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  1. the rest of the week was fine - yogaed 4x during the week; twice with the hard mode teacher - and didn’t die. Walked as I could to and from. Didn’t end up seeing the friend and her mom again, but that’s ok. Had a lie-in day Sunday with DH filled with snuggles and movies (Dumbledore and X). And more Buffy. We are nearing the end. On to brainstorming about the next cycle!
  2. Yoga has been consistent thus far this week, though I cheated a bit today and Ubered to the grocery store. It was 106 at 11:30 am and class was a killer. I was also starving and knew I didn’t want to have to stop for food. So, Uber it was. Still didn’t get what I really wanted at the grocery (dill); hoping they’ll have it at the fourth grocery I will have tried this week if I ended up dragging my happy ass to the mall tomorrow. Yesterday I caught up with a friend at the National Museum. They’ve closed half of it for renos but have flipped the exhibits around so there’s still some good stuff going on. Checked out the Hermes exhibit and the cool trippy light room exhibit, which were both new and temporary. I was supposed to go to a soccer match last night, but bailed - it started at 10pm and the friend I was going with and I never came up with a solid plan for getting there and back - so we both bailed. Which was fine. I imagine we would have taken the Metro, but I don’t know if she’s ever taken it or would feel comfortable in the crowd I’m sure was there.
  3. Weekend Stayed up waaaay too late Friday; went to bed when 2am hit and my body decided to click on wolf nose - which couldn’t let go of the slightly chemical smell from the couch next to the pups and I where I had to spray cleaner that morning because *someone* decided to excited pee - on me - while upside down. Jerk. Wolf nose made me hella nauseous, so I trundled off to bed before DH got home. Saturday proper we bopped around the newest mall. Sunday we headed to the souq to grab some Turkish style bowls for a friend. Food was so/so all weekend - too much quantity but it was all tasty.
  4. Still moar days: Yoga was had Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday; Friday I bailed to spend the morning with DH instead. Food was mostly ok - I need to type 3 new recipes for the blog and all 3 were on the healthy spectrum and delicious. Only did a modicum of crochet this week, opting instead to finish the main storyline of my game.
  5. I had forgotten that was in Jax. 🤣🤣
  6. Some More Days: Yoga has been relatively consistent. Food has been up and down. Pups are snuggled. Crochet project has been worked on a tad.
  7. Some amount of days: We are home and I’m settling back into my routine. Yoga was had yesterday and today; puppies were snuggled to the max the other days. I cooked for the first time today and it was good to get back in the kitchen. Also started a new audio book by Andy Weir - Hail Mary - and finished our metric ton of laundry.
  8. Seconding the Ottolentangi love - he’s one of my absolute favorites when it comes to veggies. I believe I’ve also gotten Pom mol at Whole Foods, though Amazon is solid. If you go the Amazon route, I’ve had the Cortas, Zarrin and Al Wadi brands and all are good. You really can’t go wrong.
  9. Vinaigrette: depends on what I have in teh fridge and I always measure with my heart. Some variations: Olive oil / pomegranate molasses / too much cracked pepper / Maldon salt Olive oil / grainy Maille mustard / dill if it’s handy / any citrus I have on hand / a dash of honey / maybe some cayenne or red pepper flakes Olive oil / grated ginger / grated garlic / maybe something green like chives / cracked pepper / rice vinegar / probably some mustard because I can’t help myself
  10. What day is today? Wednesday. Yesterday, DH worked evenings - gym was pushed back and Starbucks was before he left. More of the same since the last time I updated - gym (:30 variable incline treadmill + either free weights or machine weights working on shoulders/biceps/triceps/arms), food has been my standard for this hotel breakfast + mostly from Starbucks (or delivery Mexican). Lots of fruit. Lots of tea. Some amount of Diet Coke and matcha lattes. Crochet project is bopping along. I’m not super far, but I’ve got 1 repeat of the pattern done and am chipping away at the second. I may get through this second bop with my first skein of yarn. May not. I hope so, I only have 7 and I don’t feel like I’m super far. Home is in 4 days and my body is ready. My low back is starting to ache from the treadmill and really wants to get back to yoga. My lap is lonely while playing too much video games. On the other hand, the pups seem to be having a grand time:
  11. It was! Think ‘regular’ red bbq sauce with the richness of honey, a little zing from sriracha, and an amount of cumin that would have you definitely second guessing yourself. Like, what would seem to be an almost criminal amount of cumin. But … it worked. And well. That too-much cumin balanced the honey rich parts well and brought the whole sauce up from ‘boring Bullseye-style blah’ to ‘where is this guy from, and is he interested in opening a shop in my neighborhood’ good. Also on the menu: charred grapes with fillet steak. I’ve only had charred grapes a couple of times, but they are magical. And with a good fillet …. My food-nerdery is fairly sad I won’t be near a kitchen for another 4 days.
