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  1. yay one more week of burpees I'm kinda proud of the fact that I haven't missed one day of them... maybe I'm learning something about sticking things out... daily meditation yep daily stretching .. uh well about 4 days... that's barely a passing grade running. did it once bleah... I don't think I'll ever love it again. I really did used to (but that was before I discovered how much fun picking up heavy things is) I kinda can't wait until this whole burpee thing is over to be honest. I still like them but not in such high quantities so frequently... one more week one more week one more week
  2. mwhahahaha! yesssss! come to the dark side! Pain and lunglessness await you
  3. ha thanks guys! I don't really feel very mighty or masterful... well some days I do but mostly I'm just kinda tired of burpees thankfully we are almost to the end of this challenge. Yay! only two more weeks of burpees... then we'll see how long it takes me to forget how much I don't like them and sign up for another round of crazy ANYWAY to sum up the week It's been crazy but I did get my burpees all in (the only thing that is keeping me doing these this week is my competitive side... which is most of me as it turns out) I did pretty well on the stretching, but not as good as I could have. I aim to do better next week Not so much with the running either. I did run once, but not sprinting... with a 25lb plate. Now that was fun... (really it was!) I did well with meditation as well all in all a good week now to stick it out two more weeks....
  4. cool fun stuff! yay for barefoot too and BTW I have to give you most of the credit for me not missing any days of burpees... every time I'm tempted to just skip them I think "nope, can't let that crazy barefooter beat me" You fired up my crazy competitive side so when I finish this burpee thing you started, you get at least 12% of the credit
  5. yeah, no knee pain here either, but definitely check your squat form. It's easy to do it right going down but when you jump back up it would be easy to twist something wrong...
  6. ... yeah WOW very impressive, dude... It's kinda fun when the bar can't hold as much as you can
  7. THanks for telling me!! somehow I missed this one... ps I think the letter is unlocked
  8. I've done variations (like box jump burpees, and broad jump burpees - which is basically what they are doing in your video, I just didn't go for a whole mile) but they generally tend to be worse... but then it would maybe make me appreciate regular burpees more THanks for the bending in solidarity
  9. Thanks Yay for burpees... or something I did em all anyway they actually are getting easier, or maybe I'm just getting used to them, or maybe I've finally gone completely crazy.... (It's been coming on for a while now) Burpees and running and meditation yes... not so much on the stretching this week. And I can feel it. ah well I solemnly promise myself to do better this week. my biggest challenge in all of this is staying motivated to do all these dang burpees. So to combat that I'm gonna change my strategy a bit. I have been mostly doing them at night... which means I forget until about 9 and then go ..."ugh. burpees!" I think it helps when I get at least half of them done in the morning. I'm going to start using them as a warm up I think. Good way to get all loose and ready to rumble... I'm sorry for being kinda absent this week. I'm afraid its going to be worse for the next few weeks too... Limited internet access as well as less free time = less posting on here but I'm still rooting for you all! Keep up the good work!
  10. This is EPIC news!! I'm SO happy for you! How cool that you can live your dreams! Awesome adventures are ahead for you
  11. also... ugh I get migraines periodically as well... I feel your pain bro hope this week is better!
  12. I'm working on being epic at facing suckage like my cro magnon friend... facing it I am liking it I am not
  13. THanks for the encouragement guys It musta worked because they didn't feel too bad this week.. either that or my "suck tolerance" levels are going up Haha! Someone kindly pointed out we are 1/3 DONE wheee so this week... Meditation, and stretching - check and check running... well I did it once. (I really don't like sprinting, especially when it's part of a circuit. But this is WHY i NEED to keep at it) My workout schedule this week was a bit crazy to include more, but starting next week I won't have access to a gym with weights (boohoo!!) for several weeks so I know this part of my challenge will improve. I tend to run more when I'm not around heavy things to lift and burpees DO ALL the burpees. - check on to week three
  14. It's definitely feeling better this week... yay for better burpees course maybe it's because I decided not to be a whiney little b!#$% about them...
  15. This is true!! I can kip one pull up at a time, just not strict... so maybe I can do them!! Great.. now I have to try it... grooooooaaaaaaaaannnnnnn.... I would add another one to your list... but I can't ever remember jokes... or I get the punch line wrong and then it's just not funny
  16. Absolutely!! we welcome all kinds of crazy here I'm sure there's always room for more... I would add you to the spreadsheet myself, but I'm not sure I'd do it right so that it adds them up for you
  17. *peeks in* knock knock... is everything ok over here?
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