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  1. Of course. Pics definitely!
  2. This has been a hard-fought victory!
  3. darkfoxx

    Tobbe gets productive

    Ooh - time waster detox. Great goal - can’t wait to see you crush it!
  4. darkfoxx

    Cultivating Gratitude

    Oh wow - flying! That’s a great big why - looks like you’ve got some solid steps for moving forward. Seconded on the thankfulness first the Internet - it’s one of those things that has fundamentally changed not only my life but the way the world works in general. It’s kind of mind boggling.
  5. darkfoxx

    Mel The Hangry is making changes

    Whoo hoo! Glad to see you decided to do the thing anyways! Good goals - can’t wait to see you slay that sugar dragon. He’s a beast!
  6. darkfoxx

    iatetheyeti: metanoia

    Sounds like a killer next little bit coming up, but it looks like you’ve got a path forward and manageable goals that can fit into even a hectic challenge (hello the challenge I ended up doing jumping jacks in the bathroom because I had zero time and needed to do like a gillion). You can do this!
  7. darkfoxx

    You Can Become a Hero - criticism welcome

    It looks like you’re on a good track - maybe switch your thinking of ‘meditating’ and the connotations that brings to ‘ruminating’. Sounds like examining what’s behind the actions rather than immediately jumping to deeper peace might be beneficial. Keeping engaged with the process, logging progress or the lack thereof, being honest with yourself, and engaging with your community would all help with sticking on track. You’ve got this!
  8. darkfoxx

    DrFeelgood - A New Home

    Woof. That’s an inordinate amount of drama - can’t wait to see the outcome in the new year!
  9. darkfoxx

    Fonzico levels up

  10. darkfoxx

    Darkfoxx 60: New Home, Who Dis?

    New challenge is up early - yay for me! Darkfoxx 61: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink/topic?share_fid=26425&share_tid=114930&url=https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/114930-Darkfoxx-61%3A-The-More-Things-Change%2C-The-More-They-Stay-The-Same&share_type=t&link_source=app
  11. Whew, made it! The last challenge of the year! Ok, so no - not really - 2 more to go, but this year sure does feel like it’s winding down, and my non-counting self was excited for a minute there. [emoji38] If this year has taught me nothing, it’s that the more things change, the more they stay the same. My schedule is still consistently inconsistent, and I’ve just got to (re and continually) make peace with that. To that end, this year I’ve: * Stopped eating like I have to get my moneys worth at every meal out (especially buffets - all you can eat is *not* a challenge) * Continued to adapt to changing fitness class scheduling * Have shifted my goals based on seasons (it’s not possible to be outside and as active in the summer months) * Have a few gym-based routines in my pocket involving all manner of equipment availabilities for travel times * Have drastically cut down on travel day bingeing (still not perfect here) * Have cut the multiple multiple-course meals per week with friends * Have come up with some semblance of workable scheduling for when DH is home vs when he’s traveling (Kinda - this still trends too much toward not leaving the house, but at least I’m consistently taking the dogs out) * Have my core group(s) of friends but am always scouting for more * Have picked up hobbies I can do while DH is home or not * Have gotten pretty comfortable with exploring new cities on my own - mostly On to the Goals Goal 1: Nutrition At the moment, I’m not counting macros, instead focusing on the *quantity* of food I’m eating so as to avoid the uncomfortable too-full feeling I’m no longer enjoying. I’ll also be continuing this years’ ongoing photo project - a collage a day of what I’ve eaten. I’m still tracking foods and symptoms in Cara, but have dropped My Fitness Pal. While I still want better gut health, I’m not sure where I want to go with my current Dr., if anywhere. Goal 2: Physical Fitness Still focusing on 2 - 3 yoga classes a week, and should really add in a codicil for days I don’t leave the house - either a long walk with the pups if it’s cool enough, or a quick gym session. At this moment, it looks like: Monday slow flow, Tuesday detox or slow and strong (depending on whether or not the dogs go to daycare), Wednesday nothing but steps, Thursday slow and strong, Friday ?, Saturday/Sunday striving for steps at least if I don’t go do something active with DH - if he’s gone, Saturday am athlete strength class, Sunday ? Goal 3: Fulfillment I need to continue to do some work here for my mental health. Sewing project list: * 7-gore Edwardian skirt in grey suiting material * Pinafore dress in French Blue linen * Redrafted kimono top in Navy blue linen * Remake of my black dress in Georgette * Copy of that dress with a boat neckline and shoulder ties in a fun jungle print in rayon * Medieval kirtle in a light wool * Dog jackets in teal couch fabric I already have * 17th century corset * Ninja-ish dress in charcoal linen * Harem pants in black jersey * Ninja-y trousers in black suiting * Remake of my favorite travel dress in black ponte * Land Army pants in charcoal suiting with teal accents * Slopers in old sheet muslins Other projects: * Finance stuff when that rolls around * Travel planning ? * Start some sort of meaty class ? * Work on painting something ? * Holiday cards * Some sort of holiday gift craft (maybe my soap?) + strawberry bread & Irish Creme for friends * Continue to work with furry assholes on walking, barking and not being terrorists * Getting out more because it’s not death hot * Blog revamps ? * Whole30 ebook to sell ?
  12. darkfoxx

