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  1. Thank you for your encouraging words I'm definately checking out that ebook (is it free? moneys kinda tight right now) tomorrow when I send my next round of applications. Yeah, I'm doing great, I hope I can continue to make progress. Exactly my thoughts. Thanks for your kind words!
  2. Life happens indeed. No harm done though, as long as you get right back on track tomorrow. And even the tiniest step forward is progress toward your goal, so well done there
  3. I feel you with the knee pian. My last MRI revealed 3 different things that could be wrong with it. My Orthopedic Specialist says that 2 are not an issue though, so I'm very thankful for that. I've had chronic knee pain for the better part of my life so far, but since I started losing weights it's gotten a lot better. Stretching sooo important! If I don't stretch after a workout I'm sore for the rest of the day. Thankfully that was a lesson I learned quickly
  4. Looks like everyones doing well with their goals so far. Thats great! Good job and well done. What are carob chips? I've been to the new wholefood supermarket that opened around the corner today. They have a lot of awesome seeds nuts and berries. I'm sensing an upcoming diversification of my diet.
  5. It's great that you're eating regluarly now! And Good luck with your strength training.
  6. Holy moly. Today after my weightlifting routine I did 90s Planks and had trouble in the last 10-15seconds with my arms falling asleep while side planking. Looks like I'm quite a bit off picking up weights right now. also Booklovers club misses you mr. Senatus Populusque Romanum
  7. Mine was fantastic! I'm so excited. From the challenge threads I managed to read so far (sericide and shortstuff) you two seem to be doing quite well! Only 5 more weeks
  8. For me keeping my emotions in check is increadibly hard. Well done for keeping your calm right there
  9. COMPLETELY AWESOME! I did so much good for my body. I've already been to the gym today and am eagerly awaiting my next sesison. Hey there! Good that you took that all important first step!
  10. So This is my 100th post on this website. And I decided, as is common practice in many other places on the internet, to celebrate this Milestone with something special. Mind you not something All-out special, but something more than a usual post. I honestly don't know if doing milestone posts is traditional here, but I'm just gonna do it anyway. A little backstory: Until 10 days ago, I never really cooked anything on my own. When I was a kid, a while ago, I used to help my Mother or Grandmother sometimes, but the last few years it's only been frozen food or cold (usually bread with cheese/sausage/some veggies). So I am probably not one of the best cooks yet, but I will be at least decent in a couple weeks. What I usually cook is easy, fast and paleo (since starting paleo I had no choice but to man up and learn to cook). Such as this pan fried chicken breast. I improved this recipe over the course of a whole week, and I actually quite like the results I've reached. I'll keep tweaking it until its perfect though. (This is gonna emphasise on the chicken portion of the meal, cause I usually just cook some frozen veggies along with it) This is gonna be a recipe targeted at people who are bad cooks, haven't cooked before or are just starting out like me. I'm gonna go through the instructions one by one List of Ingredients: Chicken Breast (since I cook only for myself mostly, I make as many as I am going to eat) Olive Oil 1 (Tablespoon) Onion (about half an onion per breast) Garlic cloves (1.5 per breast) Dill (1 teaspoon) Thyme (1 teaspoon) Pepper Salt A slice of Lemon Instructions: I usually start my mixing the marinade for my chicken. Put half(!) a tblspoon of Olive Oil into some kind of Bowl or (advanced) tupperware with a lid. Add Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Dill, Thyme and Lemonjuice. If you're like me and love the taste of lemon, you can go up to a quarter of lemon per chicken breast (caution: will be VERY lemony). Mix the ingredients in the bowl. Remember to wash your hands before and after handling your food! Especially with chicken, salmonella is a real concern. so WASH YOUR HANDS! Next up pick the delicous chicken off the Bones(sorry don't know the correct term. The point is seperate the bone from the meat), after that cut it into mouth sized pieces. I usually only touch the chicken with my off-hand, and hold the knife in my main. With a little practice you can easily keep one hand clean. Once your Chicken is all cut up, put it into the marinade and mix it. If you chose the advanced way, close the tupperware and just shake it. If you portioned your oil right, there should be nothing left in the bowl. Now you can either let the chicken sit for a while (makes the meat absorb the flavours better) or chose to move directly to the next step. This is the point where I usually start cooking my side veggies (I like broccoly, Red Cabbage, Carrots, or veggie mixes; they all come from the frozen food department of my convenience store. Remember where you used to pick up that disgusting frozen pizza? Right next to that.) The Box usually says how long they need to cook, so keep a lookout for that. Next up, pan frying the chicken. Put the other half of the tblspoon of olive oil into your pan, and heat up your oven. Once the oil is nice and warm, put the diced (Did I mention that? Your onions should be diced by now) Onions into the pan, and sauté them (meaning fry 'em for a little while). Remember to lower the temperature of your oven for this. When the onions start to turn brown, but are still a little bit crisp, add the chicken into the pan. Let it fry for a while, then turn the pieces. Alternately you can also just stir the pan a few times. Make sure nothing scorches to your pan. If you time it right the veggies and chicken will be done at the same time, put onto a plate, enjoy your delicious selfmade meal! At first seperating the meat from the bones can be tricky, but it gets really easy after 2 or 3 times. Dicing onions is also done really quickly if you know what your doing. Overall expenditure of time 20-30 minutes. This is one fast, delicious recipe, and all usual excuses are invalid here (got no time, can't cook, don't want to wash my cooking stuff)
  11. Hey you caught a pidgy, got a nice Nickname for it? Also you achieved half of your reading goal in the first week, I am speechless. Great work right there.
