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  1. We all <3 Mandalorians. I'll post a few WIP pics of finished pieces as I work my way through the kit. I've got a family member picking up my tickets today. A bunch of my friends have been planning this since Disney bought Lucasfilm and we're all getting together to go opening night. I do have to check with the theater manager in regards to helmet/weapons rules. AMC has a no masks/weapons policy for TFA, however lightsabers are allowed... Our hometown theater is a smaller chain though, so I'm not sure what their rules will be. I adore cheese and it's only gotten worse after my semester in Italy. I'll probably try cutting it out at a later date, just to be sure I'm not experiencing unknown reactions, but for now a bit of cheese will help keep me sane. The Hero's Journey is an everyday workout program for 60 days that can be done with solely bodyweight (which is ideal, since I'm still mildly terrified of the University gym). Intensity is somewhat up to you as you can choose different "levels" on a day by day basis. There's a general cycle of intensity so that there are "rest"/stretch days, or days where the workout is minimal. Other days are much more difficult. I gave this an attempt towards the end of last challenge and made it a bit more than a week before I got sidetracked by mid-terms. I'm going to do better this time and really dedicate some time to the program
  2. Spoiler Alert: If you haven't heard yet, there's a new Star Wars Movie coming out this December. There may be mentions of the movie/characters in this thread. You have been warned. The short version of my story: Nerd attending University who has never been in very good shape, but who let the whole situation get out of control. Currently working on losing weight and becoming fit. At present, my weight loss deadline is December 17th, as I'm building a set of costume armor for TFA. I don't expect to reach my weight loss goal (reach 160lbs), by this date, but I'm going to make as much progress as possible. The theme this time around is Star Wars in general though it will probably center around Mandalorians. I'm starting this challenge today, so it will a 7 week challenge instead of the standard 6 weeks. 1. Prepare for Battle - Foundational Fitness For the duration of this challenge, I will be working my way through the Darebee Hero's Journey Program. Challenge Goal: Complete 49 days of the Hero's Journey program. Bonus: Hit the gym 2x a week for some stationary biking. Reward - STR +2; STA +2 2. Fit into the Smugglers Compartment - Become more Flexible I am ridiculously inflexible and it's kind of sad. Flexibility is great for all kinds of things, including fitting into smuggling compartments and infiltrating enemy strongholds through air ducts. Challenge Goal: Stretch for 5 minutes daily (starting 10/30) Reward - DEX +3 3. Eat Like a WarriorThis time around I'm not going to be strictly Paleo, but it will be fairly close (I like cheese...). I intend to track my food intake in a journal and possibly start experimenting with a food scale.Challenge Goals - 1. Track food intake in my food journal without fail. Hold myself accountable for my eating habits. 2. Cut caffeine by the end of Week 2. Diet soda is not healthy. It needs to go.Reward - CON +3 4.. Maintain the Starship - Life Goal (broken into Mini Goals) Challenge Mini-Goals: Obliterate the inbox - I have about 2,500 unread messages that need to be eliminated. Cut my email down to 500 messages total.Clean the Crew Quarters - Finish organizing my room and make sure it stays clean. Prepare the Armoury - Complete my Mandalorian Armor. I've got 7 weeks and almost an entire kit to build. It will be tough, but it's doable. Main build week - Thanksgiving.Find Mercenary Work - Apply for a minimum of 14 internships for next summer (avg. 2 per week).Beyond Basic - Practice my Italian on Duolingo (minimum of 25 days of some kind of activity).Reward - WIS +3 Ultimate Goal - Fit in the Armor Same as last time. Lose 12 pounds throughout this challenge in order to "fit" in the armor. That's under 2 pounds a week since I'm playing for 7 weeks. Challenge Goal - Lose 12 Pounds Bonus: Lose 15 Pounds - Prize TBA Reward - STA +1; CHA +1 Current weight (10/25) - 191 pounds 11/2 - 187.2 pounds Side Quests Engage in Skirmishes - Participate in the Assassin Mini-challenges (minimum 4 of 6) Join a Squad - Follow some other challenges and chat with members of NF (weekly basis: post a minimum of 5 times in other people's threads. I need to make friends). Become a Commander - Finish my supervisor training by November 26th. (official deadline = Dec. 4th)
  3. Hi and welcome to the rebellion! It sounds like you're off to a great start since you've already got a solid foundation for fitness and excercise. Garage gyms can work just as well as the commercial type as long as you are consistent. And yes, you're in the right place. I would join the recruits for this next 6-week challenge and then look into either the rangers or the Warriors depending on your goals. Start a thread, maybe join an accountabilli buddy group, and get started! I'll dig up the thread on garage gyms for you in a few.
