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  1. Have you considered getting daily devotionals sent to you? I'm sure you could google it and get a bunch of free ones and pick one that you like. It would help with the Bible Study aspect instead of just reading. Or you could mix the 2 and get one that allows you to read through the Bible in a set amount of time with the devotional attached.
  2. Man I wish I live at your house!!! All that food porn! Hope your family appreciates it. Looking good Matt - glad to have found you again!
  3. Weekly wrap up - yes I know it's a little early but I'm on vacation next week. Yoga: 0/3 Gardening: 0/2 - hoping to do some this afternoon/evening while waiting to put the 2nd coat on my bathtub. Celebrate Recovery: 2/3 for the challenge - and made a decision (I think) lol - stupid indecisiveness - No I've made a decision (yikes) just need to find the right fit in a sponsor Food: crap!! I didn't have one full paleo day this week. I'm still hovering around 210lbs which is down at least from 220, but this is not helping me get to where I want Goals for the upcoming week, while I am on vacation paint bathtub - today after work --go out to parents trailer and relax while tub dries Tuesday go to St. Jacob's market (It's an Amish Farmers Market - I go every year on my vacation with my parents) Celebrate Recovery meeting or Movie at the Library Wednesday take car for oil change air conditioner guy coming to fix my air conditioner strength training arms gardening put tile up in bathroom Thursday strength training legs gardening grout tile in bathroom and put up finishing pieces? --go out to parents trailer while the rest of the tub dries get in 3 yoga sessions for the week to meet my challenge goals eat as healthy as my surrounding allows get caught up on people's post - I got my email and facebook caught up today - now to get caught up on my fellow NFer's
  4. The program does sound good. I like the fact they were honest and upfront about it being a lengthy process. They said a few times these things don't happen over night, you hear testimonies and it seems like a few days or maybe months, but these things can take years. Also I have to work through the steps in my time with my sponsor (meeting 1hr a week for the entire process) so some things may take me longer and some shorter depending on what and how and when I'm ready to deal with certain things. I also like the fact they stress making healthy relationships within the group, so if I falter/relapse there will always be a sponsor, accountability partners, friends from the group and the meetings to turn to. I will definitely keep you guys informed in my process, I just figured I wouldn't change the goal in this challenge even though I seem to have found my answer in the 2nd week. Searching for the right sponsor may take a while Yup - cube the squash - cut it in half, take the seeds out, peel it and cut it into cubes and cook it like potato hashbrowns. I usually put a little garlic, onion powder, paprika and salt to taste - just a little paprika though, gives it a nice smoky kinda taste. I have found I don't really like sweet things with my dinner and "hash brown" squash doesn't taste sweet. I will also roast it - just like you would roast potoatos if I have my oven on already.
  5. First off you are (doing) amazing!!!! Alot of people I know will have a post -workout shake or a protein bar immediately after their workout (strength training) it gives you body something good to feed on until you have a chance to rest, get home and get some food ready/in you. A Larabar would work good for this also. I'm all for prepping ahead and having something already made too. That's what I usually do (when I'm on the ball and not being lazy/slacking ), but if you don't have that ready some quick protein usually does the trick. Loving this! I think it's amazing the way you chat with yourself and I also like that you feel comfortable not talking with yourself and not sharing with us. Large groups often cause anxiety, but you know you will have fun. I often repeat to myself before I go in. I am a strong fabulous woman with nothing to hide or fear over and over. Pick your own mantra, but that helps me. I also had a lot of anxiety going to things alone after I split up with my ex. wondering if that might be where some of the nervousness and fear is coming from???
