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  1. I love videotaping my form, made me realize how bad my squats were before lol. That and getting a trainer, they really do help every so often. It's good to know when you're form starts getting sloppy because that's when you're more prone to injury. Keep it up, you're in running for our residential badass
  2. All I'm thinking here is "Hey, you want a new stepmom?"
  3. Atta boy Wayne! We can keep each other company in our running . Glad you amended the calories, if it's something you're already in good habit of doing then you should be pushing yourself to do something else.
  4. Atta boy Wayne! We can keep each other company in our running . Glad you amended the calories, if it's something you're already in good habit of doing then you should be pushing yourself to do something else.
  5. You Madame are a monster! It's awesome you set your own goals for the ruck on top of finishing.
  6. Also today's workout: Graduating from the green resistance band to purple! Did 3 sets of 8 easily, actually sometimes surpassing 8 without realizing it because my arms weren't getting that tired. Did sit ups till fatigue between sets, hit 62 the first time then 45 the next. Did a bootcamp today and my hour run. All in all a good day
  7. I'm just using it as a bench marker for physical fitness. I'm in a Fitness and Health Promotion diploma program at my local college and that was the benchmark goal I set for myself to be able to finish by graduation. I honestly never went to a gym prior to signing up for my program so this has been a pretty big leap of faith for me. It's working out though and I'm in a good place.
  8. Tomorrow is Remembrance Day up here in Canada land so I'm happy that I learned about WOD's for Warriors and the Armistice WOD. I know what workout I'm doing tomorrow!
  9. This reminded me of your topic for some reason. http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/howard-schatz-beverly-ornstein-athlete
  10. Dat L-sit! You're also an uber babe so I would just concentrate on kicking ass, dancing and lifting. But I think you already have those covered :-P
  11. I love making mayo! Do you use whey to ferment it or just make smaller batches? To make up my calories I have a huge smoothie with my breakfast in the morning (2 cups of greens, half a cup of Greek yogurt, about a cup of berries and juice to thin it out). I honestly hate chewing after a point and I find smoothies are a good way to make sure I'm my greens/calories. Mashed root vegetables and tubers can also be your friends (in moderation of course)! You need a good source of carbs, you just want to make sure they're complex with enough fiber that they won't immediately go into your blood stream. My ex boyfriend set alarms on his phone/computer to remind him to eat. He's a computer programmer so once he sits down and really starts working he has a hard time getting out of it. You chocolate chili sounds amazing <3, might have to buy that book myself.
  12. You're a beast! And made me have a hot chocolate with my breakfast :-P. Keep it up
  13. And that's based on the idea working muscles is soley for looks. Strong cores are essential for helping to stabilize a ton of different lifts. They're useful
  14. Crockpots make my life complete. They're amazing for when you just don't have time to actually watch something or to be in the house to monitor it. Seriously, I would eat a lot less home cooked meals if not for crockpots
  15. Great work Jen, those are some insane progress pics! Keep it up
  16. Money is money, that's what I said every Sunday morning working the breakfast shift. It sucks. I'm sure you'll find many bacon eh ways to up your protein intake once life decides to calm the heck down
  17. I'm a beast when it comes to crunches but ever since I quit my serving job and went back to school my runs have really suffered. Then with the pull ups I've had great progression but it's probably limited by my upper body strength and will be an issue later when I try to work up to 8. I think we should try for doing a practice drill week 3 and one very close to your birthday to compare.
  18. So, I finished OnRamp at our local CrossFit gym today and my coach couldn't believe how many of the techniques she was teaching me today that I couldn't do. I've been a boss at doing deadlifts, did thrusters my first day by mistake ( felt like a natural progression and my body just kinda did it perfectly) and killed it with competing the mini WoDs. So when I was struggling to do ring dips, handstands, and cartwheels she was genuinely confused. I've skipped arm/shoulder day in a big way and I think it's my lack of confidence AND strength in my upper body that stopped me. I'm excited for this challenge because I'm starting to work on handstands as well as general arm strength. I don't want that anymore and it will help me greatly towards my pull up goal. Boo yeah
  19. You're going to beat it into the ground and take it's lunch money! (That's how obstacle courses work, right guys?)
  20. Awesome max squat! That's terrific . I'm also working on stringing double unders. My coach said at this point it's all about me staying closer to the ground as I jump now. Apparently I'm putting too much oomph in my jumps. Glad to see you're starting out strong .
  21. HOW CAN SO MUCH ADORABLE FIT IN ONE .GIF!?!?! .....oh yeah, I also like your goals and stuff. When's your birthday? We can try to track our Marines progress together :-)
  22. I don't know, people get concerned when I start lurking around minors
  23. Your first mission is to save the high school prom. Get at it.
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