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  1. The ancestor thing is so much simpler though
  2. Hey everyone! I signed up for this acountability group if that is alright. My challenges goals don't involve reading as I'm an avid reader already. Last week I started reading (and finished aswell) Fahrenheit 541. Which is a great read if you're into that kind of dystopic future in books. Right now I'm trying to decide between: Brave new World by A. Huxley, Catch 22 by J. Heller and A visit from the goon squad. Can't really decide which one to read. I also only know little about their contents but I've heard a lot of good stuff about Huxley and Heller before. Currently I tend towards reading Brave new World first. Have you read any of thesse already and can give me a suggest or some advice where to start?
  3. Is it too late to join an acountibility group? If not, where/how do I find one, and do I need to look out for something in particular?
  4. @emeraldxemmie Fyeah I'm gonna be kick-em-in-the-backside Jake. Thats the entire reason why I'm here Figureing out what needs to happen was easy, what comes next ist actually man-ing up and sticking to it. This, by the way, is exactly what I ment, when I said warmhearted people and kind atmosphere. You're support is invaluable to me. @tanktimus Thank you for bidding me welcome! The measuring thing is kinda hard for me, cause I don't even own a scale, my only measurement is a measuring tape made for construction which doesn't bend well. If I had to single one of my goals out, I'd say it would be: Pick a gym, and continue working out 3 times a week for the next 12 months. Come January 2014 I'll tell you how it's going.
  5. So after my first look around these Forums (which I shall from now on call my Rebelbasecamp) I guess it's time to Introduce myself. Hallo everyone, my name is Jakob. Some people call me Jake. Either one's fine with me Who are You? Well that is kind of an elaborate question, but thanks for asking. I am a computer science student living in central europe. If I had to describe myself in a single word I'd call myself a nerd. At least I used to be. Not the 'popular people who hang around Facebook all day and call themselves nerd' kind of nerd but the 'grossly overweight, horrible acne, spend all weekend playing dungeons and dragons, stare at some kind of display all day'. You know what I mean? The REAL kind of nerd. The BEST kind of nerd. Well all of that used to be. Don't get me wrong, I am not quite where I want to be yet. I'm still overweight. I still have my share of trouble in all kinds of social situations. But I decided to do something about it. Get active. Eat food, that is actually food. Work out. Reach out to people. In short I want to become a well adjusted, happy human beeing. That is very interesting, but how did you get here? How did you find Nerdfitness.com Well, theres this Internetservice thate compiles a list of your interests and gives you random webpages that match any of them with a single mouse click. (to avoid advertising I wont name it. shoot me a PM if you care to find out) Pretty cool right? Well turns out I had Health and Exercise in my list and so I inadvertantely tripped over this fine place. I've been to a lot of places on the Internet, and this one is genuinely one of the best. I would be honored to become a member of this fine community if you would have me. Wow you sure talk a lot. So Now that you're here, why stay? The first thing I read about on this homepage was Steve talkin about his boy Saint, who lost an incredible amount of weight, or rather bodyfat. And while I love a feel good story like that as much as the next guy, I thought to myself. This could be me. There is no magic behind this. All it needs is some selfcontroll and a proper goal. After reading a lot about how to work out properly, what exercises to do etc. I saw that a new challenge was starting 3 days after my arrival here. An account was quickly created, signed up for the challenge and now I'm here, after my first workout solo, talkin' to you. Your first workout alone? Care to elaborate on that? I sure do. You see my brother, hes two years older than me, always used to be the jock guy, in the family. Always successful in sports and other fitness related stuff, Rugby was his game, so it became mine aswell. Though I only stuck to it a short time, partly because of injury, partly because I realized that colliding with other overweigth guys might not be what I want out of my life. But I digress, he started going to the gym a couple years ago, working out 4 to 5 times a week. So I went to the gym with him a few times, doing routines and exercises that my body just couldn't handle. Which led to terrible muscle soreness and a bruised ego. When I began to take my life into my own hands I decided that a part of that has to be eating healthy and getting some exercise. Thats great. So what is your goal then? To be honest I dont have that single goal that im fighting to achieve. I want to live my life healthier, I don't want to see a huge blob of fat when I look in the mirror. I want to be like my Brother, I want to be like Saint,I want to be like Chris the accountant, I want to look in the mirror and be happy with what I see. Turns out the only thing standing between me and that, is myself. And I just got out of the way. I realize that it won't be easy, that it will take time and that Selfcontrol is key. But if they can do it, so can I. Okay. And what comes after that? I guess. I don't know yet. I can't predict the future. Who the hell are you anyway askin' me all these questions? That is not important. So what do you enjoy to do? You're rude, askin' questions all the time but refusing to answer any directed at you. Well if you must know, I love working out, I love eating healthy, I really love photography and computers. I love Science, I love meeting other people and I love playing any kind of game, as long as it doesn't rely on chance. Seriously though, who are you and why do you keep pestering me with all these questions? Uhm... Thanks for this I guess? I gotta go now, kthxbai! *runsaway* What the ...? Can anyone tell me what is going on here? Jokes aside, I really like this place, it is full of kind, warmhearted people and a positive atmosphere. It also consolidates my two favourite things in the world: Nerds and Rebellion (huuuuuge Star Wars fan). I like reading these boards, aswell as the blog entries a lot. I hope I can stay and have a good time with good people here. I wish everone who read this whole wall of text a very nice day, may you accomplish your goals. Jakob TLDR: NO! Sorry, I put a lot of work into this, please have the courtesy to actually read what I wrote if you want to get to know me.
