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  1. F-Tues The weekend was fine - went to a friends house for a bbq Saturday; DH left middle of the night Sunday, bailed on yoga Monday to sleep some more and snuggle some very upset pups, Tuesday was back to normal with my mobility class. Food has been ok - I’ve overdone it with general tso style chickpeas and between lunches of the last 2 days containing chickpeas, broccolini, tofu & peppers, something killing my gut. Lots of gas, lots of bubble guts, bloated af. Which is rough, because I was so excited about how my GI system was doing last week after switching back to my smoothies. Last week’s food: https://gastography.com/2022/01/25/high-protein-meal-planning-week-3/ I’ve also been crocheting almost daily and have made a couple new enrichment things for the pups.
  2. Totally thought I updated a couple days ago … M-Th Have had 3 out of 4 yoga classes so far for the week with walks to and from. Classes have gone good and I’ve felt strong. Did not feel like / completely forgot to do my kettlebells again this week. Food has been good and I’ve worked smoothies in in the morning for a guaranteed veggie hit. Dogs have gone on 2 walks this week and one was even a great success, despite the drizzle(!!!!) I’ve crocheted & ripped out hours worth of stitches a couple times this week. Have not gotten around to organizing.
  3. M-F Hit my 4 yoga classes this week. Did not hit my kettlebell workout - but on the flip side, I felt strong in yoga pretty much all week. Am working on a chevron crochet bag; finished the outer body of the last one I was working on. Protein has been at least near target every day, some days have been over. We went back to working on walks a couple nights this week - with mixed success. We did 3 walks; 1 was utter disaster, 1 was decent, 1 I had Freya so I don’t know exactly how badly Odin did - DH says it was terrible. Haven’t organized. Haven’t cleaned the closet.
  4. True, but it still drives me nuts. Just when things seem rooted in some semblance of reality …. Supercharged 80s ridiculousness.
  5. Same! I’ve had quite the aversion to cooking meat in this apartment because my range hood sucks so bad (or rather doesn’t), and this little baby has cured that with a quickness. Mine is fairly large, but it’s the only non-coffee appliance I have out. This week’s favorite was zaatar-dusted chicken strips (air fried for 7 minutes) shoved into a pita with air fried mushrooms & peppers and an herby vegan yogurt sauce. I failed at hard boiled eggs this week. Mini Thai-spiced meatballs were a big hit, as were steak nibbles that were a bit wet for the fryer but delicious all the same.
  6. Sunday Protein ? Breakfast 2 eggs, 1.5 ounces bacon, sundried tomatoes, some leftover potatoes Lunch Delivery - mixed meat platter with roasted veg in tomato sauce. I ate half of my plate and stowed the rest Dinner More mini kibbeh - Movement Nope Yoga Kettlebell - Other Crafting Crocheting Organization Closet Clean Week recap on the blog: https://gastography.com/2022/01/09/did-you-get-your-protein-today/ Also got delivery groceries. DH is watching Cobra Kai and this damn show is a roller coaster - I’m continually surprised and annoyed by the ridiculousness that is this show.
  7. Friday, Saturday Protein 72.5g Breakfast Almond yogurt, peanut butter, collagen, raspberry jelly, pepitas Lunch Mixed grill (shish tawook; meat and chicken koftas, 1/4 of the tomato-rubbed bread, 1/4c hummus, 5 fries Dinner Leftover veggies, cucumber, kimchi & miso mayo - Movement Yoga Bailed on yoga to self isolate Kettlebell - Other Crafting Bag crochet Organization Closet Clean Protein 69.6 Breakfast 2 eggs, 1 ounce bacon, 2 ounces turkey, sundried tomatoes Lunch Salmon roll topped with crab salad Dinner Mini kibbeh with tomato chutney - Movement Yoga Nope Kettlebell Nope - Other Crafting Crochet Organization Closet Clean Also managed to get a PCR test, which was lucky. The country is shifting toward rapid tests (which have only recently been approved at all) for regular testing of healthy people under 50. The line for those was huge - I got shunted to the regular PCR group, which is fine with me - I can wait on results. It would also be nice if rapid tests were available anywhere in the country store-wise; they’re sold out. We also just got a drive through testing center back, but I don’t think I’m eligible for that. I think it’s traveler testing and for over-50s. It’s a rapidly-shifting situation.
