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  1. Ha! You're the one with all the combos I'm going to post flight suit photos for the mercs soonish. The torso seems fine, but the lower leg is definitely going to need to be taken in especially if my boots fit snugly. Possibly the arms as well. I also need to get a vest made and that is way beyond my skill level. We have a sewing machine back home, but I was never allowed to use it and thus never developed any sewing ability. I'm looking to do something like the vest in the image below except I'm a bit chubbier and more curvy (darts will probably be necessary). I'd also probably nix the collar and add panels behind the straps to hide the flight suit. As the shape is still fairly basic, I'm fairly sure that someone could do this in an afternoon as long as I was available to be a human pincushion. We've got an entire fashion school on campus, I just need to find some interest. I have no idea how much I should pay a fellow student (I'm supplying all the materials), and since I've got a relatively tight timeline I decided to start in the $40 range and see if there was interest. No idea what's fair, but since no one contacted me with an offer, I'll just start somewhere and go up if I have to.
  2. Rest... What is this thing you speak of? It's going to be mostly cardio and more squats for you tomorrow. Have fun!
  3. Darebee = many days of pain. I'm finding the soreness now isn't nearly as bad as the first 5-6 days were. Even though I'm pushing just as hard/harder, I'm not suffering nearly as much afterwards. Day 16 (yesterday) Fitness - Done. Mostly ab work Food Tracking- Done Stretching - Done Costume - Ordered boots that will hopefully fit. They've only got a height of around 14.5 inches (w/out heel) which might be a bit short but we'll see. They should arrive Friday and I'll see how they look. If everything's good, then that's one more thing off of the list. If not, I'm going to go with one of the boots Ski Blue recommended. I also put out a few facebook posts regarding my need for a person skilled in the art of sewing. No response yet, so I'm going to repost with an attached monetary offer. Other - Completed another supervisor requirement. Overall, today wasn't a good day. I got a lot done, but I was in a foul mood ever since the University decided to test the alarm system at 9:30 am this morning. I'd been up until 3-4am and was going to sleep in until I absolutely had to get up. The alarm for the apartment housing is some kind of super loud klaxon thing and is generally only used for emergencies so you naturally panic when you hear it. Waking up to that was ... unpleasant. Day 17 Fitness - Done. More wall-pushups to failure and my arms are still hurting from 2 days ago (5 sets, 2x pushups to failure per set; 17, 10; 17, 8; 15, 9; 12, 9; 10, 10). Tracking - Done Stretching - I'm going to go watch some Arrow and do my stretches. Right now. I did some more class schedule planning and ran a bunch of paperwork related errands. It's amazing how many signatures need to be acquired before registration and how spread out all of the necessary people are. Much better day than yesterday.
  4. So, my scale is being stupid and uncooperative. I missed my Sunday weigh-in as a result and haven't has time to pick up a new battery. I've decided to just wait until Sunday and post my 2 week results. Honestly, I'm not expecting anything stellar because the last couple days have been not so great food-wise (I caved and picked up a shake from a cafe across from the business school). I'm working on a meal plan for next week and Thanksgiving break and am planning to use my new food scale to measure everything as I make my meals. I generally do bulk-meal prep, and I'm thinking I might add snack-prep to that as well since I suspect the snacking is amounting to more calories than I realize. This should help me make my tracking more accurate and bring my weigh loss rate back under control. If anyone has a good crock-pot/easy bulk-meal that they enjoy I'd love to hear about it.
  5. Since the program is recommended to relative beginners I don't honestly think they expect you to be able to do 200 in a row. All the pushups to failure have wrecked my arms, it's probably the same for you.
  6. Day 15 Fitness- So, today Darebee put me through a boss battle involving a possible max of 10 sets. I was originally planning for all 10 sets, but realised fairly quickly that I'm still not totally recovered from the last few days of workouts. Ended up doing 7 sets instead. Food Tracking - Complete Stretching - Completed directly after my workout I had a short work shift today in order to learn how to disasemble and clean an ice cream machine. This supervisor training is surprisingly educational. I did a quick stop through advising in order to discuss my course list for next semester. What I'm planning was approved, so I spent a few hours working on my excel schedule. I basically pick a list of classes I'm interested in and then create a spreadsheet with all of the classes and the various times laid out. Generally this takes me a day or two, but I normally end up with a really nice schedule as a result. It's looking like it will be a busy week, but with any luck I can get it all done by this weekend and actually have time for costume work.
  7. Welcome back! Your plan sounds great, and I definitely recommend this one. I can't tell you how much the accountability, friends, etc helps people on NF succeed (myself included). Post the successes, the failures, and anything in between. No-one will judge, we'll just help you get your feet back under you. Not trying to coerce you into posting more often or anything, but if you can't find enough support at home, you can find it here.
  8. How are your arms feeling after the day 6 workout a few days ago? Better yet? I'm enjoying the story.
  9. I refer to this as the "human hamster" exercise. No offence meant to those who enjoy this, personally I was bored out of my mind during those types of activities. I was always better at the games (frisbee golf, flag football, etc) that provided more involvement. Sounds like its the same for you. If you're looking to try walking more, I have found that it's more enjoyable with a podcast or audiobook. This provides a bit more involvement than music and if I get really wrapped up in a story, I can just keep walking.
  10. Not to worry, we shall find a monstrous greeny named the Hulk to help us smash you this time around. Seriously though, Team Pink did a good job. Was kind of surprised that you didn't acquire a Red mushroom. Technically it says "Clear the bridge with a single jump". I am totally incapable of 200 jump squats in a row, so I broke it down into sets based on reps to failure. I did as many as I could, wrote a few sentences of a paper, and then did more. It took a while. You can always do the other workout since the jump squats are optional. I chose them because of the mini. It was a fairly good week. Definitely need to discover a way for more down time (who am I kidding, I always manage to find something else to add to my schedule).
