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  1. We're not all bad, the unqualified/lazy ones ruin it for the rest of us (and sadly they tend to be the most vocal). One of the big issues is there isn't enough accredited well known programs that personal trainers go through to become one. I'm doing a two year college program and going onto university to become an exercise physiologist (I'll be able to work in hospitals with special populations after) but to get the can-fit pro certification that's required at most gyms in Canada it's pretty much pass a test and a weekend course :-(. It's great to see you're find the coaching helpful and it's improving your lift's! Hope you're enjoying your new purchases as well.
  2. Look at you attack those pull-ups with a vengeance. Knew you would get back at it .
  3. I totally come here for the GIF's and stay for the challenge. Glad to see you're getting a few payments on the card in there .
  4. That's super impressive Lilbichy! A lot of people just let things like that slide since they don't want to cause a fuss but it's really not fair if you're being billed for services you didn't receive or already paid for. I'm happy you stood your ground! One week off doesn't mean the entire month is ruined. Just take it as it was and get back on the horse. Plus you totally owned your life goals and workouts, so that's something to be proud of
  5. I ended up taking the complete weekend off. I was supposed to get my two runs in and do my lifts on Saturday but my body was having none of it. Super sore hamstrings from the deadlifts (still feel it today!) I did however work towards my side goals. Put my computer desk together (till now it's been sitting in my closet all sad and unused), put up hooks to hang bras, sweaters and pants that can be used again (opposed to kind of folded on my hamper) and Christmas came early with my mom giving me a new duvet cover! All of my clothing that isn't dirty is hung up or in a proper place, all of my books are on the closet shelf and I just have to take care of some odds and ends that are on the bottom of my closet and under the bed, then I'll be done . Teaching boot camp with my partner and doing Aquafit in class so I'll at least be getting a little bit of a workout in before heading to hit the books (and the hay). Tomorrow is hitting the weights
  6. The way I do it at Thanksgiving and Christmas is to have a little bit of everything I want plus a hearty portion of whatever veggies are available. Then after I'm done the first portion if I'm still hungry I get more veggies and protein. By then I'm *almost* too full for dessert. So, little piece of squares or a few cookies and I call it a night. I don't feel deprived but I fill up on low impact foods instead. Good to see you're doing well and hitting your goals so far!
  7. Mmmmm, Turkey broth... My health promotion class always talks about how the best way to encourage someone towards a healthier lifestyle is to lead them, not try to scare them away from it. You're a natural leader and overcoming everything you have so far and the things you will in the future just makes you so much stronger.
  8. I hate Biggest Loser. Absolutely hate it. It's unsustainable weight loss done in a fashion that doesn't allows you to fix the life habits that contributed in the first place. I was genuinely upset when I heard Holley Mangold was going on. I'm hoping she did it for sponsorship by the network to go to Rio, but it could be anything and I know it's not my place to judge her decisions. Biggest Loser is a Bad News Bear. Nice work on the lifts and eat some collards for me!
  9. Pomegranate molasses sounds like things that dreams are made of.
  10. Look at you bounce back! 24 pounds in 3 weeks is pretty substantial, even with 9 of those pounds being baby and placenta. It's a pretty small paper (8 page limit, double spaced) but I really appreciate the offer.
  11. Feeling sore! Good type of sore though

  12. Awe! Thanks Warrior! I'm not setting the pace by any means but I know how to see barriers and try to work around them. Speaking of which... Today I actually had pretty good form with my front squat practice. I was just using the 6 foot Olympic so it wasn't going heavy by any means. The main things holding me back are wrist flexibility and forearm strength. Did two sets of 20 squats but had to change to back squats for the third and fourth set. Tried out straight leg deadlifts, good mornings, Arnold presses and negative pull ups. They were all pretty fun, was the least graceful thing you've ever seen on the negatives but now I know I need more control in my decline. After all that lifting I went to go do my run on the treadmill and my body was just not having any of it. I might have been extra tired from not sleeping well the past couple days and having done my huge run on Tues. Just chalked it up to my body knowing what it needs and taking a break. I'll do my easy run Sat and my speed run on Sun.
  13. Totes stalking you on Zombielink! I'm DirtyLittleSecrets
  14. You're doing pretty awesome so far, it's nice to know I'm not the only one doing assisted dips lol
  15. Good job on week one. Now show me what you got for week two
  16. YAY!!! That's super exciting, congratulations! I'm actually doing a research paper on how exercise helps women throughout pregnancy, deliver and bounce back quicker afterwards on the fact I was curious and inspired by your last challenge.
  17. Hope you're doing well on Week 2! It's good to see you're still giving 'er
  18. I know, right? That was one of the modifications taught to us on our local OnRamp but both of us doing it were comfortable with squats so she moved on to front ones. Both of them made me really uneasy and that's one thing that's keeping me away from cleans, so I'm working on it to make me a little more comfortable
  19. Think more of like if a cheetah was running, it's smooth and looks effortless while being fast. Or that's at least what I like to think I look like
  20. Completed workout today, used my heart rate monitor today to do another benefit target. Chose steady state since it's for improving aerobic fitness and did an hour (two missions of Zombies Run, I find it's the only way to make these long runs bearable indoors). Did my weight lifting beforehand and found I liked the results. I'm going to continue to do that. Went after a test and couple guys in my program were there. I'm trying to focus on my grip and wrist extension to help with my cleans. Also trying to work with Frankenstein squats once a week to help me get over "something is choking me" sensation.
  21. Yeah, that's why I decided to talk to him about it after I cooled down a little. Truth!1 Thank you! Beer and tea fix all. And awesome! Thanks girly
  22. I'm going to be a day late for chiming in on your workout, but late is better than never! 1. It depends on what kind of sore you are. If it's a " Am I going to get out of bed" sore that doesn't go away with walking around a little bit (so more on the side of actual pain) I take another rest day since that's a sign I might have injured the muscle. But if it's pretty sore I usually get in the gym anyway ( a little exercise brings blood to the muscle and will actually help!), I just hone down the intensity a bit (I take the weight down, speed or the amount of reps) and do my routine as per usual. So if I'm sore from weighted lunges I might do bodyweight ones instead and add a few more reps to each set. 2. For increasing caloric intake what I do is add more fruit, make smoothies, increase the amount of whole grains I eat, add healthy sources of fat (homemade dressings and sauces) and generally just eat more. I have around 2 or 3 snacks throughout my day (some might consider them small meal size, whatever lol) and try to pack down more during meals. It's worked so far, I haven't seen any unwanted body fat loss (I know I'm happier at this fat %, I just want to be stronger). 3. Willpower is finite. Good job resisting the temptation of having constant cookies around, but after awhile if you're using up all your willpower when ONE cookie will make you feel better; eat the cookie, enjoy the cookie and then carry on. There should be no guilt in consuming something like that. I get anxious when people start talking about how they need to earn their treat or need to punish themselves via exercise for having consumed "bad" foods. That's a gateway mindset into eating disorders. You ate something that wasn't optimal fuel for your body, you didn't gain anything nutritionally from it but it won't kill you.
  23. Baby! Glad to see the Doom family is holding it together in the face of illness
  24. I'm all about the gin and bourbon but the vast majority still prefer the beer.
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