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  1. So...I caved and got a gym trial. I'm just not good at working out on my own. Despite all the logic that it's super simple and way less expensive to work out at home, outside, etc...it just never happens. So I'm playing to my strengths (working out in a gym on a routine) and got a 2 week free trial at a gym in town. Day 1 and I ran this morning (well, jogged and walked but it's a start). As a cool side effect, my 2 miles on the treadmill got $1.50 donated to a charity. The gym is donating 25 cents per mile for every mile logged on a specific treadmill this week and 2 members have stepped up to match it. New plan is to keep doing circuits whenever people do them at work (we usually do short back/shoulder circuits 2-3x a day), hit the treadmill 2-3x a week (counts toward my using my legs goal), lift weights 2x a week (counts toward circuits) and figure out what to do after my 2 week trial is up.
  2. I can't feel/see mine anymore...but hopefully that'll change over the next few months. I'm having a lot of trouble starting a new routine and because of that, I'm doing a less than stellar job of meeting my goals. I'm planning on trying out a "gym" in my town that does all sorts of classes - taekwondo, kickboxing, yoga, etc. It's more of a martial arts studio with various classes. If I like a couple classes, I'll hopefully make it a routine to go there. When I worked next door to a gym, I was so good about going and worked out 5x a week. I haven't been able to find that routine since. It was nice on some days to just mindlessly run on a treadmill or do a bodyweight routine without having to rearrange furniture.
  3. How are the first couple weeks going? Hope things are going ok with the knee!
  4. Haven't had a chance to read all of your thread but did read the first few pages. Whole 30? Sledgehammer training? I'm impressed. I tried paleo a while back and couldn't hack it. The feeling gross (tired/bloated) just never went away for me. Maybe it's the Portuguese/Irish genes that are just adapted to grains. I'll have to look into the sledgehammer training. I love anything that requires minimal equipment and uses functional movements.
  5. Not so awesome this week. I had a severe lack of motivation coupled with sinuses that just wouldn't leave me alone. Still got 3 days of more moving around in (including 1 day of hiking) but only stayed within my calorie goal for 2 days and did 3 BW circuits. Oh well, it's a new week! Current totals: Legs: 6/6 Calories: 7/10 Circuits: 9/12
  6. Haha, I had a 2-pack, basically. Which was so foreign to me that I asked "what are these weird things at the bottom of my ribs?" Yeah, those were my abs. So far so good on week 1. Averaged less than my 1800 high and logged for an extra day. Took a long walk on one day and ran around for 8hrs on two days. I completely 1 of the Advanced Body Weight circuits which completely kicked my butt. So the other 5 were arms circuits. I'll aim for 2 of the ABW circuits this week and see if I can add one each week. Have yet to call the electrician but have set up landscapers and pressure washers and all sorts of fun homeowner stuff.
  7. We really are in similar situations! Even had injuries to make things more complicated...mine was my back. Thankfully, it's better. Hope things get better with your knee and that the challenge goes well for you!
  8. Finally made my way back to NF!

  9. Way back in the beginning of the year, I did pretty well in my first NF Rebellion challenge. Then I flunked out of the 2nd and dropped off the map. Since then, I've started a new job in a fitness-related industry and it's time to get back to a healthy routine. The main goal: Form a routine. I do best when I have a routine to follow but starting it is always difficult. How will I get there? Use my legs Run, walk, jog, wander. Just use my legs to travel more than normal 3x each week. Grades: A = 16-18 B = 13-15 C = 10-12 F = 9 or fewer Get and stay on track with calories Track every week day (Monday - Friday). Net 1600-1800 calories per day. Averaging (within the current week only) is allowed. Grades: A = 26-30 B = 22-25 C = 18-21 F = 17 or fewer Use my bodyweight Do 36 circuits of a bodyweight routine over the 6 weeks. Whether it's the deceptively draining arms workout or the Advanced Bodyweight Workout. Grades: A = 33-36 B = 27-32 C = 21-26 F = 20 or fewer What else? My life goal is simple this time around. Schedule a consultation with the electrician. We've got lights that don't work, a fan that won't shut off and all sorts of fun stuff. I'd like to be able to use the lights in the bathroom again. You know, the little things. My motivation? One time, I saw physical evidence that I do, in fact, have abs. I'd like to make sure it wasn't an illusion. I have a post-it note next to my tea to remind me of that day. Where have I been? Though I fell off the NF map, I haven't completely regressed. I'm still eating (mostly) healthy, making most of my foods from scratch or eating whole foods, walking, biking, sometimes working out, etc. I ran my first 5K in June, my first mud race (Spartan Race) in August and will be running Rugged Maniac on September 28. Because I switched jobs, I no longer have a gym that I can use during the day, which has been a huge adjustment. I've tried to convince myself that I like running outside but I really (sadly) just don't. I'm slowly adjusting to minimalist shoes for running. I've gained about 7lbs from my lowest weight and 5lbs from my ideal weight and my haphazard approach to fixing it is, well, haphazard. So here I am. Edited 9/18/13 to refine my grading.
  10. Thanks for the extra advice!! I think the shop is good about letting you take a spin around to try out the bikes you're interested in so that shouldn't be a problem. Plus I'm leaning toward one particular shop based on their policies and reputation and they have the 30 day return policy so I should be ok even if I make an impulse buy and regret it.
