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  1. Thanks you guys, I'll do that I may have to be offline for a while, but no to fear! I have my goals written down on paper. Lack of internet shall not smite mah goal doing! >
  2. Thanks for dropping by Pretzle! *Follows back* I did my stretching today, nothing too strenuous, just nice and easy. It definitely helped with the pain I've been feeling in back and neck lately (sleeping on the floor will do that to ya. ;D ) Then this was fun. Something new to try for calesthenics day is always a plus. Also there were push-ups, squats, lunges, and planks. I didn't count anything, I didn't time my planks. Takin' a leaf out of Wolverine's book here, and just going with the flow for a change. *The chaos! The horror!!!* I didn't do any juggling today though, as I
  3. Good luck with your challenge this go-round! And definitely good luck with your teaching job. I'll be by to root you on as often as I can!
  4. Climbing sounds like such a fun challenge! Following your adventure Good luck!
  5. Hey Nuala, I'm following your progress to get a bit of inspiration from your flexibility training. I'm working on that as well Good luck with your goals!
  6. There's an viewpoint on sitting I've never seen before, but it's really interesting! Definitely checking these out! Great goals you have set up Lex, good luck on everything!
  7. Well, it's been a while, so I guess I'll update this bad boy from the beginning. In the middle of my second challenge I kind of lost internet for a long time and then fell out of the goal doing, so I failed. Then I kept on without internet for a long time. For a while I kept running a couple times a week. But that turned into once every couple weeks. Gee, maybe I'll take a run this month. Nah. I'll stay in and read instead. Well, then my family's power got cut off. Now, normally we do alright. We might be lower middle class, but we have everything we *need.* And yes, we've had uti
  8. Darn it Nuala, you know things, don't you? O.o Haha Also, I must learn to kip up. I must. MUST!!!
  9. NOTICE: Since attributes and what not are apparently being wiped out at the end of the year, and rebooted from the ground up (having to do with integrating Rising Heroes into out challenge system, if I understand correctly) I'm not going to bother with increasing attributes until that time. I'm still going to change my level according to the challenges I complete, just so I can see myself improving over time. But otherwise, calculating attributes is a lot of work for what will ultimately be no benefit, so that's why I don't have any grading system posted for myself or anything.
  10. Ahh! A fellow Nana fan?! *Squee* I like your goals, and really dig the reward you're offering yourself. (Surfing seems like it'd be such fun!) Good luck with everything, I'm following your thread, so I'll try to drop in as time progresses to see how you're doing.
  11. Personally, I really love to sprint. It tends to build muscle and burn fat more efficiently than long distance running (nothing against marathoneers ), and is also really beneficial to Parkour training (since in PK you'll need to be able to pump up momentum, sometimes in a really short amount of distance/time.) That's just my suggestion though. Let us know what you decide to do! :3
  12. I really considered hanging out with the Druids for this challenge, but when I read Wolverine's recruit thread, he mentioned Assassin's including Circus Arts, and I was like, "Oh gosh, it's like he KNEW." Haha, maybe next challenge I'll head over there, though. If I can get a video of the juggling, I'll definitely put it up! Maybe I'll use the 3DS. ;D Thanks for the welcome back! I'll be sure ease to my way into everything, and build myself up to avoid over working myself. Really sore muscles are definitely something that discourage me (whereas kind of sore muscles encourage me ) , so
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