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  1. Good Job!!! i tried to walk to Mordor once. Kept forgetting to track on the app. I think I made it as far as Rivendell. That was a while ago. Maybe I'll try it again.
  2. First day went very well. I actually accomplished all bounties except waking up at 7am, which for the time being still feels like 6am. I didn't make that bounty today either, and while I don't expect to hit every bounty every day, having the chart helps me see what I can shoot for, and knowing it's adding up to spending money on fun stuff is a big motivator. Maybe what I should buy first is one of these....
  3. It started off well enough - I did everything for the first two weeks as scheduled, but I went off the rails in week 3. TIME TO REBOOT I've been reconsidering what my approach should be here in Week 5. I've always done well with the 'bounty hunter' approach. So here's how I'm tracking going forward. For each item I do each day, I earn a point. Points translate into money which I can accumulate and spend on frivolous things like BOOKS and DVDs and FUNCO POP figures and whatever else I want but shouldn't just buy. Food Window - No food
  4. Decluttering Day!

  5. This is the Way - Building Habits for Wellness My Kaizen technique of making gradual changes over time seemed to work well for my first challenge of 2021, so I'm trying it in Part II. There are three areas I want to focus on. 5 points per week that I'm successful in each goal, plus opportunities to earn additional points each week with 'bonus' wellness tasks. Sleep I need to get back to an earlier bedtime, so I get a decent amount of sleep each night. Adequate rest is essential for health, wellness, and weight loss. Over the next 5 weeks I will gradually incr
  6. Settles quietly into a corner booth with a good view of the action, not to mention all the exits, and lifts her helmet just high enough to sneak a sip of Sprecher root beer. Forget about spotchka - THIS is the Way.
  7. I decluttered quite a bit in the first challenge of 2021, which amounted to a very tiny dent in the mountain of clutter that is my apartment. Always on-board for more getting rid of junk. Count me in!
  8. Week 5 and Final stats MOVE MORE - I made it to 35,000 steps this week without too much stress, so I have to believe it shouldn't be difficult to maintain and improve on my 5,000 steps a day going forward. WIN +25 EAT BETTER - I made my goal for the week, and for this coming week that's not counting for anything, I find myself planning way more fresh veggies and fruit than I've been in the habit of even thinking about lately. WIN! +25 TIDY UP - Knowing from previous experience that it's not actually that hard to find things to give away, I found it a bit
  9. Week 5 Sunday Steps: 9,695 F/V: - corn Discard: - 0 Bonus: After the big snow storm, I decided to walk to the nearest store about a mile way, to get a couple things. On the way back I tried an alternate route that turned out to be impassible and had to go back to my original route, - mostly shoveled sidewalks and lots of huge snow-plowed drifts at intersections to climb over, so I ended up walking nearly 10,000 steps all in one go. I was sore on Monday but felt quite accomplished! +2
  10. Week 4 Stats MOVE MORE -Despite feeling rather low this week, I managed to get all my steps in with a few extra steps to spare EAT BETTER - I kind of pushed the boundaries on what I consider 'fresh', but I got there. TIDY UP -All week long I planned to get my 20 items from those boxes in my living room, but I waited until the final hour - literally - to actually do it. I'm quite good at procrastination. What I need to get good at is rejecting my own excuses to delay. I finished my second viewing of both seasons of The Mandalorian tonight. This
  11. Week 4 Sunday Steps: 3,283 F/V: - Discard: - 0 Bonus: Packers lost but I finished two outstanding crochet projects +1 Monday Steps: 4,427 F/V: Strawberry banana smoothie Discard: - 0 Bonus: Tuesday Steps: 5,162 F/V: Strawberry banana smoothie Discard: - 0 Bonus: I walked and jogged around my apartment to get my steps in, all I could do considering the snowstorm +1 Wednesday Steps: 3,798 F/V: Strawberry banana smoothie. carrots and guac Discard: 0 Bonus:
  12. Week Three Stats. MOVE MORE - I had some struggles mid-week where I had a couple days when I barely moved - less than 2,000 steps per day. BUT I was able to turn that ship around and came out ahead with over 33,000 steps this eek EAT BETTER - Fruit smoothies helped me make my goal easily this week. TIDY UP - I started strong and then realized on Sunday morning that I was still short on my 15 items. Fortunately I have a bunch of old CDs lying around. I sorted through 10 of them and disposed of all - either to trash or give away. I hope to f
  13. Week 3 Sunday Steps: 5,840 F/V: - Discard: - Bonus: - Monday Steps: 5,902 F/V: - Banana smoothie / spaghetti squash Discard: - 1 item Bonus: Snowshoeing out in the cold! I also cleaned up in the kitchen and dealt with my recyclables. +2 Tuesday Steps: 1,683 F/V: - Pears Discard: - - Bonus: Didn't do much of anything today. Wednesday Steps: 6,080 F/V: - Strawberry banana smoothie / spaghetti squash Discard: - 3 articles of clothing, and 4 misc stuff boxed for G
  14. Week 2 results... EAT BETTER - I struggled this week, but I did four days of fresh fruits and veg, and that's what I needed to do. MOVE MORE - Working in the office two days this week helped me get extra steps because of how far I have to walk from where I usually park to get to my office. But I also got in a lovely walk in the park on Saturday, saw a beautiful hawk and got to pet a dog named Maggie. TIDY UP - I made a small dent in my messy apartment, a win!
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