ve been able to step away for any length of time. Hopefully this trend will continue. +1 Tuesday Steps: 5,589 F/V: Banana Discard: - 0 Bonus
  7. Here are the final stats on Week One of Kaizen training. MOVE MORE - I fell short on my steps - forgot to double-check before I went to bed last night, but I only missed it by 180 steps so not horrible. And I've definitely thought more about how I can get more movement, as well as more strength training, into my daily life. Next week I'm in the office two days, so I know I'll get a few more steps from just leaving the house. EAT BETTER - I crushed my modest goal of 3 days of fresh fruits/veggies. So I plan to crush it even more in Week Two. Maybe smoothies this wee
  8. I'm over-achieving on my fruits and veggies goal, so that's good. Trying to get in steps daily to keep me on pace for the week one steps goal, and that's going okay. Now I need to find a few things I can toss without regrets...
  9. Week 1 Sunday Steps: 3,893 F/V: Mixed veggies with supper Discard: 0 Bonus: I feel like just signing up for this challenge and setting my goals counts as a definite beneficial activity for the day. +1 Monday Steps:4,126 F/V: Cantaloupe & Cabbage (not at the same time) Discard: 0 Bonus: I got up early before work and did 10 minutes of cardio. +1 I finally made a meal out of the head of cabbage I picked up a couple weeks ago. +1 Tuesday Steps: 3,638 F/V: Cabbage di
  10. I tried snowshoeing for the first time this weekend, walked a mile loop with a friend, beautiful snowy wonderland. Seems like the snowshoes were a good investment, but I must work on other fun ways to exercise so I can keep the momentum between weekend walks. The 'Way' that I've latched onto for this year is KAIZEN - 'good change' - the concept of continual improvement, making each day just 1% better than the day before. My goals for the first challenge of the year are modest, but there's more I hope to accomplish in this PVP challenge, and more I hope to do that I won't even be
  11. Looking at the goals I came up with last night, they seem so small. But that's sort of the point of Kaizen - small changes toward the better. I think I will add some bonus goals to shoot for though, just to make things interesting for this bounty hunting girl. I do want to start strength training again, and I've picked up the Nerd Fitness Journey app that will hopefully keep me on track. But in this post I just want to record my weight and measurements for the start of 2021. Weight: 243.5 Bust: 52.5 Chest: 42 Waist: 49 Hips: 50 Thighs: L
  12. Here I go again, back after a long absense. Ever since I was finally able to binge-watch both seasons of The Mandalorian last month, (and I'm now watching them all again, just a bit slower this time), I've been enthralled by the whole 'this is the way' mantra of our hero. I've always considered myself a 'bounty hunter' in the line of Boba Fett, but now there's so much more information than just the few random scenes of a barely-there character in the original trilogy. So I've been trying to figure out what exactly is 'the Way' that will work best for me. - a method to help me wit
  13. Hello! I need some accountability in my first challenge back from over a year and a half away. This seems like a good place to get it. Still working on my basic goals for the 5 week challenge but I need to eat less and move more. Definitely I need to move more, as I'm currently working from home, sitting at my desk for what seems like 10 hours a day. And then more sitting around here and there after that. It's winter, so much harder to get out and walk or hike as I like to do. I've bought some snowshoes, so I'm going to give that a go in 2021, hopefully not injure myself in th
  14. Respawning after a year and a half away. When I logged back in for the first time in ages, I saw my last post about a Hogwarts Houses challenge. I'd been sorted into Slytherin and the rest of my house was being really quiet. I know some people like being in a small group/guild, but I like the idea of more conversation, not less. So I think the new revamp of the Challenges will be beneficial for me. After the s**tshow of 2020, I've gained the COVID-19 pounds at least. But enough is enough. So after finally getting access to Disney+ and binging The Mandalorian - and considerin
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