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  1. End of Week 2 and here's my progress report: Goal 1 -- Failed this week due to craziness at work (monday night worked until 1 am, tuesday night worked until 11 pm, wednesday night too tired to run plus freezing rain outside, thursday night child care responsibilities precluded running). But I'm going to leave work early today and go running, and plan to run one day this weekend. Goal 2 -- Check! Goal 3 -- Check! Very impressed with myself that I managed to eat a healthy breakfast each day, even when having to get to work early after having worked a late night. Life goal -- check - managed to do a bit of decluttering even amid a crazy week. This weekend will be a big challenge with family in town to celebrate inauguration plus a late Christmas. I'm planning to enjoy some limited treats, and will not feel badly about it so long as I keep up the running and stick to my prohibition on candy, ice cream, and pizza. Recipe for crustless quiche: I usually make some variation on this (http://walking.about.com/od/lowcarbrecipes/r/quichecups.htm) and I tend to add some cottage cheese for additional protein and body. I play around with which veggies to add each time. It really couldn't be easier and they reheat quite nicely in the microwave!
  2. Hey gang, So far, all my goals are still on course, and we had an awesome weekend for the life goal, bringing a haul to Goodwill and another to our offsite storage (outgrown baby clothes and supplies being reserved for kid #2, date still TBD). This week is going to be crazy for me at work, so hopefully have to check in here will help keep me on track I'm aiming to run home Wed and Fri. Will try really hard to see that I follow through on that goal. Good luck all during this week!
  3. Week 2 commences - it's going to be an intense one at work, at least for the first half of the week, but I'm going to do my best to stay on track. So far, all goals are still on course, and we had an awesome weekend for the life goal, bringing a haul to Goodwill and another to our offsite storage (outgrown baby clothes and supplies being reserved for kid #2, date still TBD). Strategy for healthy breakfasts during busy work week was supposed to be cooking little crustless quiches in muffin tins, but didn't have time for that so I'll just have to wake up early to make a few eggs. I'll perform better at work with some food in me, so it just has to be a priority. Hope my having to report to you guys will keep me honest Good luck all during this week!
  4. It's the first Friday of the challenge and so far, I'm doing really well. Goal 1: Ran home twice this week - check Goal 2: No junk - check Goal 3: 5 days, 5 healthy breakfasts - check Life goal: Have made some great progress, but still plenty to go in the way of decluttering And i'm happy to say that I've lost 6 pounds since Monday. I'm sure that's mostly the shock to my system of ceasing junk in the immediate aftermath of holiday feasting, but it's awesome nonetheless!
  5. End of the first workweek -- I'm feeling totally invigorated. Jogged home from work again last night, and managed to run 3/5 of the time. Stretched when I arrived, and felt great. 5 work days, 5 healthy breakfasts. No junk food. And the house is looking much better. How's it going for the rest of you? How did it go with your boss, AquaNat? How's the little on, Froggiesrock? How goes it, Eboncat? Happy Friday everyone!
  6. Thanks lastap02! Still on track -- Goal 1: brought my gear to job home tonight, which will be #2 for the week. Goal 2: check Goal 3: check (had 2 sunny side up eggs and sliced cucumber) Life goal: check -- last night we cleared out piles in the bedroom for about 45 minutes, and can now see the top of our dressers and most of the floor. Feels great!
  7. I'm in Washington, DC. Congrats Eboncat! Getting up early is next to impossible for me, so I'm very impressed. I'm still on track -- ate another healthy breakfast (eggs and cucumber), have my gear ready to run home tonight, and best of all, last night we spent about 45 minutes clearing out piles, throwing things away, and rediscovering flat surfaces previously concealed by lots and lots of random stuff. Hooray! Amazin how much better I can feel simply by being able to look around and see a clean house. Keep up the good work, everyone!
  8. Day two - major successes. First time running home - I had a backpack on, which slowed me down a bit, but I jogged about half and walked quickly the other half. It took me about 50 minutes to go 3.5 miles and I wasn't sore or even very tired at the end, so I know I can try a faster pace with less walking next time. Also, ridiculous running fanny pack arrived in the mail yesterday, and as silly as it will look, it will help me to not have a bulky backpack on the trip. Still no junk food, had another healthy breakfast this morning, and tonight at least a few piles are getting zapped. Onward!
  9. Hey team -- happy Day 3! I'm feeling really great about this so far. I've had 3 healthy breakfasts, none of the junk food on my prohibited list (candy, pizza, ice cream), and jogged/walked the 3.5 miles home (about half jogging and half walking, with a backpack). Plus - and i know this isn't a goal, but it's still awesome - I've lost 4 pounds since the start of the challenge and my pants are loose. I'm not expecting to continue to lose weight at that pace, but it's really gratifying to see results so quickly. Keep up the good work everyone! And hope your little one feels better soon, Froggiesrock.
  10. Hi accountibilibuddies! Since no one has signed up in first position, I figured I'd just give us a team name and get this this going. How did everyone do on their first day?
  11. A fun addition to your challenge might be setting aside the money you would be spending on soda each day, and then buying yourself something fun at the end of each week. Putting the money in a piggy bank (or bowl or something else) could help you rededicate yourself to your goal each day and stay mindful about it. Good luck!
  12. On the workout scheduling front, I've found that setting an appointment in my outlook calendar helps. Otherwise, it's too easy for time to get away from me. Good luck!
  13. Your story sounds a lot like mine. These goals are excellent and it sounds like you are setting yourself up for major success. Good luck!!
  14. Thanks for the words of encouragement! Day one was a success: breakfast was an egg with greens, cucumber, and tomato. We went to a basketball game last night, and I managed to find a great healthy dinner (roast turkey breast from the carving station combined with a mixed green salad). Avoided the junk desserts by partaking of a no-sugar added fudgsicle. Brought running gear to the office to be used today, with weather expected to be sunny and in the 50s! Day two is going well so far as well - eggs with zucchini and cheddar, plus a handful of fresh berries. Ready and excited for my run home. Tonight's the night to start clutter removal as well. We're going to pick one pile per night and just work our way through, one by one. I hope everyone else's challenge is going well!
  15. Starting point: 177 pounds, 5"7, recently ran first 5K in several years and finished in 35 minutes (32 ran, 3 walked). My goals for the challenge: (1) Jog/walk home from work at least 2X/week (3.5 miles) (2) No pizza, ice cream, or candy (3) Eat a healthy, paleo breakfast every single day (eggs, veggies, fruit) Life goal: Declutter the house! We have piles all over the place - piles to file away, piles to donate to Goodwill, piles to sell or give away. In 6 weeks, no more piles!
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