  12. Th - Sun DH worked evenings both Friday & Sunday, so I gymmed late and ended up eating Starbucks for dinner. If they’ve got the chicken pesto lite sandwich in your area, it’s quite good - even room temp. The chicken avo wrap is so/so. Thursday was moar Mexican - what can I say, we have a lack of access to good non-hotel Mexican in Doha and need to make our way through the ‘excellent’ recommendations on Talabat (ME version of GrubHub). Saturday was a different mall - one that’s gotten quite the upgrade in the 2 years since we were there last. It was always a good mall, though they’ve now ditched AllSaints Spitalfields (boo), Black Tap (crazy af burgers and milkshakes that should really have booze) and one of my other fav stores to browse in, but they added: a whole enclosed catwalk over to a new indoor/outdoor section filled mostly with athletic gear and shoes, a huge hotel, access to an arena, and access to some sort of academy. I think there’s also passage to some tennis venue as well through a circuitous route. And a buttload of new restaurants. We lunched at a local meat-heavy restaurant I would absolutely love to see in Doha because I want to gank the flavor profiles of half the menu. Super cool stuff. I had short ribs with deeply cumin spiced sriracha honey bbq sauce and togarishi dusted fries with ponzu mayo. Both were delicious and I’ve got to recreate that sauce. Maybe for our ‘Murica Day party if we are home this year. Gym has been had all days but Saturday. I’ve added in free weights (rows + bicep-to-overhead thingies I remember liking from my training days + sometimes some sort of ab work). Still no luck on the gym shoes front, but not for lack of trying. I’ve also come to the conclusion that if I do find gym shoes I like, I should make my ass hit the building gym after my walk back from yoga - totally doable on every yoga day but Tuesday and Saturday for some light weight work since I’ll already have had my walking warmup. Food has been … what it’s been. Lots of fruit, too many honey peanuts and no real dinner last night (oops) - did, however, talk DH out of 9pm room service to save us both. Breakfasts have been mostly mushrooms + poached egg + the curry of the day + the carb that goes with the curry + 2 cups of coffee and maybe half a cup or so of cut fruit that‘s different than the room fruit.
  13. Wednesday Standard breakfast for this hotel: Curry of the day + whatever they’ve put out for it to go on (today was idli), some format of egg (today it was a mini Benedict), sautéed mushrooms & a side of fruit salad with 2 cups of coffee. Off to the gym for :30 ‘surprise me’ treadmill variable incline work + 3 rounds of 10 weighted push/pull movements & reverse crunches on the too-tall-for-me stand thing. Lobby Starbucks for a matcha latte & some drawing practice. Finished the piece I was working on. Back upstairs to save some bears in Cozy Grove - DH came home about 5 minutes after I got in, disappointed that I wasn’t still at Starbucks - and that he didn’t have that as an excuse to get a tea. So we went back downstairs for teas. More Cozy Grove + My Time At Portia mixed with some work on my crochet project. Dinner was delivery Katsu curries. Watched some Buffy, finished Our Flag Means Death, and off to bed.
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