  8. #truth Who knows? I think I’ll at least email her back, and if she makes me crazy, I’ll bail. It might be nice to rejoin #worklife in a limited capacity. But, if I start second-guessing my shit, lose my ability to balance, or in general start down the anxiety path (in a way that’s ‘her’ and not ‘me’), I’ll be done. Some of my residual issues are things I need to work on myself - this may be a good thing and give an opportunity to do just that with zero actual consequence.
  9. DH gifted me an air fryer for Christmas, too, so we are on the same bandwagon! Loving chicken & veggies so far and this little baby has all but eliminated my aversion to cooking meat in the house. I’ve decided to cook everything I can in it this month.
  10. I can’t remember what she called class - but it was a goodie. It’s one of my favorite teachers that pushes us to do fun things, but also to not take ourselves so seriously. And yes for the showing up points - though today I’m bailing. Hubby is home feeling like crap (Schrodingers ‘Rona), while rapid tests are theoretically in this country now I only think I saw one once (we’re in the middle of a PCR crisis; 35,000 people tested in 1 day last week). I elected to stay home with him because, while we can’t really social distance but so much in a small apartment, just thinking of going to class and being the Typhoid Mary who shuts the whole works down for quarantine I just couldn’t fathom. Today is unsettling with schedule, I’m going to attempt for it not to be a food train wreck. Also: bad but predictable former boss emailed out of the almost-blue again - apparently, that company she mentioned starting up a couple years ago? A year ago? Is finally off the ground enough to warrant copy. Am I able to be a more balanced human while doing work for her across the planet? Better late than never. Happy to see you on the boards!
  11. Thursday Protein 93.5g Breakfast Almond yogurt, strawberry jam, peanut butter, collagen peptides, sprinkle pepitas Lunch Leftover slacker steak & cheese (minus the cheese because I forgot) Dinner An actual steak with smashed potatoes - you guessed it: air fried - Movement Yoga Planned off day Kettlebell Thought about dicking around with it but never got around to it - Other Crafting Lots of false starting with this next pouch Organization Closet Clean
  12. Wednesday Protein 80.5g Breakfast Almond yogurt, peanut butter, pepitas Lunch Hamburger patty, leftover broccolini & onion Dinner Steak, vegan cheddar, mushrooms, onion, peppers, miso mayo, sweet potato rounds - air fryered - 3 Thai meatballs for an afternoon snack Movement Yoga Class was decent - detox - I was so/so and we worked on another variation of pincha. Walked to and from. Kettlebell - Other Crafting Started another crochet pouch Organization Closet Clean
  13. Tuesday Finally and begrudgingly relegated my holiday birch and fairy lights to the closet. Picked up the kettlebell and got through half of a 15-minute video before my form started tanking and I needed to quit. I think my 8kg bell - my light weight - is a might too heavy for the moment. Should have grabbed a 5kg backup. Yoga was some sort of flow and I did so-so. Still a bit weak but I made it through. Protein 80.4g Breakfast Almond yogurt, peanut butter, pepitas Lunch Leftovers from dinners Dinner Bulgogi style chicken bowl - choked the chicken down when all I really wanted was cucumber & kimchi - Movement Yoga Movement flow + walks to and from Kettlebell 7 minutes - Other Crafting Organization I put the holidays away and kind of organized that Closet Clean
  14. MOnday Today was my first day ‘back at it’ in earnest and I spent a chunk of the day monkeying with meal planner apps. While some had some really great features, I just need something simple in my life to take the place of the shiny new notebook raccoon brain won’t shut up about existing. Somewhere. Maybe in liminal space. Actually, I suspect I’ve seen one at the fancy paper store - but it’s less practical than digital, portability being what I really need, so I’m trying out a simple spreadsheet thing in Evernote. Bonus points for giving me more of an excuse to migrate shit over to Evernote instead of having my ‘things’ strewn about my apps. Didn’t do too terribly much other than yoga, groceries & pup snuggles. Protein 86g Breakfast Almond yogurt, peanut butter, pepitas Lunch Air fryer tempeh, miracle noodle Tom yum packet Dinner Spice rub chicken breast chunks, green beans, onion, carrots - all air fried - Also had a leftover Thai meatball snack because I was still genuinely hungry and was under on protein. This is something I’m going to be keeping on hand because they’re fine cold and small enough to make a 1-ounce snack Movement Yoga Slow flow class with walks to and from Kettlebell - Other None of these things Crafting Organization Closet Clean
  15. I’ve got checklists and digital planning galore this challenge! That’s a great tactic to take and has served me well in a lot of instances. Returning to ‘I’m making the more nutritionally dense choice to fuel my body’ I think will help even further. The former is good, but has led my ass down waaaaaaay too many 3-course business lunches with friends and fancy af wine lunches. So it has been. Zero Week, man! That, and I’ve been over here recovering from way too many (or at least one too many) old fashioneds on NYE.