    Darkfoxx 60: New Home, Who Dis?

    Challenge Wrapup I didn’t strictly follow my stated goals (yet again), but let them evolve in a way that wouldn’t leave me feeling trapped or too pressured to perform. I love some structure, I crave it and I thrive in it, but with challenges I just haven’t been able to jump back in to the hyper structure that I’ve had great success with in the past. 100% due to a host of internal headspace issues. I’m trying to honor my headspace-connected-to-the-food-and-exercise-bone needs for what they are at this time and space, while walking the line between honor and indulgence, which is feeling more indulgent than strictly necessary. I have a big event looming - we won’t get to it next challenge - we shall see if I can get my ass in some semblance of gear and work toward making that event a success story on the body front, or if I’ll just coast. *shrug* It’ll be what it’ll be.
  13. darkfoxx

    Darkfoxx 60: New Home, Who Dis?

    Saturday, Sunday Tooled around the Abu Dhabi Louvre, figures out that the protein wraps I’ve been eating the past few days is what’s making my stomach unhappy (too much fiber). Skipped breakfast, lunch was soba at the museum, had a protein wrap thing to figure it out, dinner was the hotel buffet and I only ate half of what was pictured. Sunday we drove out to an oaisis which was kinda cool and up a mountain for some good views which was actually cool. Processed some shit and came to the conclusion that the lack of scheduling is screwing with my anxiety levels + the lack of usual self-soothing mechanisms centering around macro tracking - tonight’s anxiety dream was I was my niece packing to go off to college. Breakfast was a parata roll from a gas station, lunch was weird long chips from a gas station, and dinner was room service club sandwich. DH’s stress level has also been hitting me hard lately, and with nothing substantive of my own to worry about (or unhealthily panic about like my old job), it’s been throwing me for a loop. Also found out DH will have to stay an extra day, so that’s a bummer - I hate having to grab the dogs from the dogsitter. I may stretch this until after I get home and drop my bags - if it’s in any way cool enough, I’ll walk them home. Odin got too excited while in his bag and peed as I was lifting him out and I don’t want to re-bathe the dogs when they come home smelling so good. Also took a Skillshare class this week, and this one was better quality than the last two on sewing. This one was a mini-tutorial on mobile lightroom with an eye toward making a cohesive Insta feed - I’m not sure if my photography style really lends itself to full cohesion, and I’m loathe to force the matter through heavy editing, but it was something interesting to think about. My blog feed is where I post my better iPhone shots and the predominant colors are oranges and blues. While I do t have a set editing style per se, I do already commonly do the same actions and with a little goosing of those two colors I think I can make something work at least a chunk of the time. Still doesn’t answer the question I had about making a filter that does exactly what I want - kind of pushes copper to the forefront, deepens blacks and adds an almost transparent gauze layer - and the explanation just gave me a place to start [emoji854]
  14. darkfoxx

    Mad Hatter retreats

    Awesome challenge and a ton of great insights! As for the meditation goal - sometimes taking time to journal, walk and think, or draw can be very meditative. I know for me, that’s the way I can focus my brain to chill out instead of taking the usual approach (which usually just leads to long and involved brain movies and no real actual mind emptying).
  15. darkfoxx

    Daryl of Barbaria - Gets on with some productive sh**.

    Just in time to continue on with zero week! [emoji16]