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  1. Also had a beer with the buddy from my program after work today. He honestly didn't mean it to be mean and knew it might be out of line after he said it. Good to know he's still got my back
  2. Arms were included in my workout today. Changed up my squats I goblet squats so I would even have to hold them as my limiting factor. Awesome run, used the maximum heart rate monitor on my phone instead of the fartleks. I was waaaay to excited to try it out. Paired well with my Zombies, Run! app. Started season 2 and I'm loving it. Pull ups were 4 sets of 5 with 2 extra reps thrown in there. Then I ate all the things lol. Thank goodness I was working and the only things edible were healthy.
  3. Yeah, I'm glad I actually figured that out. Going to mention that in my classes now! Thanks EmCee! That memory is going to be put to work for awhile. True dat I found concentrating on my breathing helped a bit. I'm looking forward to watching my progress.
  4. Extra work totally counts towards exercise. You'll be extra fit
  5. Woot clean eating! And it won't be as much work bringing back the gains as it was getting them. Sucks when that happens but I'm sure you'll rise to the occasion
  6. Putting a little back on isn't the worst thing in the world, it either means you were doing a diet trick that wasn't quite working or your body is trying to adapt to the lost weight. It's when it never goes back down we have to worry :-). You're doing great so far and I'm here for you with this challenge. Let's do it!
  7. .......Well then, it seems I've been lead astray and I am doing the regular type. GO ME DOUBLE TIME!!!! On your forearms is more for core engaging and on your wrists works more shoulders. I never actually sat down to think about that. Now I don't feel nearly as bad. But I still need to work on wrist strength. For other things.... I worked on my pull ups last challenge (just not as a focus) as well as part of my workouts, so I'm not quite speeding through the progression as much as it shows. It took a lot of work to get here and it's gonna take a lot of work to get to the end. Thanks for the encouragement though Orc :-)
  8. I'm still running! It took a pretty serious hit in my pacing when I got back into school but I'm still at a 10 minute pace. Not the worst but not the best either. Looking forward to your challenge
  9. WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!! Now I have like 27 reasons to visit NYC lol. Good job keeping up pretty lady
  10. This isn't an actual baby book but might be something you want to put in your pregnancy pack up (all the things you'll need for the hospital) http://www.amazon.com/Sh-tty-Mom-Parenting-Guide/dp/1419704591. I did a pack up kit for the girl in my class for her baby shower and she absolutely loved it. Good work so far pretty lady
  11. Hope K start's feeling better soon. My mom always made me lemon tea and added ginger ale to it (bubbles help make tea a bit more appealing to little ones). I'm sure club soda and a little honey or maple syrup would do in a pinch if you don't want to give her pop. Tea is the cure for everything. If you manage to get brewers yeast and depending on your diet you might want to try adding it onto popcorn. When I was vegan it was one of the best ways for me to get vitamin B12.
  12. I would like to pretend that I normally don't do this, but I 100% do. Not only can I run farther than you, but I can also do it faster and make it look like nothing. Internally sometimes that's not the case but they don't need to know about that do they?
  13. I really like that push up idea! If I can get my roommates dog to stop taking me being on the ground as an invitation for kisses I could possibly do that while cooking. Push ups are one of those things I really want to work on and eventually be strong enough to start kicking out some sweet advanced variations of. Good work rolling with the punches. Life has a habit of throwing stuff at you and the key is to either manage it gracefully or get back on your feet and keep going. Just like a real superhero :-)
  14. So I took what Melyssa said and used my classmates coarse remark to try harder today. The minimum I planked during my workout was 30 seconds, I topped out at a minute. It's still a modified plank since I'm doing them from my elbows, but I'm quite happy with that until my wrists become a little stronger. I'm doing the beginning phase of a planche push up progression to strengthen them (basically rolling them up and getting them used to some body weight). Pull-ups I can knock out 5 with good form on the purple band, which is a step up from the green band I was using prior. I tried to add another 2 sets of 5 to strengthen the muscles a little more but ended up only adding another 3 each time. It's a good mark, we shall see how I do on Saturday. Today was just a simple 30 minute run at 80% my max heart rate. I was working pretty hard but since it wasn't such a long duration I didn't mind. Looking forward to doing my intervals on Saturday. Still haven't tacked on an upper body routine to my workout yet. I'm going to work on that tonight while I'm waiting for my potatoes to cook. Week 1 going strong! **Also, totally knocked out 125 sit ups in my little sit up program. They were in batches but I still felt like a champ at the end when I added that up.
  15. I'm definitely looking forward to it. It's been a long time coming and something I would really pride myself on being able to do. Thank you for your encouragement . Thank you I know, I'm just going through a difficult time right now so I'm a little bit sensitive. It hurts more from people you trust and love like family. Thank you! I was super excited!!
  16. I'm a snow bunny so I can't be there with you on the hatred of winter but I love your goals! They all seem pretty realistic and achievable so you're good there. Nice seeing you scale back the squats, it's always a process of trial and error to find your fitness level. Keep it up!
  17. So....today in class we were talking about biological sex differences in fitness. We got to a point where they were talking about females have better muscular endurance and ability to hold positions better than males. The other guy I teach the bootcamp with made a comment about my not being able to hold planks for the full 30 seconds last night. I don't think he was trying to be mean (especially since I went out of my way to put his bootcamp music on my phone, created the interval timer AND made the basic layout for our bootcamp classes) but it really hurt my feelings. Like I'm trying to hold my composure in at the school right now. Later I know this hurt will be steeled into resolve but for now I'm calling the waaabulance.
  18. Word. Also love the addition of Walking Dead .gif's. Made rereading this thread a little different and awesome . Glad to see you're doing well, keep it up!
  19. The Marine test has pull ups. For females they do have a flexed arm hang instead of pull ups, but since they will be changing over format soon I decided just to go with pull ups. Why not stay ahead of the game
  20. It's a rough transition between machines and free weights; awkward at first but eventually you get comfortable with it. I'm fully transitioned over to doing all my lower body with free weights and working on changing over my arms. I feel lame when I can only handle like 10 pounds but everyone has to start somewhere, right? That's the way I see it, everyone around me is just at a different level that I can't see (if only I had Robocop eyes that could tell me how long they had to work for that lol). Glad to see you're doing well your first day. The second shall also be good!
  21. BABY! BABY! BABY! BABY! (I can't get enough of this gif lol) *ahem* Now that that is out of the way.... I love your goals! It's super exciting to be growing a little person inside of you. I will Be expecting to hear about progress on at least one baby related thing a weekKnow what you made for breakfast (I sometimes do up breakfast burritos I can just pop in the microwave during my shower so I still eat something, maybe you can do something similar?)To hear about crazy fun adventures you go on in your 5 minute walking expeditions (you're pregnant now so feel free to start acting crazy and wandering off for the sake of fun)Big Sister is watching :-P
  22. Thanks guys . I'm happy since I figured my long runs are 17% finished already (1/6) and I will achieve that pull up. Great motivation to keep going! Thank you . I can't wait till I can start directing people to the gun show!
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