  4. Thanks. Technically, 10 out of 15 is correct, but I gave myself 8 out of 10. Plateu isn't bad, and in your defense, you spent time in Italy. If I'd been able to return to Italy, I probably would have gained 10 pounds... Gelato..
  5. Wow! It looks like your challenge has gone really well and I'm glad to hear that you had a good time in Italy. Are you staying with the monks for this next challenge?
  6. Overall, I'm very happy with how this challenge has gone. While the grades are not the best, I have made significant progress in many of my goals and in my personal habits. I will probably never receive an A+ in any of my challenges, if only because I have a habit of setting high goals and grading myself harshly. I like goals that are 'reach' goals. Close enough to make me push myself, but always just a bit too far. This helps to keep me moving forward. 1. Train for the Joust - Foundational Fitness - C+ I was generally good about exercising a few times a week, though not always at the gym. I started the Hero's Journey program, but slipped up after a week. I'm planning to officially restart tomorrow and follow the program for the duration of the next challenge. Reward - STR +1.5; STA +1.5 2. Prepare the Castle - B Challenge Mini-Goals: Obliterate the inbox - C+; Currently at 2,500 unread messages. Progress, but not enough Clean the Castle - B; Decent progress, however there are a few things I could have done better. Prepare the Armoury - B-; Significant progress has been made, however I definitely could have done more. Reward - WIS +1.5 3. Eat Like a Queen - Paleo Eating - B Overall, I did fairly well eating better and cleaning up my diet. This has slipped a bit in the last week and a half, otherwise I would have recieved a better grade. I also made the decision about 2 weeks in to discard a food journal in favor of the easier method of just trying to eat better. The result has been a general lack of accountability, so a food journal (and possibly a food scale) will definitely be central to my next challenge. Challenge Goal - Track food intake in my food journal. Eat 90%+ Paleo Reward - CON +2.5 4. Write an Epic Tale - Life Goal - D Yeah, I totally failed at this goal. It wasn't entirely my fault however, some of it definitely was (could have been faster at returning emails, etc). In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have picked a goal I didn't have complete control over. For instance, I thought for sure I would have an advisor by now, but because the faculty has to set me up with an advisor I wasn't entirely in control of the process. This created a sort of gridlock as I can't proceed further until I have an advisor. Obviously, this goal could have gone better. Reward - WIS +0 Slay the Dragon - Ultimate Goal - B I didn't do nearly as well over the last two weeks and my weight fluctuated upwards a tiny bit. Weight loss over this challenge is officially 8 pounds. While this is short of the 12 pounds I was hoping to lose, I am still thrilled with my progress. (yes, I know I awarded myself a B even when the official score was 66%, but I definitely think I earned this score) Reward - STA +1.5; CHA +1.5 Record of my weigh-ins throughout the challenge Begining Weight (9/8) - 199 pounds Weight 9/14 - 196.5 pounds Weight 9/21 - 194.5 pounds Weight 9/27 - 192.8 pounds Weight 10/4 - 191.4 pounds Weight 10/11 - 189.8 pounds (!!!!!!!!!!) Current Weight 10/26 - 191 (grrrr...) Side Quests Train for ALL the Trials at Arms - Participate in the Assassin Mini-challenges (minimum 4 of 6) - I participated in 3 mini's Join a Noble Company - Follow some other challenges and chat with members of NF (weekly basis: post a minimum of 7 times in other people's threads. I need to make friends). - I count this as 4 out of 7 weeks of success. Become a Wealthy Noble - I have no idea of my current total (probably 65-70 hours), but I consider this to be a success because I was promoted and received a raise.
  7. Three goals... I agree that it's hard to choose only 3-4 Final update tonigh/tomorrow morning depending on when I get a bit more free time. The last week wasn't my best, but I've still made a lot of progress over this challenge. Hopefully the next one will be even better
  8. This challenge is nearly complete and it's a bit hard to believe. In the last few weeks, I've made more progress than I could have imagined and I look forward to continuing to improve. I'll probably theme the next challenge around Star Wars since the new movie is coming out soon. There's also going to be some serious Star Wars costuming happening next challenge, so it'll all fit together nicely. More fitness, more food, more costuming (maybe even costumed fitness if I'm feeling really brave). Do you have a plan for the next round yet?