  6. I see you declared war on my oldest enemy, the chin/pull up. I wish you the best success to reach your goals. First timers represent!
  7. Thank you for your kind words IRISHodabred! First challenge ftw. I got this, and so do you!
  8. I usually eat neither my refrigerator nor my stove but i get your point, thanks! Oh. On my, admittedly short, research on the topic I found 2 websites that said salt is a no go. Hm I think I'm still keeping the caveman metaphor for describing my eating habits to my friends. Thank you very much for your advice.
  9. A few Days ago I changed my diet to be completely Paleo. Nowadays all I eat is Vegetables, Eggs, some Meat (Mainly Chicken and Pork because of price) and some fruits. I know Salt is off limits, because our prehistoric ancestors didn't have the technology or knowledge to extract salt. I still do miss the taste though. To me Eggs don't taste as good without salt. So far I've tried seasoning my breakfast eggs with Pepper and Thyme, aswell as a mix of both, but it hasn't yielded the desired result for me. So I'd love to ask someone whose a bit more experienced with the paleo lifestyle, is there a good paleo conform substitute for salt? And if not, when will my desire for salt go away?
  10. Okay, so my first reply. Today I hit the gym for the first time on my own. Since I don't have a membership anywhere I just went to the nearest and asked for a free trial. They wouldnt give me one so I had to pay. The gym overall was decent; it was clean, not a lot of people there at 10am and friendly personnel. Im gonna keep looking though, I think I can find a better one. I tried focusing on good form on my workout today (did: Barbell Squats, Deadlift, Benchpressing, Single Hand Inclined dumbbell Rows (5 sets each) and Planks) and tried to test my limits in weight liftet. That went reasonably well, Benchpress was the only exercise on which I had to scale down the weight after only managing 4 reps with 40kg in the third set. I even had to do the fifth set with just the barbell cause I had trouble keeping good form in the fourth set. Paleo diet is still going strong, So far I manged to stick to it 100%. Cooking my own and cleaning up after it takes more time than I expected, but I even managed to make a tasty meal for the first time today. That gave me a boost in morale on the Paleo diet. The pullup goal: I managed to hit 17,5kg on my fifth set or dumbbell rows, I think I executed it clean aswell, so I might replace those with Body weight rows on Wednesday. Not sure yet, though. Generating a steady revenue of income is on my agenda for Wednesday when I have an appointment to clarify if I qualify for unemployed payments.
  11. Hi fellow Rangers My starting points right now are: weight: Last measurement before christmas 86,6kg (i have no scale at home) height: Somewhere around 185-190cm, estimate cause I honestly don't care to know my exact height. I'm 23 Years Old. I'm a complete noob when it comes to working out. For the past 5 years of my life the sum of my physical activities is 5 visits to the gym, getting dragged along by my brother who works out regularly. All of this is about to change now Goal number 1: Hit the Gym every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (+2STR +2STA +1CHA) Since I can't affort paying for a gym at the moment, I struck a deal with a wealthy person I know. As Long as I visit the gym more than 10 times a month, I don't have to pay for the membership. So not going to the gym has a huge financial drawback for me. I think this one will be the easiest. I will post my planned routine here (or at a more appropriate part of these forums, if I manage to find such a place) once I'm done picking my exercises. Goal number 2: Stick to full Paleo diet for at least 30 days, Semi Paleo for the rest of the six weeks. (+2CON +1CHA) After those 30 days (starting 1/5/13) I'm going to consider re-adding wholegrain bread and milk to my daily breakfast (Getting a B grade). If I don't miss it (and can afford it) im gonna stick to full paleo. Attaining an A-Grade in this challenge is only possible by actually sticking with it for the whole 6 weeks though. I think the hardest Part here will be eating my breakfast eggs without salt (Adding Salt drops Grade to C). Eating Anything non paleo or mentioned above is default F for this challenge. Goal number 3: Do a Pull-up (+2STR +2DEX) This is something I have never been able to do my whole life. I had a few embarrassing moments trying while rock climbing and in phys ed, but no more. I'm not planning on designing my workout routine for the next six weeks around this goal. I'm rather hoping that this one will be a side effect the combination of my general workout routine and losing weight. Goal number 4: Get a Job/Find some other steady source of revenue (+3WIS) This one was the hardest to pick for me, because there is so much in my life that needs changing. I chose this one, because it seemed to be a hierachy level below all the others. Afterall a man's got to eat. Sadly eating things a caveman could, doesn't give me the possibilities to attain said nourishments the same way.
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