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  1. Hey guys thx for the advice and help, i just got back from a free trial lesson at the jeet kun do place and i really love it! I'd put off going because it was king of far away but the drive wasn't as bad as i'd thought and i really loved the atmosphere and material. I still have one free trial class left ( there were three ) but i'm definitely going to sign up. Honestly i was a little intimidated at first because the technique we worked on had to due with knifes and they handed me a pretty realistic looking fake knife, but they were really nice and one of the instructors took me aside and show
  2. Hey, thought i'd update at least one more time before the challenge ended ( im not good at updates and organizational things like that ) ive actually done really well for this challenge 1. Do yoga every day- Grade b+ ( i really like yoga and im pretty cosistent with it over the course of the challenge i only missed 2 days, im getting alot more flexible and yoga is really relaxing and awesome ! ) 2. Go full paleo- Grade b ( im paleo with two exceptions, every morning i down a protein shake, and i still drink apple and orange juice as a compromise for giving up soda i really wanted something ta
  3. My friend has an indo board (i think that's the right name) i tried it out and really had fun with it, since it goes along with my goals i went home and made one to. Does anyone have any experience with them or balance training in general ? I'd love to know how helpful they really are ( aka. Am i training or just playing ) and how soon i might start seeing results.
  4. Oh no worries actually your really helped me out, i went and did research on the schools near me to find out what would suit me best and it lead me to thinking that i really didn't know to much about the two styles, or any style for that matter. So i'm going about it a different way now. Im going and doing research on some of the dojos near me and the art they teach and going into the ones i think i'd be into, i'll admit i may be cheering for some more than others but the final decision is probably gonna be based on what place clicks with me the best I will say the krav place is kind of out
  5. You guys are probably right even though i like how the two styles looked in the videos i've seen i'm probably going about all this the wrong way, i found a few different dojos teaching various arts (not just jkd and krav) that are well reviewed online i'm gonna poke around each a little bit and see if something clicks. Something i'll also note, since mightstone said they didn't fit my build i looked around for what would fit my build and google suggested tae kwan do tall, long limbs, fairly flexible (i like yoga), and when i used to box i always did like fighting from a distance. I found a pla
  6. Physically awesome !!! School ... Not so much Time and stress management are proving difficult Pre-calc is kicking my ass but i'm still pushing, i'm starting with daily extra help sessions they offer in the lab after school just so i don't get to messed up. Plus side though i was feeling confident since i lost a little weight and started flirting with this girl in spanish, we went out a few days back. It was pretty fun
  7. Hey i really want to into martial arts but looking around for a good dojo was tough, i've narrowed it down to two different places one teaches krav maga one teaches jeet kun do i'd love some advice. The krav maga place is closer about 20 minutes away so it would be more convenient and there listed at kravmaga.com so im pretty sure there legit. The jeet kun do dojo is a bit farther away maybe 30-45 minutes, there listed at Fighting.net so im pretty sure there legit to. If i had to choose just on style i'd go with jeet kun do from what ive seen on the internet there's a bit more variety involved
  8. Hey, last week was crazy there was a snow storm and i was without power for the last 2-3 days ( i didn't even have heat) it really sucked but it came back on yesterday. I made a few discoveries though 1. You can totally workout and grab a yoga session in a leather jacket and snow man pajama bottoms 2. You can use the the surge protector(i think thats what its called) on your computer to power a geurge foreman and make something paleo ( usually i'd totally have just eaten chips and vanilla wafers those days) 3. The harder you workout the less cold you feel It wasn't actually to bad i guess bu
  9. (Marisstella, the sleep cycle app is this thing you can get on your phone that sensing how much your moving when you sleep to get an idea of where your at in your cycle so it can wake you up at a peak when your not sleeping very deeply so you wake up easier, it's actually really awesome and totally worth the 1.99 in the app store.) This was a pretty solid first week, i stumbled a little but over all i've made progress. Im doing yoga everyday, im starting to make progress on my diet (even though i messed up a few times), i've lost a little over a pound, and while im having a little trouble gett
  10. Good goals and good job taming fast food mountain, i'll be cheering for you (my rooms really messy right now to so i can empathize)
  11. You guys are right and im gonna start looking for a class in my area, i think i remember seeing something at the ymca which would be perfect because it's right next to school ( im getting a degree in liberal arts by the way and i eventually want to be a lawyer) Today went pretty well all things considered did a yoga session in the morning and had a workout when i got home, kept to my diet pretty well. But your right livingroovy i need a more thought out plan so i think i'll break it down by goal 1.daily yoga- i've been doing it at night but it's probably more practical to do it in the morning,
  12. Hey quick backstory, i've been working out for a while and check in on the forums once in a while but a week or so ago i woke up feeling really stiff and sore so i googled some stretches and found a yoga youtube video i went through it and my i immediately felt great it was like magic. I've been doing it everyday since then and usually feel pretty great afterwards so i thought i'd make it my goal for the challenge since ive been wanting to try one. Goals: 1. Do a yoga session everyday ( or every other day i havent noticed any soreness yet but it'd be smart to allow some recovery time) 2. Chang
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