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  1. I'm trying again a few times over. I would like to be part of the group. I've always enjoyed the groups and the support for each other.
  2. I started Paleo and my first.challenge Jan 13. I improved my health and lost about 25 pounds. I stopped eating paleo and I've gained some weight back and constantly have stomach pains. I really need to follow the paleo lifestyle and this is a fun way to get back into it. I'll be back to post my goals. Good Luck everyone!!
  3. We'll I guess I respond we'll to public shaming, Lol!!! I just finished 3 drawers and bottom half of closet. I've decided to go with one drawer, one closet basically one small area at a time. I tried running, I think its really not my thing. I'll keep trying to see if maybe I can learn to like it.
  4. I haven't started.my running goal, but you've motivated me to start tonite. You are knocking these goals out!!!! Have a great week =)
  5. Thanks so much. When im stressed I usually eat junk.....I was able to avoid the junk binge. My goal for today is food prep. I will get to the clutter sometime this week. I hope to have one room clutter free by the end of the week. Again, thanks for the support it helped me in many ways and lifted me when I really needed it =)
  6. It's difficult to focus on goals when things are falling apart. I have continued practicing good eating habits sticking to paleo approved foods. I Continue to go to the gym.. I think working out has helped me in many ways. I have only cleared out one bedroom. I find myself overloaded with clutter in my house and life. I think I've had 1 or 2 sodas overall. I appreciate your support :") and friendly reminders.
  7. Thanks for reminding me that I have more than one goal, lol. I will include my other goals in my update and progress. Thanks for your support.
  8. I hope you find your way back quickly. I don't think you give yourself enough credit for your achievements. Maybe that should be goal 4, lol. Take care and Hope to see you back on track.
  9. Hearing from you was just what I needed, thanks. Week 3 is a better week. I have developed a better workout routine at the gym. I feel stronger at week 3 than I did at week 1. Hope You are doing well.
  10. This week I'm struggling...Just trying to meet minimum goals. Although I had a good workout yesterday. I can't get rid of stomach flu.
  11. Week two is a little more challenging. IM just trying to meet my goals this week.
  12. I'll check out the energy bar recipe. Hope you have a killer second week.
  13. Just checking in with you. Hope you have a great second week!!
  14. My son is only 6, we still have a ways to go and I want to be able to enjoy every moment. Thanks for your support. Hope you had a great weekend.
  15. LOL I think about your trick when I go to the gym to help me reach badass status.
  16. Thanks for the support. Yes it's slowly getting easier. Good luck to you!!
  17. WooHoo I had a Paleo weekend. I always struggle with the weekends, I did it. Take that week one, it was all Paleo and completing goals. Week two here I come.
  18. Hope you have a successful second week :')
  19. I made myself go to gym on a Friday night because today will be 105°...I think I had a fab.first week. 3 days at the gym. I need to develop a better weight training plan. I think im good on cardio, 45min on treadmill and slowly.increasing incline. I struggle with preplanning meals but life is so much easier when I do. Looking forward to visiting the farmers market tomorrow.
  20. Baking, I love baking!! Do you have any Paleo recipes? I enjoyed reading your goals, def motivated me to try circuit training. I Hope you get your 4.day ticket that sounds like fun!!
  21. Working late and not feeling well. Skipping the workout tonight. I'll be back at it tomorrow. I had lunch with coworkers today. I ordered a salad and iced tea. I really wanted a specialty sandwich. Held strong and the salad was really yummy!!!
  22. I had some free time at home so I tackled push ups. I was able to complete 3 sets of girlie push ups. So proud of myself getting closer to my goal. I went to gym and completed 30 min treadmill with a higher incline. Also completed two legs machines and ab machine. I need to add jogging next. I also cleared my sons closet and boxed old clothes and replaced with summer wear. I love this goal, small steps and I will have a clutter free home.
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