  12. Challenge Update #4 First up like every monday Body measurements and picture. Compared to last week I look awesome! Measurements are down across the board with a minimum of .5cm on the neck and maximum of 5.5cm at the Hip. With an average loss of 2.43cm across the board. Im soooo happy right now #1 Went to the gym again today! Scored new PRs on Deadlift, Squats and Benchpressing. Only secound week of weight liftingt, but I'm still f'n proud of my accomplishment. Did 5 reps of: 50kg Squats, 40kg Bench Press and 55kg Deadlift! I also taped myself today so I can post some videos for a quick form check. After some editing I'll make a post in the Form check Forums. #2 Still doing Full Paleo, even when I went out with my friends on Friday (see earlier post). Had a minor minor slipup when I ate at my Mothers because she used CanolaOil instead of Olive for the meat(rest of the meal was full paleo). But she unly used a tiny little bit cause she's trying to slim up herself. I don't think that this will have an impact on my grading for this challenge, since it was only once. #3 Did my first Body Weight Rows today. That went decently well. I used the smith machine (shudder) for that, picked the 5th lowest nudge for the bar. I was able to do a full set of 8 (with touching the bar with my chest) then a not soo clean set of 7 (Didn't touch the bar twice) and a last set of 6 where I had to push myself to the limit to touch the Bar once. Body Weight Rows are an awesome Exercise though. Life goal: In the afternoon I'm going to send out at least 3, goal 5, Job appliances.
  13. At some point you have to get rid of those people. Definately a good move. Looks like you had a good week. Very well done. First down, five more to go. I wish you the best of luck for next week!
  14. Common side effectus usually include Weight loss, higher energy levels and feeling good about yourself.
  15. Oh my gawd your eyebrow is trying to fly away! Quick! Catch it before it's gone. Just a little joke Jokes aside though. Welcome to the Rebellion. Everyone here will be honored to help you reach your goal. As long as you want to accomplish them, you will reach your goals. You just have to want it. And your story reads like you DEFINATELY want it. I hope you have as good a time here as I'm having.
  16. Hi Daddio86! It's great that you decided to take the first step to becomeing a new you. Now that you are here, and with the support of all our fellow rebels, you will definately reach your goals, just gotta stick to it. The only thing standing between you and your goals is yourself, and it looks like you just stepped out of the way. Let me be the first to say: Welcome to the Rebellion my Brother! Amazing that you decided to level up your live, you're exactly at the right place for that. There's a lot ouf people here plannign to attend tough mudder competitions this year, maybe you can even find someone to team up with for it, if you haven't got a team already. PS: If you injured your calf years ago and it still hurts, you definately need to see a doctor about it. The longer you wait the worse it's gonna get.
  17. I'm definately getting a job cause if I don't I wont be able to eat next month. Which would be a major downer. Yeah I put my feelers out on a plethora of socilal networks and I'm listed on a few job hunting sites. I hope it doesn't take long. I dunno about my own business, I have next to no qualifications or experience. I'll give it a thought though Thank you very much for your encouraging words
  18. The lemonwedge Idea is great, I'm definately doing that the next time I go out. Yep a great week it was, I'm hoping next one's even better Thank you for your kind words of encouragement!
  19. You're very welcome! Those Blueberrie things sound amazing by the way. Just a quick question before I buy all the ingredients to try them out. What is a food processor and what does it do? I've never heard of that kind of Kitchenware.
  20. If you have the time you could always pack less weight and progress slowly, like with any other workout routine. Sorta like starting Squats with only the Bar and increasing weight after each set
  21. Wow thats really creative. Thats even better than doing the deadlifts with a barbell. I wish I had more tyres laying arond (well not really, but you get what I mean?)
  22. I know almost nothing about archery, in fact I haven't thought about it at all the last ten years or so. Do people still use wooden bows? I watched some olympic archery once and they all were made from synthetic materials. Are there even still people left who handcraft bow and arrows? Fletchers I think is what they are called, if I learned anything from video games.
  23. Oh yeah Archery! Since I made my first Bow and Arrow with my Grandpa when I was like 3 or 4 years old, I wanted to be good at shooting arrows. I think my next non allocated batch of money is definately going towards archery lesson or course. Someday I'm gonna make my own Bow (and arrows?) and its gonna be AWESOME!
  24. Exactly, just gotta keep that goal in mind. 50 Bucks, that actually would be affordable. Well maybe in the not so distant future I can buy some to start my running. I hope that price doesn't change to much for people in good ol' europe. I'll keep an eye out for discontunied colors. Thanks for the tip
  25. While this is probably true the amount of guns is still mind boggling to me. But please lets stay away from a gun debate, these tend to turn ugly on the internet.
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