  6. Thanks, I think it will go well It wasn't pain so much as muscle fatigue/ failure which is a good thing, but weird I wasn't sore because it felt like I was really pushing myself - will definitely keep an eye on it!! Gardening - I need to start scheduling it in. definitely need to start scheduling it in. Although with the bathroom I'm not sure it was the smartest of goals, but I will stick it out because I needs to be done. Squash hash browns -so yummy I cook the the exact same way I would do potato hashbrowns. So the meeting, It did go well. I enjoyed it. I do think that the meetings will not be a huge help, but the program might. This means finding a sponsor and buying the books. Which means going to more meetings and spending time with the sponsors and picking one and asking them to be my sponsor. Then I will have to get the books and go through the steps -they say that takes about a year. Reading all this sounds to me like I have made my decision, so this goal is pretty much done. 2/3 meetings attended and have decided I think this is for me. Finding a sponsor is the next step in this process. I don't think I will add it to this challenge as it will take some time to meet and get to know people and then muster up the courage to ask one of them to be my sponsor. Food has been ok - paleo all day yesterday except for a couple of handfuls of combos and the day before except for the bbq - there weren't many healthy choices. Kinda sucks considering they are offering help with food addictions but whatevs!! Crazy busy this week at work haven't had time to post or read anyone's post - hoping to catch up on Saturday. I'm sure you are all rocking your challenges, keep up the good work!!
  7. Thanks for stopping by Ladies! Week1 Day5 yoga: YES!! that's 3/3 if you count the bit I did on Monday - My ITunes died on me again :/ Going to have to make do until my vacation I think before I update it gardening: not yet - probably won't happen having a friend over for dinner Food: proten bar carrots/green peppers, peameal bacon burrito *purchased from a fabulous "fast food" place, but pretty healthy - nothing deep fried and healthy toppings -not paleo burgers w/fried mushrooms and onions (no bun), pasta salad, ice cream - made the pasta salad and bought the ice cream for my friend who was coming over for dinner and out to see a band, but she bailed on my so I was drowning my sorrows Week1 Day 6 yoga:no it's the weekend gardening: no gone from 9am - 2am (Sunday morning) Food: chicken, ribs, olives, pickles, carrots, hot dog and icecream (company picnic) Might Taco (it's tradition after the picnic) VERY good day!!!! - just in general not food or goal oriented in any way, but need the day away and all the laughs after suck a horrible week at work Week1 Day 7 yoga:no it's the weekend gardening: no didn't make my goal this week Food: left over burgers with fried mushrooms and onions peach chips was ripping out tile and stripping the paint off my cabinets in my bathroom and slept alot today. I'm really hoping once this project is done my stress level will go down some. Week 1 wrap up Yoga: 3/3 for the week Gardening: 1/2 for the week Celebrate Recovery yes - 1/3 for the challenge Food:I think I had 1 day that was totally paleo - not good!!! Week 2 Day 1 - holiday Food: 2 eggs on a bun ribs, squash hashbrowns worked on my bathroom some more today, the finish on my bathtub is not playing nice/not coming off, hoping it starts to work with me so I can paint it soon - took more paint off the cabinets. I also started week 1 of a 9 week strength training program they are offering at my crossfit box. Hurt alot doing it but I'm not sore today which is a good thing?!?!??? Week2 Day 2 - 2nd meeting of Celebrate Recovery tonight Yoga: no Gardening - not yet Food: (so far) salad with chicken breast
  8. Hey Terri - looking great - I didn't have time to read it all either, but I skimmed it all and 2 things popped out at me 1. squats - I pretend that there is a chair just a little to far away that I am trying to sit on - imagine just the tip of your butt trying to meet the very edge of the chair. You can physically use a chair or box or something if needed to get use to the feel.- *shrugs* it helps me. 2. squash cubes - Yummy!! hope they turned out not sure how you did them, but I prefer mine roasted with some garlic and sea salt. You can also "hashbrown" them. Enjoy!!
