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  1. Siberia? Okay, you're even more intense than I am! I didn't participate because I had no idea it was happening until it was happening! I'll have to plan on it for next year. I will totally allow you your Kevin Conroy because I'm too busy being in awe of how good Mark Hamill is as the Joker. Who saw that coming??
  2. Meditating in my new little corner today was so rewarding. I'll take a photo of it sometime, but I want to get a little plant to put on it first. Anyway, it was really relaxing while I was actually meditating (once before work, once after), but the feeling didn't translate once I got to school. Maybe I've just started to associate that environment with constant stress because every day there is something ridiculous to deal with, from 2 classes being put into one classroom, to not getting paid, to a last-second 70-minute staff meeting that starts at 5 (!!!), to lessons being canceled, etc.
  3. Soooo hi, I'm late to the group-joining part of the challenge because the last couple of weeks were nothing if not interesting. Let's just say after spending the holidays back home in the US I returned to Kazakhstan to an unhappy run-in with illness and chaos at work. So weeks 1 and 2 were really difficult, but since the end of last week I've been working really hard at getting back on track. One thing I still struggle with, though, is feeling like I have a million things to fit into my day and running out of steam when it comes time to head to the gym (I seriously struggle with that more th
  4. Where do you live?? They totally just did that here this past weekend for Russian Orthodox New year... (And by here I mean Kazakhstan, which is the latest crazy place I'm living)
  5. Okay, I'm gonna jump right in! I would really love some specific accountability, so if you're willing to trade emails and check in every day or so, that would be amazing. I'm happy to do the same and ask how things are going towards your goals. Even a video check-in every now and then would be cool, I just have a time difference to deal with. The good: I'm 30 and I teach social science overseas in Kazakhstan (it's south of Russia and west of Mongolia). I've also taught in Chicago, LA, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi and have traveled a ridiculous number of countries in the last 3.5 years. I'm
  6. Is jumping into a group at this point in the challenge taboo? I swear I've been here the whole time, but for various reasons I'm still unattached...
  7. I would love some advice. I have two injuries that are making my life (and workouts) a misery. 1. A year ago during a marathon I ended the race with terrible knee pain (but I PR'ed, so worth it?). I took a month off of running and a month later when I tried to do a fun-run relay race, I could barely go further than a mile or two without being in incredible pain. I took more time off then some more then some more and so on (hooray for living overseas where you can't find a reliable doctor to help you out, right?) trying to get my knee to heal itself. This was my 3rd marathon and while I h
  8. Please ignore the horrible wallpaper in my post-Soviet, school-provided apartment. I cropped out as much as I could.
  9. This weekend was so what I needed. Aaahhh.

  10. Good for you! I know exactly how you feel--my 6 week challenge started off with me being sick and incredibly busy (seriously, chaos is the only word for it) after returning from the holidays. I feel like I just got my "real" start a few days ago and that up until that point I was only hitting my targets about 50% of the time. And of course after a couple of days of problems it just got easier to let this or that go, but I was so disappointed in myself later. Glad to hear you got right back on top of things! Keep it up!
  11. On Jan 6 I started the latest 6-week challenge. I had fully intended to use that as my kick-off to the new year, after the indulgences of the holidays and traveling and after a PT appointment for my knee and back. THINGS DID NOT GO ACCORDING TO PLAN: (cut and pasted from my 6 week challenge post) Um, so life has been interesting since coming back to Kazakhstan after the holidays. A little recap: 8 Jan: landed back in Astana, felt a little under the weather, chalked it up to 2 days of flying and went in to work. SO JETLAGGED! 9 Jan: woke up in the middle of the night VERY sick. Stoma
  12. Um, so life has been interesting since coming back to Kazakhstan after the holidays. A little recap: 8 Jan: landed back in Astana, felt a little under the weather, chalked it up to 2 days of flying and went in to work. SO JETLAGGED! 9 Jan: woke up in the middle of the night VERY sick. Stomach flu? Food poisoning? Who knows. 10 Jan: Sick. Totally out of commission. 11 Jan: On the mend, but still really weak from 2 days of not holding down food or liquids. Basically sleeping with a little bit of consciousness to have crackers and water. 12 Jan: Attempted real food...or at least soup. And i
  13. Hey Laura! Yep, Kstan is home for a while, at least until next fall. It's not what I would call "fun", but I'm mostly here because it pays well and I need to take care of my financial system. I can't wait until I have some more money to play with and can travel to places like Russia and Uzbekistan! Actually, I guess I'd settle for just seeing more of Kstan. Where did you live in Russia? I had a friend say that living in Moscow was miserable--it's a much better place to just visit. I'm reading the book "The Lost Art of Happiness", which I LOVE. I'm also listening to a couple of podc
  14. I loved Istanbul! It took me about 10 years to actually get there, but it was gorgeous. And so walkable--you'll be so glad of the workouts because you can tackle the whole city on foot, which is the best way to do it! Have a great time! And kudos to you on the goals--it seems like you're set up to be successful. I'm trying to build up to being totally paleo, too; I'm struggling with not having craft beer or this one particular kind of bread they make in the town I live in. That's gonna be tough because living overseas grocery shopping isn't the easiest. Oh, well, good luck! Let me kn
  15. Thanks so much for saying hey! It's nice to hear from someone that understands. I'm so glad you gave me the link to that site--I am definitely going to be using that. Have you been to calm.com? I don't really mean to use it to fall asleep to, but that's usually what happens, anyway. I hope we can keep in touch--accountability is really helpful and it would be great to discuss meditation. I've got some book I'm going to be reading, we could discuss some of the ideas in them. Later! -Lauren
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