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  1. The end of the 3rd week is a good time to reflect and make adjustments. What a good idea, I think I'll steal it.
  2. You had a really great sequence going until you "accidentally turned my alarm off in my sleep". I am not making fun of you - I've done it myself, it is so frustrating and panic-inducing! I'm glad Bree is responding to the schedule you've set up and her classes. Makes life a little easier with a velcro-dog. Plus, she'll be reminding you to go on your walkies!
  3. YES. feeling much better, thanks. Friday I worked, but didn't get anything else done. Saturday went much better - got to TKD class in the morning and did my weight workout and an extra core workout. Got my food goals in too. The week isn't looking so hot for my goals as a whole, but I did pretty well on my healthy days, as long as I finish up strong today.
  4. I hope you feel better soon (already?). Bad ass doing handstands and planks with a head cold.
  5. Um, wow. You had an awesome week. That's some amazing progress!
  6. Those hamburger patties sound amazing. Good job getting your runs in, but don't forget that rehab!
  7. yeah, I don't think it would have impressed the instructor if I got sick all over the mat, not to mention sharing this with everyone else. Stayed home sick today too. My boss was kind enough to text me this morning and tell me she had my shift covered if I needed to stay home. She's pretty cool. And since breakfast didn't stay down this morning I took her up on it.
  8. Yesterday sucked. I woke up feeling icky. Did get my workout in, but only did 2 sets. Tried to eat. Then spent the rest of the day in bed - or running to the toilet to puke. Bleagh. I feel a little better this morning, but weak since I haven't been able to eat. The worst part is I had specifically rearranged my work schedule to have yesterday off so I could go to the sparring class at TKD. What a waste.
  9. It was the latest book in the Jane Yellowrock series. I'm liking it so far! My favorite accomplishment last week? I guess getting myself back on track after being sick. And getting a workout in in the morning when I would rather sleep. GoodDoug! Good to see you. Thanks for the encouragement!
  10. Awesome PR's! And I'm really glad your Tai chi class went so well. Look at you, being all social and stuff.
  11. That trainer sounds like a putz. I'm glad the class was somewhat useful.
  12. Great workout. You are definitely getting stronger. 60s plank, that's getting serious! Woot!
  13. How'd Bree's class go? Enquirining minds want to know!
  14. Can't change a lifetime of habits completely around in a week or two. You are making good progress. Figuring out to do prep for the week to keep your food on track is a great step. Great job!
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