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  1. to be honest im doing mediocre at best haaahahaha. as in, i ran last week and haven't ran again since. you've given me some motivation, i'm gonna hit the trail today and see what happens! i'll let you know <3
  2. i love the headspace app! it definitely helps, i need to download it again as well. yoga also REALLY helps, ive been practicing only a couple years but fell in love & currently teach. if you have any questions about it let me know!
  3. those are great goals! I never had a trampoline growing up so im def afraid of doing those flips too, no worries! i signed up to do a 5k i think in august. I've never run more than a mile in my life. i made excuses so i didn't have to do the mile run in elementary school. but i'm trying to work on my endurance, so i'll be cheering you on!
  4. yesterday was a meh day...last challenge I stopped counting calories about halfway through cause 1) its exhausting, 2) its triggering. so then a new challenge starts and i'm all 'let me do it again' (imagine a cross eyed dog here with its tongue sticking out). with that being said, instead of calorie counting, i'm going to work on eating at least one serving of vegetables at every meal. i generally eat pretty healthy, but then binge about once/twice a week because i restrict so much during the week. also, i notice i like to eat sweet things for breakfast (imagine protein shake but with almond butter, coconut, salted caramel protein) & then crave more sweet things for the rest of the day. im trying to finish up what protein powder i do have so i can work on just mostly eating real foods, & want to work on decreasing my meat intake for 1) health reasons, 2)its cheaper, 3) i feel better when i eat more plants. i was feeling crummy yesterday inside & out (women know the feeling ). i didn't eat past 8 pm! i did get up by 6 & meditated, but that was about it. but that's totally ok!
  5. loving the idea of sharing workout music, and loving that song! def makes me just want to go runnnnn (and this is coming from someone who isn't fond of running hahahahah)
  6. congrats on the new job! I really like the idea of not looking back on prior failures AND wins...sometimes when I think back to last summer (I had lost a bunch of weight, was eating so healthy and feeling so good, but then life got in the way and im back to square one) I definitely feel some type of way; here's to no looking back!
  7. hi friends! so here I am, having fully finished my first official challenge. over the past few years I've gone every direction with my exercise & diet & I've finally decided to narrow it down to a niche. i'm a yoga instructor who loves practicing, did karate for a number of years as a child, & have always wanted to do dance, gymnastics, & ballet, but we didn't have the money so I did karate instead. now i'm 27, still don't have the money to take all the classes but I still just love to move my body in whatever way feels good at the time. so here I am!! as an unemployed stay at home mom (trust me im desperately searching for a job ) I have a lot of time on my hands, but I spend a lot of it playing around on social media when I could be using it to a) level up my life b)use the social media to start my own business c) trying to eat more plant-based meals! with all of that being said, I've got several goals for this challenge. I might be shooting waayyyy too high but as im studying to be a personal trainer (taking my test soon!) I also need to practice what I preach! heres what I got: diet/exercise no eating past 8 pm fast until 12 pm 1 day/week <2500 calories/day, <200 g carbs/day practice yin once/week practice Merge once/week BONUS: handstand practice 10 mins 3x/week level up my life up and out of bed by 630 AM each day meditate for 10 minutes in the morning BONUS: 3 blog posts/week
  8. I've actually heard that from several nurses who worked in jails. that is awesome! congrats with all of the goals. you really did a great job: even if you didn't excel on every single goal, you still worked at it and made progress and that's all that matters!
  9. also make sure you are eating plenty of healthy fats! when people decrease carbs, they tend to fill it in with protein, but if you are not doing a bunch of strength training then the protein will actually get converted into carbs in the body. regardless, you lost 1.5 inches!! that is GREAT!! you did it!
  10. i'm probably joining assassins as well! you did great
  11. best of luck! it's actually pretty surprising how many people get rid of treadmills if you're interested in another one: a quick search on craigslist, driving around, or reaching out on facebook yard sale sites may find you a new one! I totally get how difficult it is to go for a run with a child, no shame!
  12. I totally thought I posted on Wednesday! I think I did but mustve never actually hit post. so Monday I found out I didn't get that job. I've applied to over 20 jobs over the past 2 days and have had one place call me back...and they called me Megan (my name is Melissa). for $9/hour. ouch. yesterday I was feeling really depressed with the job searching so I ate like crap, and let that follow through to this morning. they say the unemployement rate is at an all time low...but i'm def not feeling it. I've been looking into remote possibilities, like this digital nomad type stuff? anyone have any input?
  13. yo tell me that isn't straight like magic in your coffee
  14. Saturday & sunday were really good days as far as hitting all the goals. a lot of drama went down in the Buti yoga community over the weekend, & I've decided I won't be teaching anymore. it's a really long story & might sound like drama & nonsense to an outside person, but for me, someone who has invested a lot of time & energy & heart into the practice, it's been heartbreaking & heavy. yesterday (Monday) was a long day. I was pretty confident I got the job & I didn't i had a rough day, because this is the 3rd interview I've been to where I didn't get the job. I let myself wallow in self pity & maybe ate some chocolate cake, but woke up this morning feeling slightly more rejuvenated.
  15. I GOT CHU!!! I personally don't like the pea protein milk, I've tried a couple different brands a couple different times, have even tried a pea protein powder and it's just not my jam, but I know a lot of people like it!
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