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  1. Did my lifts today, went quite well! Haven't got a recent weigh in yet though, so I'll get one on sunday and update the sheet then.
  2. The only existing limitations for physical exercise are the ones you impose upon yourself. Your body will get accustomed in due time!
  3. Really looking forward to yellow! I don't have any pictures from last week. Only my weekly body shots, which are more of an in the middle thing. I'll try get some good shots for yellow though!
  4. No! As someone who lifts, runs and does yoga 3 times a week (each) I have to disagree. 3days strength and 3days running should be perfectly doable. Well depending a bit on your age and current physical condition. But the only thing that should have influence on is how hard you lift and how fast/far you run. If your head is in the game, you'll easily do strength workouts 3 times a week, with some light running (I recommend c25k if you're just starting out) on offdays. Best of luck to you!
  5. With a little rest you'll be back to swinging kbs in no time Already sounds like it's healing well!
  6. It takes time to build habits. You'll get there!
  7. Challenge Update #10 Had a great monday workout today! As usual monday easily my favourite day of the week I increased my squat by 10kg in accordance with my running bet. Might be able to actually do it! On the other hand I'm logging slow progress on the bench. 2 Weeks ago I did 60x5 easily, today I only managed 60x2, and that was with bench being the first exercise in my rotation. Might be a form problem or something. I'll consult rip on that when I have time. DEADLIFTGOAL Today I did 90x5, which went quite well, had a little trouble with form on the 4th rep, but 5th was clean and awesome again! Looking good for a strong 100x5 finish in 2 weeks. That is if I manage to time my SSS lifts well enough. HANDSTANDGOAL Progress here is slower than I'd like it to be. Still haven't managed to break 7 seconds for a 2nd time (did once, got to ten, definately want to repeat) Hopefully I'll manage to get there again. Was an awesome feeling standing on my hands for that long. RUNNINGGOAL I'm now on week 8 of c25k, haven't missed a workout yet. In 20 days I'll be competeing in a 5k obstacle race, and I'm really looking forward to it. So far I haven't been able to do a benchmark of how fast/if at all I can run 5k, and my legs are really eager to try. Might try going for a treadmill run sometime this week, to get some accurate numbers. MATHGOAL Math all day, everyday!
  8. It's hard to predict a single day in 5 months time, especially since climate documentation only started in the 70ies. The average for the last 40 years puts the temperature at about 6-13degrees. With about 22% chance for rain. Point is, if it's a sunny day, conditions for competeing would be ideal, good sight, warmth that won't cause dehydration etc. On a bad day... let's just say wind, rain and 6 degrees would make me want to cuddle up in a nice blanket with a hot mug of tea
  9. First of all: Good luck and a steady surgeon hand in your operation! I wish you a speedy recovery! As for the food part, I'm sure you'll easily get back into a healthy eating routine after all the pressure of going into surgery has passed and you're back to normal.
  10. Berlin in October is going to be one cold and rainy muddy hellhole. I'm a bit uncertain if hardmore is the way to go on my first undertaking like this. I'm curious what chris thinks about it though.
  11. The only exercise I can think of that requires little to no finger effort is low bar positions squats. And maybe benchpress. Maybe you can do some of those? If not, I'd think it's better to just rest and skip a workout or two, until your inger is healed so you can get back into it. No use in dragging the injury out my working it prematurely. Get well soon
  12. The important part is that you got through your travels quite well! Hooray for strength training
  13. I like beeing in the sun, but I often get bored when I'm alone. That's why it goes so well with maths. Always something to do when you got a mathbook and some paper with you! Felt amazing. I'm so glad I tried going for 2RMs. Thanks for the fives! Thank you! It was awesome I think I coulda gone higher, but I wanted to stay with linear progression. going over 100 was too risky in this situation! Thanks for your kind words Alright so I may have entered a bet that I could increase my Squat from 60x2 to100kgx5 in 4 weeks. That is one ill begotten wager as it requires me to weekly increase the weigth by 10kg to actually get there. Bets with my brother who just this week benched 100kg 3 times. end of the week as decent. I had one aweseome day with the food, but I'm hanging in there. as far as my goals are concerned everything is going well. Handstands still not all that easy, but with reversed order of my exercises it should be easily doable! I've further increased my math time to 2x70minutes. a day, with a deserved off day today. I'm worried that I won't be able to attend my exams during this running challenge. I might change my grading criteria to measure invesdted time instead of attendance. Still thinking about that. Hope you had a nice week! Onwards to week 4
  14. The fact that you kept your helmet shows great self restraint and personal responsibility! Safety always comes first
  15. Screw new years! As long as you do something today, you'll definately improve upon yourself! Congratulations for sticking to it, I hope you manage to go the whole year Good luck with those handstands! Getting into the handstand and holding it against a wall is fairly easy! Standing freely is not so easy anymore
  16. I've always felt that economics and computer sciences, which, frankly, are two vastly extensive fields of study with elementary differences, make for an odd combination that turns out average (in both aspects) graduates. On the other hand I only know one person who actually finished it, so it's an extremely limited sample size. Awesome that you could get a full workout despite your hurt finger! It's that kind of persistance that turns into great results
  17. I do hope that the average nerd weightlifter possesses a bit more self restraint and intelligence than the average jersey shore person. Also: Thats part of the fun
  18. I was thinking more about a supply closet setup where people can go for secret confession and the likes. MTV Cribs tour sounds even more fun though.
  19. Makes me wish I could be there in person all the more. I'll raise a glass with you guys a little later in the evening though!
  20. Safety first is always a great credo to live by! Hope you get better soon
  21. I always suspected that the business computing people were taught too much business and to little CS. Couple of people I know who study Business Computer Scienece (thats what it's called at my university at least) wouldn't even be able to implement a bresenham line algorithm in java. To me the field always seemed to be more of a easymode business education with some advanced computer usage. That's problably just some rubbed of CS-elitism from my colleagues. Awesome that you still can do some of your workout though! Hope the finger gets better fast
  22. Great week! I hope you can continue to improve over the next couple weeks Muscle soreness from working out really is the best kind of soreness!
  23. Mad Rhyming skills, yo! I'm sure if we actually produce a video we might get some frontpage/nerdfitness exposure
  24. As someone who has not only once but twice utilized the roll of shame, as well as fall over backwards while squatting, believe me when I say, hurt pride heals faster than a scratch on wolverines arm. Good luck at the meet! May you hit all your goal lifts!
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