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  1. I haven't done too well updating lately RL has been taking over but it's all good. Handstands, and running - checkmark for the week DOing more consistent running makes me enjoy it more... isn't that weird? I'm getting the hang of how hard to kick up to a freestanding handstand. (they were a bit more difficult today after a bunch of deadlifts... again weird ...) core work is just one of those things you do... so important. so boring Hard to believe we're the final stretch already...
  2. oopsy I think I may have mislead you all a bit... It was below 0 fahrenheit ... but I was running on an indoor track. I don't actually think my lungs could even do sprints at that temp... (I did have to walk a ways to get to the track and it would have been easy to say it's too cold... which is what I tend to do in the really cold part of winter. I was just proud of myself for not using it as a excuse not to go) I didn't mean to make you all think I'm tougher than I am
  3. Oh dear this week is almost over... Handstand goal is going along nicely. I'm much more confident trying them away from a wall now. Still don't hang there very long, but I think it's improving Running is going well too. even did some sprint sessions despite the fact that it's been BELOW ZERO here (ick) but the planking still not going well. I dread them... something I don't do when it comes to exercise. I normally love it. So I decided to revamp my goal. The point of that goal was to do core work.... so I've just put away the plank challenge ( I still do them ... just not for the same amount of time) and added in other core exercises... AND amazing thing ... I don't dread it any more. which means I actually DO the thing. I decided that's much more productive Happy friday the 13th everyone
  4. What a fun trip! thanks for sharing the photos and like you said It's a new week... Who cares if last week sucked diet wise? Keep moving forward
  5. Yeah.. I have no idea how to make pictures work here... I only get lucky with the process once in a while. Unless you just post them to some picture site and then post a link here...
  6. YAY!!! Nice work!! And Red is right whole assed is the only way to go You can do it!
  7. Nice work peeps!! You guys are inspirational! And I like the interview... neat idea!
  8. That looks like really good workout plan... Very easy to adjust to ability level. I agree with the sprints idea (could also do jump rope or jumping jacks ... or BURPEES ) Also looks like you are being smart about getting back into running. It's no fun when an old friend turns against you for sure...
  9. Look at you conquering all that post thanksgiving stress like a boss Doing great! and Yay for roommate being home
  10. I hear you on the handstand holds! I find it makes a difference where I focus too. I always have longer holds when I'm looking at my hands and YAY for progress on pullups! Doesn't it feel great to see them getting better?!?
  11. Looks like you had a great weekend ... and this is from a post way back but YAY FOR DOCTOR WHO! I'm with you on the adapting to changing locations. It makes me say "eh I'll do it another time" but then I never do. One thing I started doing that helps me is planning my workouts ahead of time. Then I'm almost excited to get at it... but if I have to decide in the moment, I usually end up not doing much. Of course this only works when I know ahead of time what the space and equipment will look like... anyway Keep up the great work
  12. So I would have to give myself a C for last week I did great with the running part. Sprints twice and a long run too (5 miles on Thanksgiving day) and pretty good with the handstand time but the whole plank thing kinda went out the window. I need to rewrite the chart with a better (read slower) adding on to the times. I really don't want to give up on it entirely. I know planks are a really great exercise... That's my plan for this week. Start with 2 mins and add not more than 10 seconds each time. I still have time to finish the chart before the end of the challenge. But I need to get back on the wagon ASAP. No more making excuses for myself. on a side and unrelated note I got a new pr for my deadlift - 225lb yay! (250 here I come )
  13. Holy Crow! 50 feet of rope climbing??? I thought that was maybe a a mistake on the spreadsheet... That's incredible man! Of course this is coming from the stand point of just having acquired the ability to climb a rope at all last year. (even so that one was only 15 feet high)
  14. OOOO SUCH fun I hope you have a wonderful trip!
  15. Looks like a great week despite the challenges HA THIS is totally why I lift
  16. This is totally me good solid hard work... (besides charts make me shudder and wince and cringe and wail.. esp when I have to make them) and looks like things are going good It is fun to have benchmarks and see real progress.
  17. This is fun to read Looks like things are right on track...
  18. Looking good my dear It's definitely harder to cook for just one, but sometimes leftovers taste better than the first time around
  19. Yay for being on schedule and even doggies need to learn about payback
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