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  1. Week 1: Friday Daily [ ☑️] DuoLingo Arabic class [ - ] Digital art practice: [ ☑️ ] Enrichment for the pups: Frozen foods night [ ☑️ ] Yoga class, TRX, Walk: Yay, I had a class today. Slow flow in the morning with some cool novel balance work. I was weak, but I got through it. Breakfast: Skipped because I needed to sleep in - stayed up until an unknown hour (but long enough to pee 3x after going to bed at 10) to finish my book Lunch: The last of the leftover sushi rice & hoisin beef Dinner: Our last Ramadan meal - an Indian comb
  2. Speaking of whack a doodle dreams: I spent an entire night on NyQuil redecorating the Dutch embassy entryway somewhere in Asia (I watched an episode of The Scorpion right before bed) - with multiple layers of colored foliage and an existing fountain thing I had to design around. The design style was like the game I was playing before falling asleep (Animal Crossing Pocket Camp) with grid-style drag and drop reordering. Every time I fell back asleep, I “fell” and tried again with a different scheme - do I want the black vine chartreuse pear ivy in front, or back? What about the ho
  3. Week 1: Thursday Daily [ ☑️] DuoLingo Arabic class [ ☑️ ] Digital art practice: Spent some time working on a copy medley [ ☑️ ] Enrichment for the pups: Toys in a box night featuring new Barkbox two-parter toys. Happy, happy squeaky destroying pups [ - ] Yoga class, TRX, Walk: Noooooooooooooope Breakfast: Oats, the last of the tahini, granola Lunch: Leftover sushi rice & hoisin beef Dinner: Leftover “bratwurst” & fries from last night Snacks: X Today’s macro spread: 1305 calories, 71g protein, 31g fat, 158g carbs
  4. We are cautiously optimistic. Adding to that optimism is further direction from the CDC re: vaccinated persons and resuming activities sans social distancing and masking. We are still gauging what we want to do when we do leave - and he’s going to lobby for at least a long weekend asap - preferably before he launches on a massive work trip. If it’s just a long weekend, we are looking closely at Georgia at the moment. We’ve got a travel bubble with them, their curfew restrictions won’t really affect us, and pretty old shit + bomb ass wine + killer food sounds like just the medicine we need.
  5. Week 1: Wednesday Daily [ ☑️] DuoLingo Arabic class [ ☑️ ] Digital art practice: Colored a bit [ ☑️ ] Enrichment for the pups: Frozen foods night: Fancy American wet food (Beneful) with added frozen cucumbers, kibble & jerky stick halves [ - ] Yoga class, TRX, Walk: Noooooope. Motivation is in the potty this week since I took most of last off, have a weird schedule this week and felt like poo on Monday Breakfast: Oats, collagen powder, tahini, granola Lunch: A repeat of yesterday: the last of the ham I’d thawed + biryani rice Din
  6. I’ve loved both my Fitbits (I’ve had the pill looking one that slotted into the silicone wristband and the step before the one that looks like an Apple Watch) and my Apple Watch. Fitbit’s tracking ecosystem was great, and I’ve not had issues with Apple’s. I will say that I do not sleep in my Apple Watch - mostly because I’ve got a metal band on it and that sucker is not comfortable to sleep in. The larger of my Fitbits took some getting used to on that front, but the less functional version was fine for that use case. When I had the Fitbit scale, aaaaall my fitness stuff fit into
  7. Ah, man. That calf ... again! Totally sounds like the Universe continues its yelling at you. There’s got to be something behind that shit, though, other than glass hammies.
  8. Week 1: Tuesday Daily [ ☑️] DuoLingo Arabic class [ ☑️ ] Digital art practice: Gouache-style(ish) fiddlehead fern tutorial [ ☑️ ] Enrichment for the pups: Dinner was kibble wrapped in strips of sheet & stuffed into their Hole-E-Rollers with half a semi-frozen cucumber and a chew stick [ ☑️ ] Yoga class, TRX, Walk: Functional yoga happened. I felt a bit weak still and was stiff af, but I was glad to have “gone” Breakfast: Oats, tahini, granola, pepitas Lunch: Leftover grocery biryani rice + leftover thawed ham Dinner: A hoisin s
  9. Whelp, we lost a day. Got our second jabs Sunday and lost yesterday to watching movies because neither of us could focus on much else, taking Tylenol to control periodic fevers, and sitting still to combat joint ache. We are much better today. I think at least both of us feel fine - DH went to work, so I’m assuming he’s ok. Poor guy had to wrangle the insurance company + the lender company for house stuff while trying to kick a low fever. Strange. They seem to make him hot; I get so cold my teeth chatter and all my muscles want to tense up. Meanwhile, he’
  10. Not my favorite thing at all - but I *do* have some data to indicate that I am, in fact, up in weight numbers since the start of this mini lockdown. So I’m not all off the mark. Just some. Lols. Yeah ... no. I can’t remember which decade of life I’m in, have zero sense of personal time, and absolutely do not know what “adult” actually means. I’m probably fine with this. Yaaaaas! Glad to see you!
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