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  1. Main Quest: Unfuck my relationship with food. I have food issues for all the boring suburban middle aged woman reasons. I'm working on them. 1. When I have a food craving for something that's not on the list of reasonable foods, try to put it off. 2 points for successfully putting it off, 1 for thinking about it and mindfully doing what I want. Not kicking into "holy shit! I'm not going to FEED me!" panic mode is the name of the game here. Again, I have issues. 2. Two points for tossing away the last few bites of anything. Points not posted here on the same day don't count 3.
  2. Setting up. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Sometimes I do a "tuna fast" where I wait until I'm really hungry, eat a can of tuna, repeat. But I don't think that has the benefits of IF.
  4. Thanks, CaveMom. My knee is bugging me, so I'm planning to just do my normal running around today, skipping the gym. Yesterday was a weights day, so today would have been a cardio day and I tend to value those less anyway. Eating a giant salad for lunch. Thought the intermittant fasting article was interesting. I don't do that well. By the end of said fast, I'm going crazy and I eat twice as much at dinner. So it was gratifying to see that the benefits for women are dubious.
  5. Yay! Thanks for the encouragement. Eaten completely clean all day today so far, also walked for 45 minutes on a 6-8 percent incline treadmill and swam some intervals. Onward and upward!
  6. That makes sense. Muddy is a problem, but for me at least, them steaming up was one too. A bit of water would have solved both those problems, I guess. Today was supposed to be a recovery day, but then was hanging out with a friend and her kid wanted to go the the playground, now I've got a yen to go get in the pool. I'm not good at recovery days.
  7. I love the "20 seconds of insane courage" challenge. Go get 'em!
  8. Mud Run After Action Report Ok, first of all, I more walked than ran. As other people who have run these have said, that works well. Often there were lines at the obstacles, and so there was a group of people who jogged it and I more or less was with them the whole time, I just got to the obstacles a few minutes later and waited a few minutes less. That said, getting my running endurance up a bit is still a goal because there were a few straightaways where being a better runner would have helped. I did skip obstacles, specifically the ones where lifting my own body weight was an issue.
  9. Still on plan as far as food goes, but it is only Wednesday so I'm not like giving myself a medal. Yesterday was super cardio day--Talking on the phone while on an uphill treadmill at lunch and then talking to another friend and taking the dog for a long walk in the evening. Today was Squats, Rows, reverse crunches, birddogs and the military press, then a half hour doing intervals in the pool. *pant.*
  10. So far so good on day one. I'm on plan food-wise and did about an hour walking at an eight percent grade. Walking uphill is oddly exhausting. It always seems to take more out of me than it theoretically should. In a sense, I don't think this challenge will really start until the mud run this weekend, given that it will be showing me what I really need to work on.
  11. I came here to start my own accountabilibuddies group, but I saw this one and had to join instead. Hi, I'm SelinaKyle. I'm 35 and have gone from "really fat" to "kinda fat" and am still exploring things my body can do. Thanks for having this. I'm pretty good about exercising, but I need all the help in journaling that I can get.
  12. I like this new quest format. It is motivational. Also, I'm largely stealing my format for this page from some other dude also training for a mud run, though my goals are way scaled-back from his. Main Quest! Become a mud runner. Don't embarrass myself on the third of the three mud runs I'm planning to do this fall. To complete this goal I will need to work on three areas: -Building up my cardio endurance -Getting at least enough arm strength to pull myself around -Becoming overall physically fit enough to do a bunch of this stuff in a row. Here's the plan: -Severely kick my own ass at
  13. Great challenge! What's the posture flow? I sit a lot during my day.
  14. Thanks for the push. I'm ok, just haven't been updating. Went to friend's house on Sunday and she had made epic paleo brownies. So i was only down .2 this week. But lifting and running keep going. Today is a running day and I will update again afterwards becuase updating is good for the soul.
  15. Yeah, I feel like when I'm running inside, the temperature is one less reason to stop. Also, it's been humid these last few days, running outside would suck. It's lifting day and I'm going after work, so I will update then. So far I've gotten lots of work done and eaten nine carbs worth of food. So that's something.
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