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  1. Main goal: be awesome. I would love to qualify for the CF games by the time I'm masters age. I feel like its entirely possible. (That would be 3 years from now.) I was very inspired last week watching the Masters women compete in the CF games. And it inspired me to new heights... I want to be that awesome when I'm 40. I may not have constant access to weights and a gym like I do now, but that small obstacle need not hinder me from this awesomeness, for I am an ASSASSIN! I can do epic things using only my bodyweight if necessary. To this end I will 1- participate (read:dominate) in Barefoot Phylanx's burpee challenge, which means doing 100+ burpees daily for 42 days ... possible +3 STA, +3 STR 2- flexibility is vital for strength, gymnasts and weightlifters are some of the most flexible athletes out there. I have been slacking at this lately. Will be done 5-10 minutes every day, either yoga or stretching or both. (pre-workout stretching not included this needs to be above and beyond that)... possible +4 CON 3- I'm frustrated with my running. I feel like I'm getting slower, and it hinders the rest of my workout when it's included, so at least once a week speed work... possible +2 DEX 4- I've been letting life overwhelm me lately... daily meditation will help keep me centered and level, able to keep focused on what's really important... possible +1 CHA, +1 WIS
  2. HOW could he forget that one! someday I will be ninja-like enough to be able to do those too hahaha yes! This is how I feel about burpees in general...
  3. Anytime we get to feeling sorry for doing this crazy challenge just go watch this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0a7wbW2P5Q#at=165 and realize it could be so much worse
  4. hahahaha! fun! I think we all have a very twisted idea of fun Because I thought the same thing
  5. Pole dancing in florescent pink spandex... hmm wow and he was worrying about ME scaring new assassins away...
  6. I will hate myself for this later... BlackWidowEowyn - 100
  7. I gotcha. Makes sense when the goal is to do them every day not max out every day
  8. *walks away shaking head mumbling* nuts with their numbers I wash my hands of this madness Now if you would just be sensible and come do burpees with me....
  9. heheh now I wanna try it... hurling heavy objects... What could go wrong??
  10. oh well if it was JUST the Insanity plyo circuit then.... *sarcasms don't translate well in type* ;P that makes more sense, two days... I was thinking "man I'm gonna have to up my game to keep up with HIM!" those Insanity workouts are awesome I've never hit total failure yet... urping and wall leaning yes. I also discovered this week that donating blood and the next day doing an intense workout in pretty serious heat equals falling over... I don't recommend that either
  11. Yes PvP sounds good to me! the more the merrier (or is it misery loves company?) this sounds perfect to me.. so by single set you mean the first time you need to break? or the first time you pick your lungs up? and so its not really total number of burpees done? What do you mean by higher multiplier of their set number? That's our Croman ... egging those of us on who have no power to resist a challenge, and then stepping back to watch the fun.
  12. no no not fail fest you made some good progress. One step at a time, and sometimes the step is figuring out what doesn't work for you. see you in September and best wishes for your wedding and all!
  13. This. all of it. You get my vote for NF champion too.
  14. are you kidding me? you did BOTH the chest and abs AND the plyo x workout from p90x? whoa and I thought Croman was insane. btw I'm with you on the migraine avoidance... nm what the man says about angels and vomit being cool...
  15. Wow!! way to rock this challenge! And it looks like you are totally conquering the "off week" too heh normal is so beige and boring who would ever want to be normal
  16. You DIDN'T fail everything though. You made some serious progress. You should at the very least give yourself credit for all the hard work you put in before your injury, and Wolverine gave himself a bye for the weeks he was injured. So I don't think you should count it against yourself. It's not like you just gave up and quit!! Healing is more important than meeting your goals every day of the year.
  17. Excellent work!! Good job on your first challenge and yay for other people noticing!!
  18. this is why keeping track of things drives me right over the edge GAHHHHHHH!! too many maths!
  19. ok I'm in. (I know I'll regret this at some point in the next 6 weeks... why do I love punishing myself so much?) haha we're gonna get you into this yet... he never really stopped
  20. thank you muchly! HA! sorry Wolvie... Egos are not for stroking... they are for popping. without fail. And here we are it's 2 to 1 for the mocking general leader-harassment carries the day
  21. You must be crazy! ick NO! sigh... yes I do so can we split them up or does it have to be all at once?
  22. Heee also I forgot to award myself +1 CHA for making Wolverine stoop to name calling and grumbling
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