  9. Thanks Little Turtle - the past is the past, we do not stay there right?? Week1 Day4 yoga: YES!! woke up on time and did a session - It was very difficult though because I couldn't concentrate for long. gardening: nope Food: proten bar x2 (and still hungry ???) salad with sausage and balsamic vinagrette carrots/green peppers banana protein bar peameal sausage and 2 eggs Week1 Day (so far) yoga: YES!! that's 3/3 if you count the bit I did on Monday - My ITunes died on me again :/ Going to have to make do until my vacation I think before I update it gardening: not yet - probably won't happen having a friend over for dinner Food: proten bar carrots/green peppers, peameal bacon gotta buy my lunch today and I have an apple and nectarine for snack If I don't see you guys later have a great weekend (it's a long weekend for some of us Canadians) so see ya on Tuesday (no internet at home)
  10. Had the most horrible day yesterday at work - to the point I couldn't face anyone, didn't go to Bible study and lied to my mom to get off the phone - I'm a terrible person!!! I also think I'm getting my days a little messed up so Week 1, Day 3 yoga: nope - couldn't sleep (posted about this already) gardening: yes 20min to 1/2hr- the nice thing was it pissed down rain all day so the ground was soft, but I got soaked. Everything was wet and it rained a little on me Celebrate Recovery: 1/3 Food: proten bar x2 (one was at 5:30am cause I woke up starving and couldn't sleep) salad with sausage and balsamic vinagrette carrots/green peppers banana Harvey's - yup I bailed - I just couldn't bring myself to cook last night. I didn't have it in me at all. I probably should have gone for something healthier at least. But I didn't feel and shame or guilt after eating it which was good. Week1 Day4 (so far) yoga: YES!! woke up on time and did a session - It was very difficult though because I couldn't concentrate for long. gardening: not yet Food: proten bar x2 (and still hungry ???) salad with sausage and balsamic vinagrette (set to eat for lunch) carrots/green peppers, banana, apple, pear (choices I brought to work with me for snacks)
  11. Wow does that ring true with all the crap running around in my head right now. Thanks for sharing it. Yoga: nope - woke up at 4:30 starving and couldn't get back to sleep, then did and slept through my alarm Gardening: not yet - see next Celebrate recovery meeting: I went last night - heart pounding, stomach reeling, reminding my self to just take deep breaths. There was a very nice lady who greeted me and she runs the "new comers" so we had a little chat and she told me about the program after the main session. As the coordinator was speaking she mentioned there were "beach" decorations every for the Vacaion Bible School the church was running that week. She pointed out some stuff on the wall behind us and I turn around to see "When I am afraid; I will trust in you" Ps 56:3 -ok God I get it!!! Next week they are having a potluck/bbq - think I might go free food is always good. Plus the "nice lady" mentioned that they alternate weeks - 1 week is testimony, the next is a "lesson" and both times I've been have been a testimony, so I should check out a lesson. Food - proten bar salad with sausage and balsamic vinagrette apple carrots/green beans 2 eggs with olives in a wrap and a protein batr (totally didn't need the protein bar, but was so nervous before the meeting and I'm beginning to think my body craves them because of the sugar content) popcorn - after the meeting. I really wanted chips, but didn't buy them, used up the last of my popcorn too so that's good. I kept finding myself shovelling it in and reminding my self to eat it slowly and savour it then finding myself shovelling it it. Not a great day on the paleo front - but used up the last of my wraps and the last of my popcorn. That leaves only some pasta left in my house oh and some premade burgers which are probably not paleo but still meat so... I also invited a friend over for dinner on Friday instead of going out to a restaurant.
  12. Thank you for the support - Love the minions!! There's a story about someone asking a centiped how it can walk? Do tell.... Nothing special - he smokes the wild berry tipped cigarellos that he gets in bulk on an Indian Reserve. So I steal one from him every once in a while when I get a craving. I quit smoking March 2013 as part of an NF challenge. So I really limit myself and look at it as a treat.
