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  1. I use this website all the time for finding my mileage.... http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/
  2. I understand the feeling. I spend a lot of time traveling so that involves eating food other people have prepared (not in restaurants), so I have to guess a lot too. For me it's easier to pick something similar and estimate. (not so much calculation involved and I get bored with that too easily) I know some sites will let you build recipes and set portion sizes and everything, which is definitely more precise but maybe not any more accurate if you don't really know what went into the meal. Go with what works best for you for now and then see if you get results. If not, maybe something needs to change.
  3. So I got my pullup practice in this week. Tuesday- Friday I did 3 sets of 5-10 each, usually starting with ten and then by set 3 I'm down to 5. haven't done so well with the HSPU practice but I got to go to a crossfit gym 4 days (YAY!) so we did things like push press (two of the days) and power snatching which will add to my strength, which will add to my ability to push my own body weight off the ground (upside down on my hands). here's to a great weekend and more domination of goals next week
  4. Doing great Angel! and so are you My main concern is not the total calories but the balance btwn fat, protein, and carbs. Obviously I have a ways to go. But the first step is writing it down so I can actually see what I am eating. I need to figure out tuesday: Fat 116.3g 41.6%Carbohydrates 254.4g 40.4%Protein 113.7g 18.1% Wednesday: Fat 123.4g 43.6%Carbohydrates 218.7g 34.4%Protein 140.3g 22% Yesterday: Fat 122.4g 46.2%Carbohydrates 195.8g 32.8%Protein 125g 21%
  5. I can do several in row with assistance, so I'm planning on working up (or rather down) to less and less help. I always attempt a few with no help first and then use the lightest band possible. When there is no pullup bar available, I do body rows. The more horizontal you are the harder they are. Have you read Steve's article on doing pullups? http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2011/04/25/do-a-pull-up/ it's a good one
  6. That's why i use a journal too. Easy to bring along. I found an app yesterday for Loseit.com so it's nearly as easy, with the benefits of showing me how much protein, carbs and fats I've eaten all in a nifty pie chart. And I always have my phone on me...
  7. I think consistency needs to be a goal for me too. Too easy to say "ah maybe later" and not bother to find places to workout. Which can be a challenge, but also make it more exciting...
  8. I use myWOD to track my workouts but so far I've stuck with pen and paper for food. I need to find something else that will work. THis is the first time I've done anything like this in a public forum, so bear with my inability to post things properly please I eat mostly Paleo, and try to track using the zone method, but that hasn't worked the best... so I'm open to new ideas.
  9. Hey Good Luck with your procedure!! I gotta say Wolverine has always been one of my favs... even before Hugh Jackman made him pretty. He's just plain Bad A**! Get after those goals you can do it!
  10. I hereby declare that I will not let a change of surroundings keep me from my life goals. I just moved away from an awesome crossfit gym where I had not only a place to work out but top notch support and trainers. But I refuse to let myself wallow. For the next 6 weeks I will: Keep a daily food and exercise log(aiming for total Paleo and crossfit style)Level up my pull up abillty - be able to do more than 1 unassistedLevel up my handstand pushups - do full strict and kipping HSPUs I may not have the opportunity to use weights for the next few months, but that doesn't have to stop me from attaining my goals
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