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  1. Friday: Travel day back home + a surprise 2-hour functional yoga lab one of my favorite teachers talked me into going to - taught by 2 more of my favs. I couldn’t resist and it was 🔥 Saturday: Bailed on my yoga class in the morning because functional is sneaky af, opted for a mall day because I needed a grippier mat for tomorrows class. Class is !tomorrow! 😬😬😬
  2. Probably not because I hated it. I’ve picked another theme and am liking it much more. Site: https://accessiblealignyoga.com Instagram: @accessiblealignyoga Facebook: https://l.instagram.com/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fprofile.php%3Fid%3D61550893274997&e=AT2AvSRCBxpl1rHlehx_BOABqPY3NasTX0Sc6yybaWV1d1anvhZ-UTrKe6u2tTwR90h3UDNfvCBbyJ1PhN0a0dbF3_NI6lmq Aaaaaand tomorrow’s class: https://l.instagram.com/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.eventbrite.com%2Fe%2F1-hour-happy-wrists-yoga-flow-tickets-716723869387%3Faff%3Doddtdtcreator&e=AT3le8bSYAkTOM8uVbsbyMnMQoQ8JcmQ-hyz6gYtt2ETwfelyUaXE9SlBnF3ZDH1hbxq3SwWEaW_lRKorHwFpp9PfXF8TWsY
  3. Seriously?! I thought I updated yesterday. TF happened to Wednesday, Yo? Wed: Vinyasa L2 online class Worked on more business related stuff Thurs: DH finished his work early so we took a mall day Finally got the website fixed - and decided to change the theme. Got that fixed, the calendar integrated and created an online form for one/on-one client intakes. Also signed up for a functional yoga lab at home tomorrow - a few hours after we fly back - because it’s being taught by 1 of my fav teachers + one of my others is in town for a few days and will be there. Couldn’t resist. Aaaaand I discovered that chickpeas are out. I had literally 4 with breakfast and had intestinal cramps like all day. Had a scoop of chickpea masala with breakfast the first breakfast I had this trip and couldn’t eat the rest of the day. Chickpeas: no. Hummus: ok, but only 1 day in a row, otherwise I get bloated.
  4. Today: Asana/pranayama/meditation class online Didnt get as much done with batch creating as I wanted - crossed off other to-dos and followed related rabbit holes. Back end of the website was inaccessible today - likely due to customer support. New customer support did something and it should be back on line tomorrow, so I can fix the previous issue and reinstall my plugins possibly. Wordpress also just did an update, so maybe that will also fix shit. Fine. Finally made a list: Check to see if mobile issue is fixed for website Deal with that outcome Before above 2, check to see if nameserver point fix is active so I can even reach the back end. 🤦‍♀️ Repost corrected link to blog on all socials Batch create content for the rest of the month Fix Page Integration on Fb for Plann Pick an Instagram scheduler Watch yoga replays from email Check out yoga anatomy links from FB saves Yoga body bio Make an about me video for YBB Make 5 wrist warmup vid carousel for IG Pick yogic theory topic for Insta Research & write blog post on choosing YTT Pick Glossary term for Insta Pick 2nd pose to teach Write blog post on what to pack for your YTT Pick a prop to teach about - create post Pick 3rd pose to teach Write blog post on yoga as compliment to HIIT 2nd yogic theory topic for Insta Clever email messages for newsletter YBB, MailChimp Create newsletter on first blog post when that’s fixed MailChimp Yoga resume YBB, Canva Figure out how to link my Calendly to apple calendar - iCloud password tied to iCloud email is the issue Create yogapreneur notebook for sale Amazon aws Create beginner yoga teacher flight check booklet - services to sign up with, wtf to actually do to start your yoga business, what to research, graphics, content calendar, all the shit I signed up for with yoga body, Facebook groups, etc. make content calendar template for notability Merge all content calendar ideas from camera roll into 1 master list
  5. Sunday & Today Sunday: Typical mall walk day, just a different mall, worked on content calendar stuff Today: Today’s yoga class was philosophy- we made it through a whole line of the Bhagavad Gita. Created a 1-month content calendar in Trello Wrote a blog post - posted it everywhere - and then found out there’s an issue with mobile displaying my site Stayed in chat with customer service for damn ever trying to fix the issue - which may or may not be fixed; we are waiting for a server update. if this doesn’t work, I may blow this goddamn site up and start over. I’ve not got a terrible lot of content on it. I saved the blog post elsewhere. Week Update Im still too bogged down in actually doing shit to come up with a list of SMART goals. Still working out what the list of things even to do is. Staying the course of working on something businessy all late morning/afternoon + a chunk in the evening. I’d say I’m going 4-6 hours a day. Tomorrow I’m batch creating as much content as possible and hopefully not starting my new website from scratch.
