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  1. The theme this time around is Galavant and there will probably be some gallivanting (and possibly mayhem). The four weeks of this challenge promise to be exciting and slightly insane what with finishing my Christmas break, moving back to school, and kicking off the new semester. While I’m normally fairly busy, the beginnings/ends of semesters tend to be especially chaotic and stress-inducing. Since this challenge is only four weeks long, I’m going to keep this round fairly standard and work on rebuilding and reinforcing old habits. The themes and goals are basically the same as last time around since I still have a long way to go before I complete those goals. The second season of Galavant is also running at the same time as this challenge, so brace yourself for knights, music, and madness. I’ll try to minimize spoilers from the second season, but the first season is fair game. So, I'm like this: 1. Foundational Fitness I had mixed results with my training last challenge. For the first month it was going amazingly well and then I ran into some health issues. I visited my cardiologist last week and have been given orders to the effect of: less weights, no isometrics, be careful. He sort of suggested lifting weights of less than 5lbs in order to achieve 'tone' (makes face). Needless to say, I was not happy since he basically feels I should stop all bodyweight exercise and take up running/biking. I expect that I'm going to continue with my bodyweight workouts, though I'll probably have to phase out some of the more full-body exercises and add more cardio (i.e. no more transition planks since I know those cause problems). Biking is apparently acceptable, so I'll be spending a lot of time on the gym's stationary bike once I get back to university. Challenge Goals: Darebee Workout a minimum of 3x a week (any workout, as long as it looks fun).30 minutes of walking/biking at least 2x a week 2. Food; Eat it Don't light the vegetables on fire; eat them instead. Honestly though, the holidays have done a number on the eating habits I was working on last semester. There is quite a bit of room to improve. Until I move back to college I have minimal control over what is being served most meals/where we eat out. I am 100% in control of breakfast and need to do a better job with controlling what ends up on my plate during other meals. It's amazing how much harder it is to resist temptation when I can't simply keep certain foods from ending up in the fridge. To help my self-restraint I'm going to continue tracking my food intake in my food journal and review it nightly to look for areas to improve. Challenge Goal - Track food intake in my food journal without fail. Hold myself accountable for my eating habits. - 26 days possible. 3. Limit the (caffeine) Drinking Challenge Goal: - Cut caffeine by the end of Week 3. I was making progress with this and then finals week + no sleep happened. Diet soda is not healthy. It needs to go. 4. Put the Armor on Properly - Life Goal (broken into Mini-Goals) Lately I've been feeling a bit hard pressed to keep up with everything and I'm tired of feeling this way. I want to catch up on my workload and get back in control of my life. Goals will be added as I come up with new ones. Challenge Goals: · Prepare the Armoury - Continue work on my Mandalorian Armor. I had to halt progress on this during finals week and haven't been able to get much accomplished since. There's still 2 weeks before I return to college, so I have some time to get this done. · Find Work - Apply for a minimum of 16 internships for next summer (avg. 4 per week). I really need an internship, preferably one that pays. This mini-goal is a priority. Ultimate Goal - Weight Loss I have confirmation that we are going to Hawaii for 8-10 days this summer. This will most likely be in August and I want to be closer to my ideal weight (currently this equals 160lbs.). My motivation so far has been personal health, better fitting costumes, and now I can add an upcoming vacation to the list. Challenge Goal: - Lose 4 pounds Current Weight: N/A
  2. No manual point system.... I am intrigued (senses cool level up system)
  3. I'm not super worried about the new rules. More intrigued than anything. Everyone will do a bit of tinkering to make it fit their system anyways, so it's all good. It looks like they're up and I'm going to give them a read later tonight. Thanks, happy holidays to you too! Christmas is amazing. Katana practice is fun. My family is like, "what were you doing outside, R (younger brother) said you had a sword..." The holidays have been great so far and the speed of life has slowed down a tiny bit. Christmas = Artemis gets to play the new family copy of Star Wars Battlefront (and acquire lots of new reading material). Holiday food has been amazing, however I'm fairly sure that my waistline is rapidly expanding... It's been great, but now that Christmas is over I probably need to reign in my splurging. More moving, less food. I'm going to start costume work again on Monday and since I now have access to a variety of power tools/extra helpers, things might move a bit faster than before. Today: -Sword practice (same Darebee workout as earlier this week) -Food Log complete
  4. It's pretty neat, but there's a long way to go on cleanup. I am essentially buffing the rust off of the sheath since steel wool would wreck the nickel plating. I've found 2 small spots where the rust has eaten through to the base metal (not 100% sure what was used. iron?), but it's looking like the plating is mostly intact if somewhat dented in places. The silver plating on the fittings is basically rust resistant and seems like it's all there. Thankfully the blade was left sheathed, so it's in great shape. Tiny bit of rust towards the crossguard, but nothing bad. As far as I can tell, this was originally built as a custom wearable display piece for a specific person (the sheath and blade both have a name etched in). Very fancy and very much not sharp. Katana practice plus a couple hours of intensive buffing wrecked my arms, so I took a day off. I did some random exercising tonight just to get myself moving. Probably more katana work tomorrow, since I had a good time during the first round. Grades are in! 4 A's, 1 A-, 1 B+ A very solid semester considering the course load, my promotion, and the difficulty of the classes. I've started tossing around some ideas for the next challenge and am just waiting for the new rules/forums to appear before I get started.
