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  1. I really like how you've split your goals into the elements. How's it going so far? I can totally empathise with feeling unhappy with your body in my last challenge my aim was to kick start my weight loss and inch loss is great progress.
  2. Doing a half marathon is so awesome! One of my friends is trying to get an ultimate frisbee society organised at our university he used to play a lot. How's the soreness now, better i hope?
  3. Woo for tackling those gym demons go you!! I do all my workouts at home as i have gym fear. How's your week 2 been? I'm slowly getting caught up!
  4. Thank you so much for checking in on me, I love the visual aspect to recording your goals and how you've laid out your challenge, adaptive goals are the best. Injuries are the pits but you are absolutely rocking this challenge! Here's to 3 more awesome weeks
  5. Thought i'd check in on a fellow crew member. I hope your week 2 is going better than week 1 but it sounds like you've done really well considering all that was going on. Love your gratitude quest and the focus on being kinder to yourself, it's something that is so important but challenging to put into practise. You got this
  6. Hey i love your points system and thanks for checking in on me it really boosted me to post so i hope i can return the favour! Taking care of your mental health is so important especially doing the job you do but it looks like you are doing well. I can empathise with a hectic start to the school year, juggling everything is a challenge in itself! Think i'll jump on the glasses bandwagon and take steps to getting mine sorted
  7. Hey sorry it's taken me so long to check in with you i'm still working on getting everything together! I'm glad today was good day especially with your friend Food tracking is something i havent got into the habit of doing properly yet but i find YouFood where you post pics of your food everyday a straightforward way to make me more accountable. I'm debating giving MFP a try though. keep on rocking it!
  8. My challenge goals are going pretty well on the whole, my budget has been the hardest probably but that's mainly because i havn't had the time to sit down and do YNAB as my laptop has been busted. While technically not part of this challenge my eating hasn't been great i've slipped into bad takeaway habits which is not good for my budget so i wouldn't mind pairing up to get extra accountability on diet if someone wanted. However, on the whole it has helped just knowing that you guys have checked in on me that keeps me going.
  9. I really am terrible at logging but i'm trying to get all caught up and staying on top of it thank you to everyone who has been checking in on me i would have definitely given up without seeing the notifications in my email! So far i've completed 50.6 miles of walking, 6 bodyweight workouts, 6 yoga workouts and saved a tonne of money watching what i'm spending so definitely winning. I was without my laptop for the majority of the week but now i've got it back i should be able to keep on top of logging. Also my sister has joined the rebellion WOO so proud Here's a breakdown of my week Mon
  10. It's been a bit hectic what with starting uni and my laptop dying so I've barely been online! I'm off tomorrow so the plan is get all caught up with logging!
  11. Phew what a week I've definitely been spacing out when it comes to logging in and touching base with everyone. Think I've managed to follow you all and I will get around to reading and posting in the morning now my laptop is back working woo! If it's not done in the next 24 hours just nag me I think over this next week I'm going to try and take some time each evening to post up about my day. I'm completing my workouts but I find easy to skip logging and then it's not long before other things are skipped too. I look forward to catching up in all your progress
  12. Cant believe we're 1 week down already! That's me back home after spending the week visiting family and spending the weekend up beside Loch Tay which was beautiful. I'll have to try and add a couple of pictures to show off the scenery. I've had a very successful first week considering i'm not in my usual routine and i didn't think i'd get as much walking done as i did which was thanks in part to the impromptu stay at Kenmore and the additional push of the assassins mini challenge but i'm not sure if i need to post my logs for proof. Thanks for the encouragement guys it really makes a differe
  13. Woo Scottish Nerds! I'm currently travelling up to Kenmore for the weekend but just wanted to give a quick wave and I'll check in properly when I'm back! I'm based in Glasgow as I'm at uni there but I'm originally from Perthshire and have a few friends out edi way. Buzzed for this challenge
  14. Woo! I'm so excited I'm travelling up to loch tay at the moment and I'm pretty certain I'll have no signal of any sort but should hopefully get some lovely walks in. I'll update/catch up with everyone when I'm back on Sunday
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