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  1. This challenge, I’ll be starting off by getting back into whatever passes for my usual swing - again - and will take us through the only big holiday I’m doing this year - Thanksgiving. Nutrition While traveling: Do what I can to not kill myself - Georgia is known for its wine & cheesy bread; wine is fine - cheesy bread: not so much. I know I’ll have to have it at least once, knowing that I’m going to have a bad time. Let’s not roll that into reckless abandon, yo. While home: Veggies & protein first - carbs to fill in the gaps. Movement
  2. We are at a standstill - again - this time because 3 meters of bias tape was only half enough *eye roll* Will totally be wearing this thing on Thanksgiving come hell or high water. Have switched focus to crocheting small double-chambered clutch bags - something nice and modern in modern colors; may eventually be salable or giftable; for now, quick to knock together and I’m enjoying the process of learning new decorative double crochet stitch variants. also need more damn supplies to finish those. Whomp, whomp. We’re home for a couple brief days before heading ou
  3. Congrats! and fuck random nausea - I feel your pain and it suuuuuuuuuucks. Hoping you find the balance point for your specific system at this moment in time soon!
  4. That sounds like a much more awesome hobby than just collecting pens as art objects or fashion accessories. Super cool!
  5. Saturday, Sunday DH had the weekend off, so we had time to go and do things. Saw Dune on Saturday (amaze, achingly beautiful) and went out for Turkish steak for dinner - love a good theatrical tableside cook. Sunday we bopped over to Dubai - mostly to check out guitar stores. Found 3 he liked and he got to nerd out with 7-strings and guitar dudes. I finally found some black bias tape. And we lucked into a digital art exhibit of Van Gogh, which was freakin amazing. We also decided to come back in December for a weekend to see the Expo.
  6. A pen collector, eh? Kids come up with the most random hobbies. Pens are a huge deal where I live - if he ends up getting into them and wants something he can’t find locally, let me know - they’re everywhere here.
  7. 100% appreciated and I most definitely needed a hug! Luckily, it’s only a corset and I’ve got a lot of free time, so I’ve re-sewn 3 out of the 4 panels, and maaaay even get to the damn grommets today. 🙌 Nice! Happy to help! Date really works well with sticking things together and those balls are 🔥 It’s not been a bad time - we’ve been social in the evenings, I’ve still gotten to virtually hang out with my coffee friends, and I’ve gotten a bunch of crafting done in peace and quiet. Sure, it’s without my warm lap lumps, but I also do t have to worry about them bark
  8. Wednesday Discovered that half of the unpicking and re-sewing I did on my project was for naught - ended up with 2 identical sides instead of 2 mirrored sides. FML. Didn’t do my barre workout - wrestled with international ordering and shipping for a baby present instead. Life is complicated when you’re sending something to Europe from a store with outposts in Europe - with an American credit card - whose billing address is an APO - from a whole other country. Got it done and her gift is on the way, eventually.
  9. Monday, Tuesday Monday I got in a workout at the gym - too-light kbs since the weight I like was busy - but that too-light weight got me through all 3 rounds of the workout without dying. I’m definitely noticing it 2 days later. I need to get off my butt today and get my barre workout in. Averaging every-other-day workouts and that’s enough. Met some new people Monday so may have dinner pals for the rest of the trip. We shall see. Apparently 3 cricket teams are now staying in the hotel - in their own little tower, with their own section of the be
  10. Not too terribly much to report - I’ve found out they will make me fried eggs at breakfast so I have something else in my rotation (I finally got sick of the spinach). Yay. Dinners have still been snack buffet picking with more whiskey diets than usual, but that’s okay for this season. Annoyed af at myself for transcribing 2 pattern pieces backwards on my corset - got all the boning channels in, the bones in and sanded … went to put the damn thing together, aaaaaand 2 panels are backwards. I’ve either got to unpick 20-something boning channels, flip the fabric & hope
  11. Yes! They do a fairly decent potato here - creamy on the inside if a bit under seasoned but delicious nonetheless, especially on days they either pick the thyme well or don’t hammer the dish in stems at least.
  12. Tuesday Back to my favorite hotel buffet breakfast: Sautéed spinach, mushrooms, nutty brown bread, butter & coffee. I needed some sugars from juice as well to attempt and stave off a dehydration headache. Caught up with one of my coffee ladies - the other had a baby Monday night so she had a good excuse to skip. DH came home early and we beelined it to the good burrito place (San Francisco natives but based out of London) for lunch. Dinner was a kinda weirdo cottage pie & a few bites of dismal corn at the snack station. Whiskies
  13. The rest of this challenge will be spent in a hotel. I’ve got 4 rotating workouts planned out - 2 kettelbell gym + 2 hotel room barre - with a couple yoga flows pinned that I can also whip out. Breakfasts will mostly be back to spinach/mushrooms/that crazy nut + fruit bread + maybe some potato or the omelette of the week if it looks good. Lunches may end up being grab-n-go grocery, or they may come from the little snack setup at the hotel. Dinners will probably be from the snack setup at the hotel for the most part. I’ll keep taking pictures, but MFP is probably not hap
  14. Thursday - Monday I don’t remember Thursday, made it to yoga and had too much Indian Friday, Saturday was our PCR tests & lunch out somewhere (?) Sunday we took the pups to the vet for a yearly shot and snuggled, Monday was a travel day full of mostly-carb foods and lots of whiskey diets. Oh yeah - now that I see the pics, Thursday was a doctor appointment & my first PSL of the season; Saturday was laksa soup for lunch & a club sandwich for dinner.
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