  5. Workout (Darebee: -Katana Warmup -Samurai (lvl 2) The workout was great fun once I figured out what I was doing. Food tracking - done. Other: Lots of room cleaning. I also started working on cleaning up a sword one of my friends gave me. He found it in the attic of their new house and it was totally covered in gunk. According to google, it's a sword for one of the Masonic Knights of Columbus and is probably roughly 80 years old. Anyways, I started cleaning it up and it turns out that most of the plating is still intact underneath the dirt and rust. It'll never be in amazing condition, but it's looking like it'll be nice enough to make a neat display piece.
  6. Ok, I promise I'm actually going to get back on track with everything (including daily posts). I was nearly there, but then finals happened and everything collapsed again. I'm back home now and just sent in my last paper (YES!), which means I now have 'free' time. I didn't make it to Disney land since one of my papers took a bit longer than planned, but that's life. There will be an opportunity to go in a few weeks and I'm looking forward to it (I really want to see those costume displays...). I did make it to the Star Wars premier and had a great time with friends. No costume for me, but one of my friends came as a female Han Solo. Sometime in the next few weeks I'm going to help her out with a belt and blaster rig, so that she can have that for next Halloween. There were actually quite a few people dressed up for the premier, lots of Jedi and one or two sith. The miniature, child Rey was possibly my favorite. Saturday was a musical theater day for a small group of my friends and I. A few months ago we found out that the broadway cast of If/Then was touring with Idina Menzel and we grabbed some college-budget seats. Unfortunately, when we got down there we were informed that she was sick and the theater was offering exchanges/refunds. This was extremely nice of them and 100% not necessary (not that I don't totally appreciate it). We weren't sure what we wanted to do, until I discovered that we could see this show and exchange our tickets for a later date, so that's what we opted to do. It appears that quite a few people exchanged their tickets without knowing they could also see this show, or just decided to get a refund, because the theater was nearly half empty. They missed an excellent show, and we benefitted by being able to steal someone's front and center seats on the mezzanine level. Plus, we get to go back next weekend. The holidays are nearly here and I'm actually 95% done with my Christmas shopping, so I may even have a few days of relative relaxation before the relatives arrive. On the fitness side of things, I've been so irregular with everything that I'm considering starting the program over just to get the full benefit of everything. Paleo is also probably out the window while I'm home. I'm going to track everything instead and pay very close attention to the choices that I'm making. Where possible, I will avoid excessively processed food. Tomorrow I'm thinking I'll break out my bokken and try one of the Darebee Katana workouts. I kind of thought it might be fun to get outside and do something a bit different.