  16. I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again: something has got to change. That’s up to no one but me. As 2021 draws to a close, I find my body in a state that my back is starting to act up again in a big way (which happens when I hit a certain body fat percentage), 80% of my closet doesn’t fit, and I feel suuuuuuper heavy and unresponsive in my yoga classes. This is no bueno. The good news is, I 100% know how to fix it. Like, that exactly - minus probably the pasta, in my case. Nutrition Thinking back to all the nutrition protocols over the years that have worked best for my body, paleo was the clear winner. I think what worked for me there was the protein consideration (making sure I at least hit that one metric before all else), the consistent working out (20-30 mins/ day 5-7x a week), the focus on getting enough greens, focus away from carbs, focus away from processed foods, and the lower amounts of alcohol (zero, actually). I haven’t had the desire to be but so strict with myself over the past couple years, so I’m going for a hybrid here. Protocol Guidelines 80g/day protein When in doubt, more veggies Bread only when it’s going to be actually worth it - not just because it’s in front of me (killer fresh naan? Yes. Crappy sandwich because I’m bored, no). Rice at a restaurant: after the main and a few sips of water. Alcohol limited to 2-3 drinks per weekend If all goes to plan, this should naturally put my calorie consumption back down to where my body seems to like it (around 1200 calories), and if I’m focusing on protein first, carbs and fat should sort themselves out. If not, we will reassess. I may reassess to add green smoothies back into my life if I can hit my protein goals otherwise, but will be starting out at least with 20g-ish breakfasts. I’ll look for a good protein powder, too, because I do miss my green veg hit in the mornings. I’ve also got a new toy - an air fryer - and will be experimenting with that. I’ll be taking y’all along for the ride with pics and menus. Movement I’m still loving my 4x a week yoga classes with walks to and from, and will continue on with that. I’ll also be adding in simple kettlebell workouts on Thursdays at first but a day or two aside from that as the weeks go on. Edited to add: My schedule just had a little shake-up, and it looks like I’ll be able to block in a first(?) second(?) kettlebell session on Tuesdays on weeks I don’t meet up with my girlfriend in person. Other Crochet projects Crafter Box project Closet clean-out Kitchen reorganization Protein _____ Breakfast Lunch Dinner - Movement Yoga Kettlebell - Other Crafting Organization Closet Clean
  17. Tuesday - Wednesday Took myself out for a surprisingly good char … lunch, yoga was great but stiff. Today’s yoga was also great - but I’m still hella stiff and feel weak. Was super excited to get some tenderloin on sale - found out today that it was because these are kinda crappy cows. Not sure how that happens, but the steaks were only edible. I’ve got 2 more dinners’ worth + 1 lunch. I don’t think I’ll be so precious with the steak part of the meat going forward.
  18. Ummm … yeah. I don’t know about any secret chicken harassment you’ve got going on, but I also beg to differ. Possibly not on the chicken game, though.