  13. Thanks for letting me be honest with you. Sounds like you have thought it through. Track on!!
  14. WEEK 1 DAY 1 Yoga - didn't do a session - but did make time to do some sun salutations and warrior poses Gardening - not yet - see below on where I spent my time Celebrate recovery meeting - is tonight - trying to decide to go to it or go to crossfit as I didn't go to crossfit last night and I could really use a good work out. Food - proten bar salad with sausage and balsamic vinagrette peach (fresh right off the tree -so YUMMY!!) carrots/radishes/green beans dinner at the bbq - chicken breast, sausage, chickpea/artichoke salad (paleo besides the chicpeas), potato salad (small scoop and savoured every bite of it -my mom makes the best potato salad!!!) picked at the ceaser salad a litte and at a couple croutons desert watermelon and a couple bites of diabetic lemon blueberry pie (no sugar added - not paleo) I started talking to my dad and brother about fixing up my bathroom - my dad wants me to rip it out and redo it with a shower, I don't want to because I only have 1 bathroom in the house. My brother came over to look at it and show me some tiles he said I could have and suggested yet another reno I could do. It's hard making these decisions on my own because ultimately it is MY decision and I have to live with the results. And my house is REALLY old so we never really know what we are going to get into when we start fixing/renovating stuff --- oh! yes we do the work ourselves, usually me and my dad, sometimes my brother helps too. In my stress I starting eating some potato wedges I had left over from Sunday - I ate about 10 -20 of them, before realizing that is NOT the answer. I threw them out and called a friend and went and had a cigar and watched a movie with. Yes I know the cigar isn't much better - but they are a treat for me and I don't do it very often. All in all pretty good decisions AND I savoured the non paleo food I really wanted to eat resulting in not having a second helping.
  15. Found ya!! Goals look good. Love the fact you smashed your running 1 mile goal already!! Are you going to go for 2? Dare I say 3??? Can I be slightly negative/ mom like for a second?? It seems to me that in your past goals when you started to try to track everything - like you are with your food and timing goals - is when you would become overwhelmed and "fail" at the challenge. You did so amazingly well last challenge, and I know the nerd in you likes to track things and that you love spreadsheets. Tracking can be very good, I've used it myself in a few of my challenges, I'm wondering if tracking everything may not be in your best interest at this point. You know I love you and will support you whatever your deicision is. Deadlifts are my FAVORITE - I feel so strong when I do them!!! All I have to say is make sure you get into a good squat position, keep your butt down and your back stright. You will be amazed at what weight you will be able to do when you get the form down. I started at around 95lbs and deadlifted 175 a couple of weeks ago.
  16. Ok guys, It's on and I'm freaking out already. I'm so stressed at work and trying to figure out some renovation stuff at my house, I keep thinking I can't do this. This is the very reason I did not participate in the last challenge. Why would I add the stress of "having" to do something for a challenge???? UGH!! Ok - I don't HAVE to do this, I WANT to do this!!!! (well all except for the gardening! ) Breathe in: I am worth making healthy choices Breathe out: negative thoughts Breathe in: I am worth making healthy meals for myself Breathe out: junk food Breathe in: I am worth making healthy meals for myself Breathe out: chips Breathe in: I am worth making healthy choices Breathe out: negative thoughts I AM WORTH THIS - MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES MAKE - HEALTHY - CHOICES I have a bbq to go to tonight - so the whole eating non paleo foods on Fridays and Saturdays is being revamped - to only eating non-paleo fooods if I'm not the one cooking - but make smart healthy decisions with what is offered me. I don't have to have a bun for my hamburger - I wouldn't at home, why when I'm out??? Do I really need a second helping of potato salad? Probably not. I AM WORTH THIS - MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES repeat!!!!
  17. You can do it! I felt the same way when I deleted mine. But just think of all the fun things you can do with your spare time!
  18. Good to know. I did it last night with some chocolate and found I didn't immediately want to eat more. So I thought why can't I implement this more often? I really should enjoy my food not shove it down in guilt. I eat and live alone so it's really easy to "hide" when/what I eat. :/ Thank you Thanks, still working out the point system especially for the food. I kinda had it worked out in the planning stage, but then I decided to be all druidy this challenge so it changed a little. I will update when I figure it out. It will be based on how I eat and the food decisions I make, not actually on the weight loss - we all know the effort doesn't always correspond on the scale. I also do crossfit so yoga is not the only exercise I will be doing. It's just that I've been doing it for almost 2 years now, so although there are many things I'm still working on, it's not part of my challenge.
