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  1. Hi Guys Thanks for all the great advice - I'm going to start doing the strengthening and flexibility exercises as suggested. And to clarify - yes the clicking was getting painful, my husband told me just to carry on and it would be ok (he gets a click in his shoulder when lifting weights) so I carried on my exercise over 3 days until I the pain got worse and I had to stop, for the rest of the week wasn't able to put weight on it. So I am looking at other exercises that don't cause it to click. I think because I've not exercised for a long time I will try the strengthening and flexibility
  2. Ok here's my update for the first week of my challenge... I'm going to stick with Mondays for my weigh in day. Goal lose 14lb or drop a dress size Start Weight: 165 lbs Jan 14th wk 1: 163 lbs Week 1 Loss: 2lbs So I managed to get 2lb off, which I was quite surprised about because I was only able to exercise for the first 3 days at which point I hurt my knee. Well my knee keeps clicking when I exercise and I took my husband's advice to not worry about it and keep on going, so I pushed it until it hurt then spent the rest of the week not being able to put any weight o
  3. Hi guys I'm new here, just started my first challenge and have not really done any exercise for years. I am alternating between the beginners body weight circuit and interval training, however I am getting a problem with my knees clicking when I exercise. Especially on squats and the exercise bike. My husband said its ok to just exercise through the clicks but since doing that yesterday I've got pain in one knee when I put any pressure on it so I don't think that's a good sign. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this, or if anyone knows what causes it? Would it be wise to co
  4. just to update on day one and keep myself accountable... I have drawn up and exercise calendar for the next 6 weeks and day 1 was interval training. I am doing this on an exercise bike which has preset programs so you cycle for 3 mins at low intensity then it boosts the friction so you do the next 3 mins high intensity. A couple of things I noticed firstly in the beginning my knees clicked until about half way through, so I suspect I need to do a lot more warming up first. Secondly doing 30 mins on an exercise bike is totally boring so I need to sort out an mp3 and get some tunes on the go
  5. Thanks guys, Your so right - I was debating on whether to put an actual weight loss goal or not as mainly I want to get into the habit of exercising and eating right, and I'm not too sure what dress size would equal to losing 14lbs of fat (without weight training) - what do you think would it be like one dress size? I'm joining this challenge as part of a larger goal of hitting my ideal ibm within 3 months, so the first six weeks will be all about breaking bad habits and making good habits stick - if that makes sense?
  6. Hi Max'sMom Good luck on your 6 week challenge, I am starting my first one too. It made me laugh when you said about your clutter, I have 3 little ones under 6 and our house is drowning in stuff, it's so overwhelming that I don't know where to start. I am going to make an effort to do a bit each day - you just unspired me to add that to my goals.
  7. Hi all I just found NF before Christmas and it has been very inspirational for me. So far I have been working at totally overhauling my diet and starting to exercise which is something I have never done before. My main problem is that I am carrying around baby weight that I need to lose. It was my third baby and I have been really all over the place in the last year due to a bad case of the 'baby blues', thankfully I am over that now and feel ready to address my weight and health issues, 'health' being the main focus here. I really want to get fit and healthy so that I don't get sick and d
  8. Just thought I'd say hi, I'm totally new here and really like you goals. Need to set my own now - lol I will be glad to watch your progress. Good luck
  9. Hi justmatb I'm totally new here too, just going to set my goals. I think 2.5lb per week is doable - I have always managed 2-3 lb per week before now. I'd say getting $1000 in the emergency fund would be harder for me - lol Anyway good luck guys hope to keep track fo your progress.
  10. Just joined the NF community, I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone :)

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