  7. For some reason, I'm not able to add quotes right now, but you are both right. Good idea to put the costume down and do real work. Finals week is always rough even if you prepare, which is a concept my family doesn't always seem to grasp. No matter how much prep you do, getting landed with half a dozen large assignments all at once leads to a week of mayhem that's only made worse by packing to fly home. I'm not going to lie, I sometimes think that my workload is going to significantly decrease after college. Hindsight is already here and I was right. I've been barely keeping up with everything as it is, and was averaging about 3-4hrs sleep every night until yesterday when I literally had to sleep 6 hrs or I was going to collapse. And, despite my best efforts, plenty of things are going wrong. For instance, I had a paper due at 2 today, so I emailed it in around 1:40 and went to take care of a few things. Checked my email at 2:30 only to see a note from my professor saying that as she hadn't received my paper by the deadline, I could no longer submit it. AKA You get a zero for 20% of your grade. Boom. A to C in no time at all. So, I checked my email, only to see that the original email hadn't gone through and had been returned by the server. At this point, I'm in full melt-down mode and am trying to type a short email and resend the original message with a screenshot of the returned email and its timestamp. I was crying so hard I couldn't even talk when my brother was trying to figure out what was wrong. Happy ending: My professor is going to accept my paper due to the timestamp on the original email. Still, I really didn't need the added excitement to my day. Sorry about the mini rant, I think I'm still venting my emotional trauma a little bit. On the positive side of things: -STAR WARS IS TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!! -My family decided to go to Disneyland tomorrow, which is always fun. I just have to finish another paper first. -One of my professors extended out paper deadline to Sunday since he only has to grade four papers. Yay, for small classes! I really am going to try to update more often, but like I said, these last few days I've had literally zero free time to get anything else done
  8. After lots of thinking, and much staring at my current progress on both my costume and my stack of final papers, I have come to the painful realization that my Mandalorian build needs to be put on hold for now. The people on the Mercs are right in saying that I'll regret rushing my build. At the same time, while I really want to have something put together for TFA, I've also got roughly 8 hours of excel, 3 final papers (10 pages), and a few more written finals to finish by Thurday. Unfortunately, I do not get all of the things I want in life and finishing this semester strong has to take precedence over having a half-finished Mandalorian by Thursday. The build is on hold until next weekend, at which point I will have almost 1 month of break from school to finish some things (Mandalorian costume, internship applications, study abroad photo album). When school ends, all the other projects get put into full-speed mode. The madness never ends, it's just a different type of work.
  9. I freely admit that, following the realization that I had forgotten, there was definitely a bit of "screw it, you failed again, it wasn't meant to be...". And then I told myself I was being an idiot. This week has been going okay. I think I've been eating too much and part of that is the papers/projects/finals mayhem that has resulted in me turning into a vegetable in front of my computer. Boredom eating is something I need to work on. I'm going to be running really short on sleep over the next few days as I try to finish everything and have some semblance of a completed costume. If I can get the paint done before my flight, then I should be able to finish attachment on Wednesday and be ready to go by Thursday. Maybe. While this challenge hasn't been as successful as I would have liked, I've still made some progress and that is better than nothing. I'm looking forward to doubling down for the next challenge and getting even more accomplished
  10. I love the tree! I don't know much about YNAB, but I do have a free account with Mint. They're generally similar in that they provide financial overviews across accounts and help you keep track of spending. current debt, etc. As my spending gets more complex (i.e. when I'm no longer a college student with minimal subscriptions) I'll probably look into buying a version of YNAB to help me track everything. I've also heard that YNAB is great if you're looking to learn more about financing, figure out spending patterns, plan over time, etc. Great for data crunching. Mint is great for keeping an eye on everything at once however, it's not as helpful for trying to plan ahead or when figuring out your personal financial weaknesses.
  11. Not on fire, though being the human torch could possibly be fun. Slower than I'd like, and MMCC approval by TFA is looking impossible, but I'm getting there.
  12. So, what basically happened is that I was doing great up until the 24th or so and then... It was Thanksgiving break and I totally stopped eating properly and didn't even realize I'd stopped working out until about three days after I'd stopped. This is probably because I was 100% focused on two things: sleep and costume. Sometimes when I get really into something I kind of sideline everything else without realizing (this occasionally includes not eating when I get really into a project). I'm going to pick up where I left off with Hero's Journey tonight and am currently trying to get my groceries sorted for the week. On the positive side, even though my food choices weren't the best, I definitely wasn't doing a lot of boredom eating, so my weight is basically the same. Oh, I also had a bit of an exercise-related health scare that wasn't particularly fun. It's not graphic or anything, I'm just shrinking it for those who would rather move on to reading the fun stuff. I've also made some significant forward progress on my costume, though it is definitely taking longer than I'd like. This is probably partially in my head as many of the pieces are close(ish) to done; it just won't feel like it until I actually start painting. The leg armor is nearly ready for paint, and most of the belt rig is fairly close to completion. Torso armor progress has stalled until I can get my vest made (maybe monday/tuesday) and making the patterns has become the bane of my existence. I'm of the opinion that the best route is princess seams, but I may end up going with regular darts instead. I've got templates for all the other soft parts and am just waiting on the vest template before I start cutting fabric. The other large piece is my helmet and I'm aiming to complete that by Tuesday since I'm planning to take it to my Entrepreneurial Finance class for a business presentation. I'm pitching a costume related idea and my professor keeps grilling people on their qualifications, so I thought I'd bring a 'resume' of my painting abilities since I can't claim credit for the helmet build. I'd take my verpine shatter rifle instead, since it's a complete scratch build, however I don't think admin would appreciate that.
