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  1. Over all a pretty good week did well with handstand practice.... Not seeing too much improvement from what I could already do, but I know it'll come planking (ugh) not so great this week... tsk I got behind a few days. I think modifying it to something I can actually DO will help me do it... which is the only way to get better. did a couple days of running ... some weeks I feel like speedy gonzales. not so much this week. but that's ok I did it anyway I did something every day though... there was only one day it was just stretching... not too bad
  2. Yeah... It'll be worth it I know... but I'll never love it haha yeah how about 30 somethings? (nearer 40 to be specific) Ah well good thing I'm still about a kid inside;) Thank you! well... We're following (or are supposed to be) this chart which was fine until it jumped from 2.5 to 3 minutes and then again ... maybe I'm just being a baby or have a mental block but I can't seem to do a 3 min plank. And 5 minutes looks IMPOSSIBLE Thank you very much! I'm so happy you're around this challenge. I was thinking you probly wouldn't be
  3. Whee A week full of win! And I agree completely with Sammie about blowing people's expectations about what girls "should be able to do" right out of the water! and i hate (HATE) the word "tone"
  4. YAY you ARE here! I was hoping you'd come around even though you're nomadic now
  5. I just realized I never updated this week it was a good one that PVP for handstands is really helping me get that goal. planking is going... well its going (I realize anew how much I dislike them .. and not even in a love hate sort of way) but I'm doing them. The schedule jumps up a little to quickly for me to be able to do it (30 secs more every couple days... ) so I modified it a bit to be 10 secs more... it'll take longer to complete but I feel like I'll be able to finish it instead of giving up because it feels way too hard. I got my sprinting in last week too. I ran again on wednesday but not a sprint... more like a slow jog (pushing against the wind makes things fun ) and that was only because I was a mile away from a cool playground where I wanted to go workout. SO I ran before and after... felt pretty good. I should do that more so here we are part way through week 2 keep up the good work my fellow assassins
  6. very cool!! This is what I ave been working on too... it's not that I can't hold the handstand... i have trouble getting out of it without feeling like i'm going to break something. But going sideways is definitely easier for me. (thus far anyway)
  7. sounds like things are moving in the right direction you're doing great!
  8. YAY on the handstand!!! I get really excited when I can get mine freestanding for more than a second too YAY for progress and getting stronger Also yay for not being afraid to share when it might help someone get better too
  9. I LOVE your attitude! Building up an immunity to negativity... and the fact that you are using your own experiences and victories to help encourage others to do the same just wow!
  10. NICE WORK! haha I can totally relate to the hand thing... mine are perpetually calloused. I think it hurts worse when it tears in the middle too. More sensitive skin or something. If you figure out a way to stop them from ripping PLEASE SHARE
  11. I have a minimal amount of stuff (it all fit into a toyota camry trunk) so the actual moving part wasn't bad... I'd been in Wisconsin for 13 years though so it was a bit heartbreaking to leave all those beautiful people but I'll see them again just not as often. heh thanks:) it's totally a boost to see the numbers jump... but then there's the times in between when you think you should be able to do more and you just can't get the weight up.... SUPER frustrating. Still I'll always love it hahah! Still... for a moment you thought "whoa I'm a BEAST!" thanks man!! I can't wait to get my first muscle ups (ring and bar) I have a ways to go... but it's a lot closer than it used to be!
  12. I've been there too... trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with my body... frustrating as hell and not even close to fun when it affects your emotions to boot. but we're all pulling for you and *sigh* Nathan Fillion... <3 Castle! but also Firefly (*swoon* ...Captain Mal)
  13. hehe Thanks guys! this made my day and congrats to Obax and Jake too!! muscle ups are on my list for some day (but not too far away)
  14. That's what happens when you are an ent I guess I wouldn't know... being the hobbit type that I am.
  15. WHOA!! holy fitness trend batman!!! I'm so glad you're here I've been missing you and your happy presence. I know you're gonna rock this challenge just like you have been
  16. That race sounds SOOOOOO FUNNNNN! I did a mud run last summer and it was a blast! especially because of the buddies that did it with me Yours sounds much cooler though. what with the history aspect...
  17. Heh... Thanks guys!! I'm kinda proud of myself Plus its just so reassuring that even though I have limited access to weights I'm still getting stronger (duh... but it makes me feel better anyway) I finally did my sprints today. I was on an indoor track that I thought was full size but after I finished my workout in 7 minutes (it was supposed to be 800m forward, 400m backward, 800 forward and 400 backward) I figured something was off... turns out the track is a little more than half that size rats but anyway I ran (no wonder it didn't seem so bad this time ha) looking forward to a light day tomorrow. Stretching and mobility are on the menu (and planks of course), but thats all
  18. HAHA definitely more weird... I wondered what baby squats were at first...
  19. It's true some days are just frustrating Just keep moving forward
  20. So ready!! So far I've been pretty consistent with my practice. I ned to get a day of running in this week... probly tomorrow. Whee sprints (ugh) but on the completely not assassin type side of things... I nailed a 200lb back squat today I'll never be able to completely give up my beloved barbells.... THEY MAKE ME SO HAPPY!!! (I can't find a gif of the one in the 2nd movie where she actually says I'm so happy...)
  21. I am considering doing some of these Fun and hard... my two favorite things
  22. HA thanks red Insane was kinda the thought I had when I first looked at it too... but then I thought "eh... I'm insane... so why not"
  23. me tooo me tooo!! I can currently do ~1 minute or so against a wall (with my back to the wall) and ~3 sec free standing... I'm working towards walking and one handed both Yay fun!!
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