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  1. Way to stay on top of this challenge! Like KingZora, I've been reading the articles you link to that catch my eye, and they are interesting. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  2. Thank you! I've actually been doing well on fitness stuff, but I have been neglecting to update my thread. Lifting is progressing -- I did my first body weight (plus 10lbs!) squat last weekend, woot~! Food is good, writing is moving along. So overall I'm sticking to my challenge goals even though I've mostly been using Fitocracy to track my workouts. (I know, I know ... traitorous!)
  3. I love reading your updates -- I've learned about a ton of new exercises from you! Farmer carries are the latest coolness ... I've added them to my list of stuff to try. Nice work!
  4. Lifting day, woohoo~! After a 5 min. warm-up (treadmill with 5 incl. @ 4 mph): incline press, wide grip (3x5) - 60lbs, 55, 65 military press (3x5) - 45lbs, 45, 45 back extensions (3x10) - sets 1+2 arms at chest, set 3 prisoner arms back squat (3x5) - 115lbs, 135, 145 deadlifts (4x5) - 115lbs , 115, 111, 111 [used the olympic weights/bar for the first time for sets 3+4! moving up to the big kid weights!] It felt so good to get back to lifting after my sick break. We're celebrating feeling better -- and also reloading with food after lots of soup, tea and toast -- with an off-day for calories
  5. First day back after flu/cold badness. I spent all of Saturday, Sunday and half of Monday in bed and finally felt semi-OK today. I missed a cardio day and two lifting days. But I made it through today's run pretty well (I was slow, but I didn't have to stop!), and I'm planning a lifting day tomorrow. Today's run: Normal loop plus a little extra -- 4.3 miles (4.4 w/ cool-down) for 52 minutes (54 w/ cool-down) I managed to stay within my calorie goals while I was sick, with an extra 50-100 calories allowed for honey. (I was eating a *lot* of honey, in tea and on toast, to help my throat.)
  6. Thanks, Irish! I got a little derailed by the flu (it caught me after all, grr), but I'm back in the game. We're ordering Starting Strength on Amazon, can't wait for it to get here!
  7. Finally caught by the flu. :( At least I made it through 1.5 challenges unscathed!

    1. sumdawgtwigg
    2. BarefootViking


      That blows. So far this winter I have managed to mostly avoid it. Except of course right before we went on our cruise in Feb.

  8. Nice work! Enjoy the bball games -- I'm looking forward to March Madness.
  9. Great workouts! We're also having a "heat wave" here (60!!), so I've been really enjoying my outside runs. It's nearly spring, woo!
  10. Weights day! After 5 min. warm-up (treadmill, 5 incl, 3.5mph): bench press (wide), 3x5 - 55, 55, 65 military press, 3x5 - 45, 45, 45 bent rows, 3x10/side - 25, 25, 30 back squat, 3x5 - 115, 115, 125 deadlifts, 4x5 - 105, 105, 115, 115 in-place lunges, 10xleg 15 back extensions Nearly at the end of "Star of the Sea," have to get to the bookstore tomorrow to buy "Drown" -- and we're also going to buy "Starting Strength"! Very excited!
  11. Run day today: my favorite 3.67 mile loop. Should probably switch this up soon, but it's been feeling good. Food on track, even managed to fit in a Pisco sour and Pisco/ginger ale at Spanish convo group tonight. Yum! Now it's time for reading and sleep.
  12. Took an unplanned rest day yesterday (Monday was planned rest) because of looming sickness in our house ... I'm not sure if I've managed to avoid it, but my husband has the sniffles. I've been drinking lots of lemon juice and trying to get lots of rest. Come on, immune system! Today was a weights day, high reps/lower weights. After a 5 minute warm-up on the treadmill (5 incl., 4 mph): incline press (x12, 10, 8) - bar (45lbs), 45, 55 deadlifts (x12, 10, 8) - bar+50 (95lbs), 95, 95 back squats (x12, 10, 8) - bar+50 (105lbs), 105, 105 plate abs (3x15) - 25lbs, 25, 25 back extensions (3x15) - ar
  13. Weekend summary post! Friday: Run day, normal 3.67 mile loop. It was so beautiful out, the first really sunny and warm(ish) day of the year. Saturday: 60 minutes power yoga Sunday: Body weight circuits (we were out of town this weekend, so we did body weight stuff for our third lifting day): 5 minute dance warmup, followed by 3 sets of: 30 squats (prisoner arms) 10 push-ups 30 lunges 15 rows/side (20lb weights) plank (90 sec) 45 jumping jacks abs: C1 and C3 - 30 toe-dips, 30 RATs; C2 - 15 jayhawks (10lb weight), 15 both-leg dips bonus: 1 sun salutation/circuit I had two planned calorie
  14. Thanks for the link! It has lots of good tips for squats in general, but I'll try the box variation on my next squat day. There's a bench by the squat cage that should be a good height.
  15. God, that never gets old. Alan Tudyk, Y U so funny?
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