  11. Sounds like a great plan! Padme is good, but depending on your deadline, a Leia might be easier. I'm an idiot with a sewing machine though, so my perception could be way off.
  12. I'm really loving this challenge. You're doing some great things that I think would be useful for anyone and it's amazing to hear the personal results you're getting. I might have to try gratitude lists myself.
  13. Day 14 (posting on Day 15, written Day 14) I didn't get much sleep last night and I suspect this was the result of sleeping in yesterday and then having to wake up at 5:30 to head to work. Google tells me it's 2.2 miles on foot from my apartment to work and I was carrying a fully loaded backpack (I feel like this counts as exercise...). I worked just over 8 hours and completed 4 supervisor requirements. Exhausted, but yay for payday. Additionally, I squeezed in a bunch of writing homework and started reading the novel for my Japan class. Fitness - Darebee done on Level 1. Honestly, I think I could have easily done Level 2, but I was about to collapse from exhaustion after work and my bed was really tempting... Food Tracking - Complete, so I now have a very thorough record of all of the terrible food choices I made today. Stretching - Complete Costume - The leather for the holster has finished drying and I have decided I am very unsatisfied. It will be redone (hopefully this week).
  14. Week 1 Summary 1. Prepare for Battle - Foundational Fitness - A+ Challenge Goal: 7/7 days of the Darebee Hero's Journey Program. Bonus: 0/2 - Nope. I'll see if I have time to hit the gym and do some biking this upcoming week. 2. Fit into the Smugglers Compartment - Become more Flexible - B+ Challenge Goal: Stretch Daily - 6/7 - I should probably set a phone reminder, or get in the habit of doing this after Darebee. I seem to be forgetting about it until I go to do my daily update. 3. Eat Like a Warrior - B Challenge Goals - 1. Track food - 7/7 I am giving myself a B because I ate way too much junk food yesterday. I was at work all day and far too many fries were consumed. 2. Cut caffeine by the end of Week 2. - I'm not having it in large quantities/everyday anymore, so cutting it out should be a bit easier 4. Maintain the Starship - Life Goal (broken into Mini Goals) - B+ Challenge Mini-Goals: Obliterate the inbox - No further progressClean the Crew Quarters - Much progress, though it's probably going to keep deteriorating as the week progresses (costuming is not a neat activity).Prepare the Armoury - Ordered and received the last few supplies. Started hunt for someone with sewing experience. Located the on-campus painting booth. Week 1 mission - Locate and investigate said painting-booth (Accomplished)Find Mercenary Work - 0/2. I really need to finish my resume and have it checked by Career Services. I will try to finish that during this next week.Beyond Basic - Practice my Italian on Duolingo - 2 days progress. Which is less than the 3-4 days I should be doing every week. Ultimate Goal - Fit in the Armor 'Lost' - ?lbs. Never weighed in yesterday since I was running a bit behind and had to get to work. I was planning to weigh in this morning, but my scale was being rebellious and didn't want to work. I'll try to figure out the problem and weigh in tomorrow. Current weight (10/25) - 191 pounds 11/2 - 187.2 pounds 11/9 -? Side Quests Engage in Skirmishes - Mini challenges - A+; completed 200 Jump Squats = +1 DEX. Stats adjusted to reflect this achievement Join a Squad - Post in other threads. A+ Become a Commander - Completed 5 supervisor requirements and made quite a bit of headway on the checklist.
  15. Mini #2 is available!! We're all either crawling or partnering with Yoshi to cook some apples. Convenient link (on an ipad, so I can't condense it): http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/74400-super-mario-assassin-all-stars-level-2/
  16. Those photos are exactly why I fell in love with Europe and miss it so much. Farmers markets here do not compare. Nope.
  17. I hope your shoulder recovers quickly. What costume are you building for the Rebel Legion?
  18. Day 13 Fitness - Darebee made me pay for the relaxing workout yesterday. I decided to do level 3 because I felt pretty good today. More wall pushups to failure (22, 18, 18, 15, 15, 14, 10, 10, 10, 12) plus some other arm work. Also had 'weapons practice' with the red ribbon and magic ring. AKA - 200 front kicks each side, and 3 2-min planks (had to break these down a bit). Food Tracking - Complete Stretching - Complete Costume -Started on the leatherwork (pistol holster). This is my first try at this sort of thing and I think it's going well. Once the top piece for the holster finishes drying, I can remove the nails and fit the back piece. The basic form should be done this week, though the straps will be left until Thanksgiving when I do the belt rigA -I kind of slept in until 1pm today. Oops. Apparently I was really sleep deprived. As a result, the holster was about it for costume work today. Other -I did quite a bit of homework for my writing class today and will wrap up the rest of it between work shifts tomorrow. -Picked up a few groceries I've got 2 work shifts tomorrow. The first one is at 7:30am and the buses don't start running in time to get me there, so I'm going to have to wake up even earlier to walk. I'm going to take all my school gear and finish some work between my shifts (8hr gap). This means there probably won't be any costume work tomorrow, unless it can be done online (maybe boots).
  19. It sounds like things have been going well so far. What did you decide to do as a breakfast strategy?
  20. Don't forget to log all your jumps everyone! Blue team is passing us!
  21. That's the funny thing about rest days. It can be nice, but suddenly there's too much free time.
  22. Thanks! You're getting quite a lot done too.
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