  13. Just posting to say that I am in fact still alive (though I have been 100% terrible about fitness/food the last 10 days or so). I'll try to post a more comprehensive update tonight.
  14. I managed to get my scale back online and weighed myself in the other day. Gained 1 pound in the last two weeks (spreadsheet updated). I can point to a few instances where overeating happened and I'm aiming to fix that and start losing weight again this week. Looks like everyone else's progress is going well. Best start preparing for Thanksgiving!
  15. Yay for dragons! How's it going with the Darebee? I'm glad your arm is feeling better, you'll need that at some point!
  16. Welcome to the rebellio! It sounds like you're interested in the academy, and while I don't have personal experience with the program, i know that many people love it. Whether or not you decide to go that route, I definitely recommend joining the current 6 week challenge with the recruits (talk your friend into signing up too ). You are more than welcome to start late and this is a great way to meet new people, gain accountabilli buddies, and learn some new things. Bonus: they're great fun
  17. I think everyone else has you covered as far as workout advice goes, so I'm going to talk about food. You mention that you wouldn't't really consider your eating habits to be under control. Why? Does it have to do with the types of food you eat, quantity, excessive snacking, etc? Can you pin down what your food issue is? Here's the thing, "you can't outrun your fork." It sounds trite, but improving your eating habits is central to most fitness related activities. You may find that by just changing a few thing you could easily lose some weight. This would then make exercise easier on your joints. I'm not suggesting ditching the workouts, however I am suggesting that you examine both diet and exercise. There's a ginormous amount of info on NF about various styles of healthy eating. Look around and see if there's anything that might be a good fit. I know you were mostly asking for exercise related advice, but I hope this will be at least a little helpful to you. -sent via iPad; apologies for any typos
  18. Week 1 Summary 1. Prepare for Battle - Foundational Fitness - A+ Challenge Goal: 7/7 days of the Darebee Hero's Journey Program. Bonus: 0/2 - I still haven't found time to visit the gym. 2. Fit into the Smugglers Compartment - Become more Flexible - B- Challenge Goal: Stretch Daily - 5/7 - I should probably set a phone reminder, or get in the habit of doing this after Darebee. I seem to be forgetting about it until I go to do my daily update. 3. Eat Like a Warrior - B Challenge Goals - 1. Track food - 7/7 I am awarding myself a B because I ate a couple doughnuts and a mint-chocolate chip shake. I'm kind of thinking I should start giving myself a daily food grade and listing any slip-ups to help keep my-self accountable. 2. Cut caffeine by the end of Week 2. - Nearly there, but not quite. Definitely by the end of this week. 4. Maintain the Starship - Life Goal (broken into Mini Goals) - B Challenge Mini-Goals: Obliterate the inbox - No progressClean the Crew Quarters - My room kind of looks like a Mandalorian exploded. There are costume supplies everywhere and I don't really expect this to change until the end of my build process. Prepare the Armoury - I managed a few small bits of progress, discovered I was still missing the supplies for my girth belt (oops), ordered those parts. Helmet prepped for assembly, visor in progress. Find Mercenary Work - 0/2. I really need to finish my resume and have it checked by Career Services. Beyond Basic - Practice my Italian on Duolingo - 1 days progress. I'm falling a bit behind on this goal and need to double down this week. Ultimate Goal - Fit in the Armor Gained 1 pounds somewhere over the last week. This isn't bad considering I had a few diet slip-ups (shakes and doughnuts are very much not good for the waistline). I'm back on track though, and have plenty of healthy food for the upcoming week. Current weight (10/25) - 191 pounds 11/2 - 187.2 pounds 11/9 -? (scale needs batteries) 11/16 - 188.2 pounds. Side Quests Engage in Skirmishes - Mini challenges - I ended up not playing in this last mini. Join a Squad - Post in other threads. A+ Become a Commander - Completed 5 supervisor requirements and made more progress on the checklist. I'm getting really close, but I don't think I'll make the deadline I set (When I did the initial write-up I forgot that the dining hall will be closed over Thanksgiving Break). I believe I'm currently ahead of all the other newbies, so that's something
