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  1. ditto I haven't been here much, but its good for reference
  2. nearly .... my lungs took a while to get back in and by that time the queasies had left... are you questioning if we really went all in?
  3. yay you ARE here... sometimes these forums keep First Life from making me crazy
  4. heh just following our illustrious leader... right to the left of center
  5. yay for jumping and yay for general awesomeness too btw!!
  6. She's lucky to have you and your family there. warm fuzzies and cozy squishy hugs <3
  7. burpee pullups next thing to try as soon as I can do good pullups that is awesome start man!
  8. running in the heat is possibly the closest thing to hell we will experience in this lifetime... in my opinion
  9. PS CROMAN I had to look up who Rodan was to see which one might be me... and I found this heh
  10. SO yeah Burpees suck but I did them every. single. day. cause you know what? sometimes life sucks and we don't get to quit, just because it's uncomfortable... so suck it up buttercup! (this is me yelling at myself for motivational purposes... cause man they really sucked this week) GO ME I did all the meditation. Some days this is no problem.. others I have a reeeeeally hard time controlling my flighty mind and focusing. I also did all the stretchy bendy this week too feels sooooo good. I did NOT run this week. I kinda forgot about this one, what with all the burpees I was doing. There was a little sprinting in one warm up we did, but it wasn't enough to count. I don't want to leave this one out... I really need to improve my running over all... a good week. Reading over this post I see I need to change my attitude about these burpees or I'm never gonna make it all the way to the end of this. I love burpees i love burpees i love burpees... hmm it's not working yet
  11. wow.... just wow But then I'll be doing 4200... at least so maybe not as crazy as it first appears heh or maybe I'm just crazy too
  12. Hahaha epic burpee battle... it has begun... ha thanks sure you don't want to join us?? thanks Sammie heh.. yeah... I'll either really HATE burpees by the end of this or I'll love them right now I'm pretty much hating... ha what? no burpees?? thanks Yes Ma'am!! getting right on that dominating
  13. wheee one week down only... 5 to go... (seriously, what was I thinking?)
  14. Mixing up the burpees with squats... Good idea! They don't seem as bad mixed in with other stuff.
  15. Yay! Glad things are feeling better. Can't wait to watch the awesome
  16. I bow to your greatness oh burpee'd one...New time: 7:52 Still a pr for me... But dang it, not quite good enough... Next time, next time...
  17. SO I still have the rest of today to try this again right? cause Ima try and beat Mr. more-burpees-than-anyone-in-their-right-mind:)
  18. bears can be adorable in pink tu tus... just saying course maybe adorable isn't the adjective you are going for? go get those young punks and show em how its done
  19. oh good it's not just me then.... follow, multiquote and drop down menus... also my notifications won't reset....Don't they know how much those little red numbers bother me???? patience patience patience....
  20. Yay for dumbbells and YOU. LOOK. AMAZING! jumping is one thing that I have struggled with as well. I conquered my fear though (well its an on going thing... I have to conquer it every time I jump on a box, or over a hurdle.) YOU can do it
  21. suspicion confirmed... You're crazy my favorite kind of people may the best burpee-er win craziest burpee-er whatever...
  22. wow. I miss a few days and Wolverine comes out of the Chaossin closet.... welcome to the ranks (well, if we had any) Some excellent fun will be had around here... can't wait to witness it
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