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  1. Here's my latest update: My workouts are roughly the same- bootcamp, high intensity cardio mixed with some strength training. I have met all my fitness goals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have done 30 second side planks numerous times, and I have done 11 burpees in 30 seconds and 18 pushups in one set at least twice. Once I do something twice, I think that counts! Now I just have to keep going. My life goal on the other hand is not accomplished yet. I have complete one book, Rules of Civility which was wonderful. Now I'm working on the second, but it will be done by Moday!
  2. Workout 2/2: Cardio circuit: 2x- 30 second intervals Jumping jacks Burpees Skater jumps Butt kicks Squat jumps Medicine Ball ciruit- 2x- 30 seconod intervals Wood chops (both sides) Uneven pushups Squat and curl Walking lunges Plank with hands on ball- 1:30 total Plank with feet on ball- 30 seconds total Wall sit and twist Russian twist Arm extension sit ups Squat and press with tricep extension Also did 1 minute side plank- 30 seconds each side 1 minute shoulder press 1 minute sword pull Great workout today! Did 11 burpees in 30 seconds again!
  3. It's good that you're switching up the plank part of the workout. 90 second plank is not only brutal, but it's boring. I do think you get about the same benefits with the variations. You're conquering your goals and looking great! The fact that people are taking notice is awesome!
  4. Interesting... Workout update for 1/28 Bodyweight bootcamp- about 25-30 minutes. Typical- nothing special to report Workout 1/30 Cardio cicuit Jumping jacks- 1 minute Butt kicks- 1 minute Skater jumps- 30 sec Boxer shuffle with jabs- 1 minute Burpees- 30 sec Jump rope- 30 sec Jump squats- 30 sec Strength cicuit- 2x - 30 sec intervals Squat push and press Step-ups Mountain Climber Twisting plank Floating lunge with weight Squat and one arm swing Lunge rows Plank row and leg lift Dumbell pushups Tricep extensions I met one goal today- 11 Burpees in 30 seconds. It was so hard, but I p
  5. You're doing great! Nice tin whistle playing this afternoon And I gave you a shout out for the awesome medicine ball!
  6. workout today, 1/27 Cardio to get the blood going- 10 x 30 second intervals (jumping jacks, butt kicks, high knees, burpees, squat jumps, lunge jumps) I did 10.5 burpees in 30 seconds- I'm almost there! Thanks to my awesome husband, I now own a medicine ball! I've been wanting one for a long time, and there was one waiting for me when I got home after work on Friday I couldn't wait to use it. Medicine Ball Circuit- 30 second intervals 1. Wood Chop- both sides 2. Uneven pushups- hard 3. Squat with bicep curl 4. Walking lunge with ball 5. Plank with hands on ball 6. Wall sit and twist-
  7. Workout 1/26 Bootcamp workout- I forgot how much I love body weight boot camp. 5 minutes high intensity cardio 3 minutes squats (some jump squats in there too) 3 minutes lunges- forward, reverse and floating (those are brutal) 3 minutes pushups- holding steady at 15 pushups max 3 minutes plank- I add variations in there as well 5 minutes hand weight arm work at the end I don't feel like I rest a lot during this, but with going from different exercises, this workout took me about 27 minutes.
  8. That is not true, but thanks for the encouragement just the same Workout update: Thursday 1/24 HIIT training cardio and strength- about 25 minutes. That is pretty much the max I should do. I was exhausted after! I feel like side plank goal has been achieved! I've done it a couple of workouts in a row. Yay!
  9. Workout update: Sunday 1/20- Great workout! 6 circuits total- 3 30 second intervals of high intensity cardio and 3 30 second strenth intervals. In the strength part of the circuit I try to hit every major muscle group. For me, this is a great format because I don't get too tired of the plyometrics to lose steam seeing that I only do 3 intervals before a break. It's really made a difference in carrying the intensity through the whole workout. I did 15 pushups this day! Today 1/22- Boot camp workout 3 rounds of : 1 minute jumping jacks/running/whatever cardio 1 minute pushups (I vary the t
  10. Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! I have not blown past the goals, but hopefully I will in 5 weeks. I am in love with Audrey Hepburn so she's the only avatar I could have. You're right, IRISHodabread, I am a maniac when I workout sometimes much to my disappointment after the fact when I'm exhausted. Today's workout- typical circuit training with a 5-4-3-2-1 plan 5 minutes: jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers, butt kicks, high knees, jumping lunges (pushing really hard on the cardio for a short amount of time is my fav)- 30 second intervals 4 minutes: lunges, core work, lunges, co
  11. Good workout today. Boot camp style based just on body weight. 1. Jumping jacks (or other high intensity cardi) 1 minute 2. Lunges 1 minute 3. Pushups 1 minute 4. Bicycle crunches (or other core moves) 1 minite 5. Squats 1 minute Repeat circuit 3 times I changed up some of the core work to focus on plank- side plank is still about 15 seconds Pushups hold steady at 14, but then I did t-pushups, walking planks, incline pushups, and modified close hands pushups to keep going It has been a while since I focused on body weight boot camp. I liked the format because you could choose any varia
  12. Looks like you're making great progress! Keep it up! How were the Bulgarian squats today? Love the walking planks
  13. Almost forgot- started my first book in the challenge for my life goal. It's called Rules of Civility by Amor Towles. Very good thus far!
  14. @GradSchoolVixen- Thanks so much for liking my format. I'm a teacher, so it was easy for me to set up an assessment... I have lots of practice! So this weekend I was away so I didn't address my goals very much. I did a lot of walking, but that was about it. Back to it tomorrow after work
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