  6. Today No asana class, so I did half an hour in the pool - laps that were half running/half swimming; loads of range-of-motion for the hips. Then I did a zillion hours of underpants collecting re: yoga content creation & marketing. Set some things up, plus broke down and paid for a Zoom plan + got a business email and made a page for my new shit on LinkedIn. I aaaaaaaalmost have a content plan. I have a few other things I’ve saved to wade through for inspiration.
  7. I feel your pain - but on other levels, because making pretties is my jam. But yeah …. You should have *heard* dead momma while I was in yoga school …. She was a great fuel to remember my ‘why’. Our mothers can suck it. You’re not going to end up in a box down by the River & the devil isn’t going to come get me through yoga. *this is not the gif I was looking for - I wanted something akin to ‘you’ve got this’, but … Pee Wee …. 😍
  8. Today Online asana class Worked on my yoga website - got the online event(s) added, as well as a booking calendar for private sessions. Attempted to get auto-posting set up for Instagram, but that was frustrating af and I eventually gave up. Will work on that again tomorrow.
  9. Ok, fine. Link has been posted, on to class: I don’t know how to sum up a month-long yoga teacher training efficiently. I’ll sum what I can. Deets: My school, Samasti: https://samasti-yoga.com 200 Hours over 28 days Day structure 6:30-9:30 asana/pranayama/meditation practice 9:30-10:30 breakfast 10:30-1 morning lessons - often anatomy but we had other modules on ayeurveda and business mixed in 1-4 free time - and boy did we need it 4-6:30 afternoon asana lab or other lesson 6:30-7:15/7:30 dinner 7-ish-9/9:30 evening lesson - philosophy, history or other heavy topic All that intermixed with occasional modules on fancy breathwork, nidra yoga, Bhakti yoga, sharing circle, etc. My class was created by 3 sciencey people, and they have spent years perfecting their curriculum to get the desired result. Namely, most yoga classes say something about deconstructing to reconstruct - this place means it. We had people leaving having figured some major ish out about themselves. That, and a lot of the concepts if you haven’t heard of them can be mind blowing. I get why people leave a bit cosmic struck. Our main leader has a physio background, so extra anatomy and focus on injury prevention. One of the other guys is super into yogic theory, so lots of info there. One of our main asana instructors is an old school hatha guy - so we worked that in. The other main asana woman does modern vinyasa flow and we learned a bit about her other passion - Acro. The teacher I love from Doha worked with us on yin modules and helped support some of the more psychological work. We started teaching week 1, and created our own hour-long classes, which we taught by weeks 3&4. They only gave us a guideline of savasana + either pranayama or meditation. I created 2 wrist modification classes and they were pumped about it. we were fed crazy good vegetarian, and were generally spoiled rotten by our house moms. I also loved on Rama, my kitty boyfriend, at every opportunity. And now I’m doing online classes with the hatha guy, and a beta test for a class the philosopher is putting together so I have some contact with my community.
  10. Holy shit goat yoga would be amazing. In the meantime, happy to share any yoga resources I’ve run across - and I’m doing a terrifying thing and actually putting myself out there. Online. For people. I’ll be teaching a free happy wrist series on Sundays at 9am your time for 10 weeks starting the 24th. If that goes well, I’ll be adding on with other modalities - chair & floor-only for the balance challenged, knees, shoulders, etc. Accessibility is my jam. Some classes will likely be fiery, but they’ll likely all be hatha-based vinyasa flows. Or maybe some straight up old school hatha. We shall see where the class takes me. if y’all are interested, here’s the sign-up info: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/1-hour-happy-wrists-yoga-flow-tickets-715301856107
  11. after work your time is a bit late my time, but I can totally do a restorative. Let me work something up and I’ll let you know!
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