  19. Saturday - Half Of Monday Christmas was good - our pup stockings (new treats wadded up in tissue paper, each pup taking a turn to stick their heads - or whole bodies - in the stocking to pull a treat) was a hit. Trundled off to friends house for a huge lunch, a nice ‘burb walk, a grand time had by the pups exploring somewhere new, and more presents. Sunday we did a nice fancy Chinese lunch - suuuuper bummed that the zipper in my new dramatic dress is crap and got stuck (and I’m a bit too chubby to fit easily enough to not force it), so I wore the one dress from the group I bought that does fit - again. Walked around a bit in the cool new LEED city downtown area. Watched the new Matrix and fired up the Air Fryer DH got me for our first oven fries in like 10 years. They’re still not as good as DH’s fries, but they were crispy and tasty. Today, it was back to yoga. I felt hella stiff - my lower back was killing me yesterday - but class went well. We did chest and back openers (camel pose) and I did what I could. I’ve also got a couple weeks down of protein-focused meal planning down; I may scrap some of that in favor of Air Fryer meals, or I may at least amend some of it to loop in my new toy. New challenge coming by the 1st.
  20. I need to watch that movie like 9 more times before I can fathom all the Easter eggs, let alone play super close attention to any new information.
  21. Thursday - Firday Thursday I bailed on plans to go out with a friend - popped fevers all night, slept like shit, and had GI drama in the morning. So, I bailed and she came by in the evening. We ended hanging out with DH and her hubby when he finished with his planned drinks outing. It was a great night and I got toddler snuggles. Today, we went to see Spider Man and have watched Christmas movies all day.
  22. Tues - So Far Wednesday (am) Tuesday was good. Logged 3+ miles bopping around the mall trying to decide whether or not I wanted to return to Christmas stockings. I decided to go for it in lieu of Santa Jammies. Broke into the Jammies I bought myself and am liking them, though it’s a bit too warm for the hoodie - that’s more of a Summer weight layer; Winter is the blessed time of year we turn the A/C off. Hubby and I now have T-Rex stockings and the pups will share a dog stocking. I’m super pleasantly surprised at the amount of Christmas stuff still around this year - usually it’s only at like 3 stores (Daiso, the dollar store & a few Carrefour grocery stores for cheap; Pottery Barn for expensive - plus a huge store somewhere in The Wild I’ve heard tales about) but we’ve now got many more options - stocking options were slim (Asian cheapie stores, for almost disposable, Hallmark for tacky & Pottery Barn for bougie - at least at the mall I was at), but there are still other things around, and Sephora even has at least a sixth of the holiday sets out. I hit Virgin for little toys and games (got DH one of those knockoff video things that plays like 800 games) & some baby yoda dominoes) and will hit the grocery for more candy & snacks. So far, I’ve got single serve moon cheese, burnt caramel chocolate & Frosted Flakes bars. I may try and find some of those Freddy Frogs my Aussie friends bang on about. Yoga yesterday was good but hard - hip flexors with the new (not really new -one of my favorite instructors who I’ve missed dearly) functional class. All that after mall walking, present wrapping & zooming back over to class. Lunch was some stellar Persian - pomegranate sauced meatballs, a silky eggplant dip & naan with dill - and I just snacked (finished off the chocolate party mix) for dinner. Hubby also surprised called for his vaccine booster yesterday and got through painlessly - I called and was only on hold for 10 minutes; got our boosters this morning at 8. Im currently at breakfast re-acquainting myself with the chicken breast/egg/potato extravaganza breakfast at one of my former go-to breakfast haunts. It’s doable sans the potato & toast - I remember why this was one of like 3 keto standbys. I think I’m bailing on yoga this morning. My arm is fine so far (stung getting the actual shot), but I’m exhausted and I need to grab the dress I got hemmed before going home to cuddle & nap with the pups. That, and I absolutely hate swanning in and then turning around and locking them back up in the bedroom 15 minutes later. If I’m not dead on my feet, I’ve got a hang out and catch up day tomorrow with a friend, yoga Friday & Christmas with the same friends Saturday. Sunday, it’s lunch out in my dramatic dress I didn’t get to wear on my birthday and a trip to find a new sneaker shop that’s supposedly decorated to look like sand dunes made out of light. Hopefully it looks as amazing as it sounds - and we can actually find it. There’s no actual address listed; just a suggestion of area. This could be interesting … at least we’ll be fortified with dumplings.
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