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  1. Today is one of those marvelous, wonderful, so good, very great days

    1. Barfly


      Glad to hear it :)

  2. Just drank a coffee to get ready for a night of going out. Just realized I really don't want to go out

  3. LAST BOOTCAMP! Super looking forward to having Monday's to myself

  4. Feeling sore! Good type of sore though

  5. My placement is with the children's rehab center! Yahoo. ^_^

  6. Figured out how to put in progress bars, waaay more excited than I should be

    1. Ceasefire


      Ooh, those are snazzy!

    2. thekatisalie
    3. DirtyLittleSecrets


      {progress='pink'} 80 {/progress}

      but instead of the { you put [. The 80 is the percentage you want. I played around with the colours a bit as well ^_^

  7. Going to be teaching some group fitness classes this semester! Pumped

  8. Feeling great looking back at this challenge- Sept 16th can't come quick enough!

  9. Sick :-(. This is a banana Popsicle and ginger ale tea kinda day

  10. Just read a recipe for olive oil poached fish. Sounds incredible!

  11. Get up, get down and get outside <3

  12. Beautiful day, think it's time to make a salad ^_^

  13. Did a beautiful hike with my sister now looking up paleo recipes ^_^

  14. Tomorrow I get to go fishing! Or hiking! Or both :-D

    1. Ba'sini'on


      *sigh* I miss those days....

    2. DirtyLittleSecrets


      I did too! I don't particularly like living in the city but it's always nice when I get back home ^_^

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