  19. Yep, it's a digital (and not the most expensive/accurate one). This method seems to work pretty well though.
  20. Thanks! You can do it! Darebee hurts, but it seems to be working... I'll stop by your thread and say hi I appreciate the offer . As it happens, there isn't any interest, so I get the sewing version of trial by fire. Tips are welcome
  21. Day 20 Fitness - Done. I was actually surprised that yesterdays workout made me sore and I can already feel today's workout. Tomorrow will hurt. Food Tracking - Done Stretching - Planning to do it soon. I'll post my definitive results tomorrow. Other Cooking - My ordered groceries arrived and I did a 2x crock pot recipe (paleo turkey chili). The first batch is cooking right now and the other batch is in the freezer for next weekend. I also experimented with my new food scale for this recipe and will calculate the macros tonight or tomorrow. I've got plenty of other food in the fridge that I'll hopefully get around to cooking in the next few days. Costume: -Drilled out holes in the helmet to attach the ears and rangefinder. I also rough cut the visor (probably another hour of sanding to clean that up). This actually took most of the afternoon as my drill attachments for my Dremel have apparently grown legs and decided to hide. As a consequence, I spent hours with small metal files boring holes into my helmet. -Trophy Lightsaber Crystals - Colored one of my quartz crystals and then wire wrapped both of them. They're ready for my belt (whenever I get around to doing that). Thanks! The holster came out okay, but it wasn't good enough. This is probably due to my lack of leatherworking experience, but it just wasn't a detailed enough shape. I'm going to give it one more shot and I'll stick with whatever the result is. I'm trying to update consistently since I'm finding that it's helping to keep me on track. The accountability that comes from posting my results is really helping my progress. I'm really happy with the boots. It made all of the hours of online research well worth it.
  22. Day 18 (yesterday) -Fitness-Done; pretty much straight cardio today -Food Tracking - Done -Stretching - Nope Costume - ordered a couple of the small things I still need (snap rivets, chicago screws). Day 19 -Fitness - Done. It was fun, I'm enjoying the martial arts workouts. -Food Tracking - Done, and horrifically not paleo (mall trip = Panera). -Stretching - Done I got quite a bit done accomplished and overall it was a pretty good day. Registered for classes, wrote a mini-paper, sent tons of emails and things to arrange the next week, got clearance on a project, and headed to the mall for some much-needed costume supplies. Costume - Boots arrived today! I think these are going to work really nicely. Pics below. - I made a trip out to the mall today and did a bit of shopping for the last few supplies (ribbon, thread, foam, wire, and some sam browne buttons). I was really excited about the Sam Browne buttons since they're really expensive through Tandy Leather. They're fairly expensive at Michaels too, but Michaels has 40% off coupons. -It looks like there's no interest in my sewing project. However, since I can obtain access to a sewing machine on campus, you guys get to watch me experience trial by fire. It can't be that hard... Other: Duolingo (18 points)
  23. I've gotten in the habit of 'calibrating' my scale by weighing myself several times in a row and picking up various heavy objects to force the scale to recalculate. Basically, I weigh myself, weigh myself again with a gallon of juice/couple textbooks, weigh again with just myself. It seems to work pretty well.
  24. I'm going to be getting my crawls in this weekend. Just haven't gotten to it yet. oops.
  25. Great! Thanks! I'm fine with plain foods, especially since I've finally got a decent spice cabinet happening. Chicken and veggies; sounds like a plan. I'll eat whatever if it'll help me lose inches faster. ooh. I've also got a great turkey 'chili' recipe, except mine is just meat and veggies. It's really good and I'm actually planning to bulk prep a bunch this weekend. Stew could be fun for a change. Thanks!
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