  9. Just got home from work and the challenge is already over.....
  10. The nerd me is running situational calculations. Since the spider only has 4,000 hitpoints we only need 2,000 for a guaranteed win. And since there are 4 competing teams that will be eating away at those points, we probably only need 1600 or so depending on how fast the others are.
  11. ok, guess no more bear crawls for me then. Leg raises it is. Jothra, you were just waiting for us to finish so that you could be set loose...
  12. Food break 'cause dinner is done and then I'll see about finishing up our bear crawls. The hobbits are done already....
  13. Mini-challenge is up! We must complete 1,000 bear crawls in order to have first go at the spider. This one is being operated like a race, so we're going to need to move fast in the beginning. I'll get some bear crawls in tonight. Mini #5 : Survive Cirith Ungol
  14. For the bear crawls, does going backwards count the same as going forwards? I'm trying to work out an indoor method that doesn't involve resetting every 2 steps.
  15. To be honest, I totally forgot about the mini and only managed to squeeze in a few lunges after work, but before midnight. Great job Jothra! 68 is an amazing number
  16. I accidentally pressed the back button and deleted everything, so here's the short version. This week was mixed; while I still progressed in my weight loss goal, I did not get as far as I would have liked with my other goals. The Bad: I missed several days of exercising and have no excuse (besides laziness, which isn't an excuse). I've decided to start the program over since I missed more than one day, and I would really like to see this all the way through as it was intended. The Good: My diet was decent, though I did splurge on sushi one night and a donut as a snack the other day. I received an email this morning announcing that I got the student supervisor position at work. This means a fairly significant pay raise and also a bit more work over the next few weeks. Fitness progress: I weighed in at 189.8 pounds this morning and am thrilled to have broken the 190lb mark. I also tightened my belt another notch this morning and am happy to be seeing progress in the mirror and not just on the scale. Next up - 180pound barrier.
  17. The first round of mid-terms is over; I have more in about 2 weeks. Dancing has been fun, but I haven't been able to fit fencing into my schedule yet. I applied for a new position at work, and if I get the job my work hours will change and then I might be able to fit in a day of fencing every week. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! I totally understand being super busy, I've been falling behind with keeping up with the forums as well.
  18. Day 5 complete on level 1. Those lunges were close to impossible by the end and I can tell my thighs will be hurting in a day or so. I have conquered my midterms and am expecting fairly good results. It feels like a load of stress has been taken off my shoulders (even though I know I have more midterms in 2 weeks). I treated myself to a movie night of Captain America and popcorn to unwind a bit. Tomorrow is my weekly trip to the local farmers market for fresh food for the week. I'm taking advantage of this shuttle service while I can since it looks like the service stops after next weekend and after that it'll be back to normal grocery shopping.
  19. I have never been flexible. At least, I haven't been able to touch my toes since I was 10ish. I only passed the flexibility test in high school because I could grip opposite wrists behind my back. Yoga is not going to be easy, but I suppose I have to start somewhere...
  20. Punching is always fun! I started to feel the effects of the last two workouts in my thighs this morning. Day 3 is done. Weapons selected: Red Ribbon and magic ring. Basically more martial arts stuff + lots of planks Tomorrow I've got midterms and then I'm going to Ballroom tomorrow night if I don't pass out from exhaustion right after my exams. I'm also going to try to possibly squeeze in some yoga for the mini-challenge
  21. Day two complete. I didn't have a chance to do the workout this morning, so it got done at 1am... I was trying my hardest not to make too much noise during the high knees since I'm on the second floor and I'm not sure how sound carries. Like any self-respecting heroine, I decided to interfere in other people's lives and 'got involved'. Thanks for the advice! Level 1 (I think I could have managed level 2 if I'd had a bit more time) Time: 18:37 5 circuits of: - 60 high knees - 20 combo's (jab, jab, cross, squat)
  22. I decided to try DareBee's Hero's Journey program since I think I need something with a bit more structure than '2-3x a week'. This will be daily and hopefully you all will keep me accountable. I did day one today at level 1 http://darebee.com/programs/hero-journey.html?showall=&limitstart=1 (how do I shrink these links into text?). I think I could have managed level 2, but I have a ton of homework that needs to be finished for tomorrow and it's already past midnight here. If my legs aren't totally wrecked, I may try tomorrow's exercises at lvl 2. Time: 19:43 3 circuits of: 20 side leg raises (each leg) 20 squats 20 toe taps 20 mountain climbers
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