  19. Howdy All - I'm usually a ranger, but I need to find some balance in my life and make some decisions and seeing as this challenge is focused on food and figuring some stuff out about who I am and what I want. So....without further ado My main goal is to weigh less than 200lbs - I currently sit at around 220 - I was down around 198 at the beginning of the year but then I lost my focus and started eating like crap. Goal 1 - 80 -90% Paleo I know eating paleo works for me. A. Stop buying non-paleo food stuffs! I have some still around the house I will try to use up instead of wasting, but I would like to keep it to weekends only - no Friday evening and Saturday only. when I'm not the one cooking. Oh! and I've been eating protein bars for breakfast which I like but aren't paleo compliant that will stay for now. B. The reason I am allowing Friday and Saturday is because I have been working every other or every third Saturday. When I do I sleep at my parents trailer and my mom cooks for me (YEAH!!!! ). The trailer is closer to the office I have to work from, and although my parents eat healthy and there are always fruit and veggies available, we are at the trailer and dinner often consists of burgers or the like and lunches are usually sandwiches. But I must make healthy decisions with what is offered to me. C. Savour my food and make smart food decisions - if I choose to eat something non-paleo - savour it . I don't want to shove it down in guilt and then want more and feel guilty about it all causing me to wallow and eat more junk -VICIOUS CYCLE! So I want to take the time to savour it - take small bites and enjoy it all Goal 2 - yoga 3 DEX 0.50pts per week 3 x week in the morning before work - did this before and enjoyed it but then dropped it as soon as the challenge ended . Stupid! but lets see if we can get it going again and make it stick. Goal 3 -(life goal) gardening 3CHA 0.50pts per week 2x week for at least 15min. My garden and lawn literally is over run with weeds - its horrendous. I know it needs to be done and I need to be consistent with it. Working on it for a while one day and then leaving it for weeks on end doesn't help. Goal 4 - What's going on in my head???3WIS 1CHA - 1pt for each meeting, and 1 pt if I make a decision attend at least 3 Celebrate Recovery meetings and decide whether this is for me or not. I feel like I'm at a place where I need some help figuring out whats in my head. Celebrate Recovery is one option or I can look into counselling/therapy or I could play ostrich (but I think I've done that long enough ) So that's it, there you have it. Off I go! Disclaimer: I am on vaction the week of August 10 - 16 - some things may fall to the wayside. If I'm smart about it I can still cook and eat healthy, when I'm cooking for myself. I can still do my 3 yoga sessions - it just won't be before work (obviously!) It's probably the gardening that I will "forget about" but hopefully I will see some improvement by then and want to do it.
  20. I read a lot of "What if" up there. You can NOT sit around and think about what MIGHT happen. Yes I know you need to look at the future and make smart decisions. But stop focusing on what could be and focus on what you have control of at this moment. Eat as much good food as you can. Do whatever work outs you can and help out when you can. I know you are back at that house and the memories come back, but you need to focus on you, just like you where doing when you left. Remember what Brute Squad said - you are an adult now. You have a responsibility for yourself, not for your parents. We love you! You are a strong beautiful woman! Make that your mantra for the time you are at your parents and focus on what you can do! The rest will fall into place. Oh and I did this brutal workout at crossfit last night I think you would like 3 rounds 15 overhead squat 95lbs prescribed (I did 45lbs) 30 situps 45 kettlebell swings 16pood It was brutal!! I did it in 21:04 pvp challenge to beat me.
  21. Whew!! Just got caught up. I can't belive all the good things! I can't say enough good things about all I've read. You are in such a great place right now....keep rolling with it. I find for snack foods - fruit and veggies are the best. Fruit is great because things like apples/oranges/plums bananas - everything except berries and melon really you can just grab and go. It is always ready and you can buy one or two to try it and see if you like it without wasting a lot of money. Veggies can take some prep time if you want it to, or you can buy the precut ones. It might be your best bet at this point in time. I usually do my shopping on Sundays and chop some up to keep me going till Wed. then do some more chopping to get me through the week. (I have a regular work schedule Mon - Fri so that helps). Kinda like 18cK said. Buy premade "healthy" stuff instead of fast food. I didn't read the TMI bit, but I hope and pray everhything is ok!!
  22. check my account today and found I had an extra $300! from the government no les!!! Very good day.

  23. As I read this article I thought of you. If you're not going down, you're going up (could also read moving forward) http://wordswithlisbeth.com/2014/06/19/going-up/
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