  11. hahaha the lungs of a cheetah and the legs of justice Definitely thinking hybrid sounds like the way to go. There's too many potholes and cracked pavement around here for me to think a road bike with its narrow tires would suffice. I actually didn't know hybrids even existed before I posted this so I'm pretty glad I came to you all for advice. I think I'm going to avoid going used this time due to a bad previous experience and the fact that I really don't know what I'm looking for. Plus the bike shop near me has a 30 day policy that if you change your mind, you can return it for free. I think they also offer financing like you mentioned. I have to check out the ads to see if there are any coupons (got a $5 off a helmet one so far) and then I'm planning to hit up at least one store tomorrow. If all goes well, I might be riding by Monday!
  12. Thanks for the info! Looking back on my previous post, I didn't mean to imply you were faulting him for accepting a better position so I apologize if it came across that way I've been in his shoes before and my boss was awesome...her attitude was "I'm so happy for you! But this totally stinks..."
  13. Sorry to hear about your assistant! It's tough to fault someone for leaving for a better job but still stinks when you lose someone. Let us know how the swap on the workouts goes...I hope it helps! Do you find the liquid stevia to have a weird aftertaste? I've only tried a stevia sweetener once and couldn't stand the aftertaste but since it's getting to be iced tea season, I'd love to have a low/no calorie natural alternative to simple syrup.
  14. Glad to hear things improved from week 4! I don't know what it is but it seems like many of us got knocked down that week. Happy you picked yourself back up and knocked week 5 out with enthusiasm!
  15. Haha yep! I'm healthy 90% of the time so I can eat my butter, sugar, flour and other tasty things the other 10% of the time. I believe in moderation but I'm also not into messing up an amazing cookie/cake/pie/etc recipe to make it healthy when you can indulge every now and then without harm to your overall goals.
  16. Doug makes a great point and hopefully that will help you progress at a rate you're more content with. I've been doing the 100 push ups plan and I've come to realize that personally, I need 2 days off in between, not just 1. So everyone's body is different and you have to find out what works for yours
  17. Thank you!! I feel like I wrote this a lifetime ago so I gave it another read through. I've been feeling kind of down on myself lately because I strayed a little with the working out and diet and am just now getting back to it. This was a reality check that even when I feel like I'm straying, I'm still miles beyond where I was two years ago. I hit my 2yr anniversary at work a few days ago and the difference is amazing (even down to how much thinner my face is compared to my work badge). Now to educate myself on that playground workout again...snow is almost gone!
  18. Psh, you're both great gift givers! I'm glad you get to connect with her in person soon...long distance is tough so I give you a lot of credit for making it work and keeping a positive attitude.
  19. You're doing such a great job! I finally found a few minutes to catch up on your progress and, as usual, I'm so impressed by your dedication. It's amazing that you went from last challenge's work up to 2min planks to impressing people left and right with your sets of 2:30 I'll trade you some push ups for some of your decluttering motivation! lol I did a wonderful job on our spare room and it's now a functional office with space for me to work and work out at home but have yet to touch the dining room which was my actual goal. Awesome work on all the pictures, records, tax stuff, and all the other miscellaneous items!! I also agree with some previous posters that you'll get there with the push ups. Everyone has their exercises they naturally rock at and the ones that they naturally struggle with but you're making progress and you WILL get there
  20. Just caught up on your progress and I have to say I'm impressed by your general attitude! I'm glad things seemed to turn around for you after a rough patch in week 3 and that you're getting better after your cold/back pain (I was sick too...maybe there really was a week 4 curse!) I like that you're willing to change your goals as your needs change too (switching to a heavy bag workout, upping calories, etc). It's definitely a healthy mindset and that's the sort of attitude that'll help you stick with changes and make them real habits. Keep on rocking the challenge Oh, and your anniversary gift? Your girlfriend is pretty lucky...that was a really thoughtful gift! Did you end up saying what you got? I might've missed it.
  21. Work is still pretty crazy but starting to get a little less crazy. I've been keeping up with my veggies, water & negative pull ups, plus I've done 3 of the YAYOG workouts so far this week so it's not too bad. I'm hoping to devote at least part of Saturday to my reclaim the dining room goal (but I have this intention every weekend and I never get to it). Hoping to get a bike this weekend and start riding to the train next week for some cardio, plus keep up with the YAYOG workouts at night. I figure I'll set a goal for myself that I can buy a bikini for my Azores vacation if I do 4 workouts/week for 3 weeks and then the bikini will hopefully motivate me to stick with it for the remaining 2 weeks between then and the vacation. I need to hop over to your thread and catch up on your progress, but how are things going for you?
  22. Don't feel too bad...I didn't either until I saw the video in the YAYOG app. I read "underhand grip" and was like "how?!?!" and then immediately felt silly after seeing the video.
  23. You can do it using a table too. Put your legs under the table for overhand/pronate and put your upper body under the table for underhand/supine. I do find it easier to grip the bar than the table edge though and it's nice not to have to worry about hitting my head on anything
  24. Haha I think it just means we're REALLY enthusiastic about inverted rows...yeah...I'll go with that. I was doing them on the smith machine at the gym before and think I like that better but I also like not having to go to the gym so it's a trade off
  25. YAYOG is going great so far. I really love the app (even though I almost never pay for apps and this one was $3). It takes all the thinking out of it and you can just do the reps and rest like it says and get a great workout. I'm doing the "basic" level of the 10 week program and have done 2 days so far. Had a mishap the first day (slammed my forehead while doing underhand inverted rows with a table) but other than that, it's going really well and I love that all I need is a couple household items. This also solves my problem of not resting properly between sets because it counts down for me. I'm still doing the 100 pushups program (in place of the pushups portion of the YAYOG workout) and that's going well too. I can do about 16 consecutive or 60ish in a total workout.
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