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  1. I have no doubt you’re suffering from very hard earned compassion fatigue, and the forums can definitely pile onto that. We’ll all still love you if you put your oxygen mask on first before checking on the rest of the row. *deep breath* You don’t have to be everything to everyone *deep breath* *hugs*
  2. What I’ve seen be successful as an approach for the fitness minded in yoga: Sean Vigue’s approach to yoga for athletes - I came across him through a HIIT program I used to do as an active recovery day. His classes can be hard af, but they’re really good: https://youtube.com/c/SeanVigueFitness My BIL is active in promoting yoga to ex-soldiers through Soflete (and before that, Men’s Health Magazine did a feature on yoga for the SF community - baby BIL is pictured center). Doug may be a good person to talk to about that direction. Joe Rogan and other fi
  3. Wednesday, Thursday Food has been good - been sticking with oats, peanut butter & banana for breakfast. Not sure if it’s working, per se, but I’ll give it another couple weeks. Lunches were leftovers & Ikea meatballs Dinners were pearl barley with spinach & onion + leftover barley + leftover taco mix Creativity has been good. I’ve been doing an exercise a day with Procreate - watercolor and florals mostly - and have been at least signing up for more blog stuff. Scheduled in some Instagram posts. I need to type up a couple recipes t
  4. Thanks! the tacos were pretty great - I’ll be posting the recipe in the next 2 weeks. I finished the rest of the taco mix off last night with some simple pearl barley cooked with a little butter & chicken stock powder and *chef’s kiss*.
  5. Week: 2, Tuesday Nutrition Goals here: smaller portions, less meat, more veggies, nutrient dense food options, no GI issues. Eat with an eye toward Base MFP goals for slow weight loss: 1,260 calories, 20% protein, 50% carbs, 30% fat Week 0 Averages: _calories, _g protein (_%), _g carbs (_%), _g fat (_%) End Weight: 137 * Week 1 Averages: _1087calories, 58g protein (21%), 115g carbs (41%), 48g fat (38%) End Weight: 137.8 Week 2 Averages: _ calories, _g protein (_%), _g carbs (_%), _g fat (_%) End Weight: _ Week 3 Averages: _ calories, _g protein (_%), _g
  6. Total coincidence, though to be fair, one or both of them is pretty much always photo bombing me. Didn’t even actually notice he was looking at my butt until I’d already posted on Insta ... Im observant
  7. It is not a pipe dream, and pockets of groups and instructors are working on same; some from the masculinity side; some from teh functional fitness side - some quietly some loudly.
  8. TimTams were definitely on the list! We currently have 4 varieties in my local grocery - all at a crazy mark up to be sure. The checkout line also had chocolate frogs & koalas - plus some other weirdo UK Dairymilk business. The snack aisle(s) where I live are an endless source of amusement.
  9. Whoo. I may not have much to say on this thread, and I definitely didn’t do what needed doing Week 1 for my numbers to go where I want, but y’all did good on my shoulder today. My Nerds in general, but being in this thread in specific. I went for a second helping of my lunch - because I thought I was still hungry. I’d sat with lunch for a bit while I wrote and re-wrote an Instagram post. So it’s ok. Time had passed. I was really hungry. Not just mindless eating hungry. Right? And I was heading to the grocery. Hungry at the store means carte Blanche to buy junk because: yol
  10. Srsly. Great minds. Skipping right TF past the being kissed while prepping to walk into the grocery store part (shrug - I needed to hop on the forums rightnow apparently) to say - that song has been haunting me all day/ started with the opening bar of Down With The Sickness yesterday and has morphed from there.... Brains and the cosmos.
  11. *hugs and strength, my friend* Also major ass kudos for doing the things and keeping up with not only your family but your personal goals. All the high fives.
  12. Quickly popping on to add: New Merch! New Merch! I can finally rock a tank as well as my beloved logo tee ...
  13. I had forgotten about that trick! I also employ Bath & Bodyworks lotion in Eucalyptus in Ubers Excitement? Breathing? A treat? Not a treat? Who knows. I’m sure it’s tied to training and enrichment. Nice! I want one of those to stuff rolls of fleece into. To think ... our last dog had one since day 1 and mostly ignored it. If only we’d have figured this shit out sooner. They’re the worst, man. I mean ... at least I give as good as I get??
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