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  1. SIT UPS, SIT UPS. Oh gawd, I would be dead if it was 100 push ups lol. I'm only doing 46 push ups right now, it takes much longer than that and it's a lot more challenging for me. But someday <3. It's horrible. I spent 12 hours at the school yesterday trying to catch up on all my assignments and study for my test Thursday. Thank god it was rest day lol. Right now I'm only doing 3 sets of 6 (for the most part). I'm at like a 70 degree angle when I'm doing them in the power rack. I'm pretty much starting them like a push up and when I start to feel my form slipping I take a water break for a couple seconds and get back to it.
  2. Week 3 Overview: 2/4 workouts completed 2/4 stretching completed 1/1 DVD or class The colouring pages are coming along nicely, haven't done any extra work on my muscle challenge but with my weekend courses coming to an end I'll have a little more time to flesh it out. School has been insane. Going from working 4 shifts a week that were from 4-6 hours long to going to school all day and working and trying to have a semblance of a social life has been hard. Drivers ed almost done! I just have to complete my 10 hours online portion and my 10 hours of driving to be complete. It turned out to be a fantastic idea and I'm really glad I did it. I feel bad about not checking in on you guys as much as I would like but as I've said, school has been insane and I've cut a lot of stuff I've just found unnecessary. And some stuff I've found necessary. I love working out at our new facility, but it hasn't been open on the weekends so getting four workouts in has been interesting. I'm cleaning up the house so I feel comfortable working out at home but then I don't get my homework done after. Something's gotta give and it can't be sleep :-(. I can finally do 100 sit ups! I did them in sets, and it took me 6 minutes and 30 seconds. Now to get that down to two minutes! I've moved on up to inverted rows. I did supersets with my barbell squats and the rows to make the best out of the crowded weight area in our gym. Also paired the bench press and deadlifts. I'm starting to really feel the muscle belly ache and I love it. Instead of freaking out about how much my pacing for my runs has gone down (the amount of stress on my body has gone WAAAY up, I need to cut myself a little slack!) I've started to focus more on if I'm running at a pace that's challenging my cardiovascular system. We did a MCAFT test in class (submaximal VO2) ) in class and I was the participant. It was cool because I found out my health rating for my age group (highest level for health optimization) but even better cause I got to try out a polar heart rate monitor. I've been looking at getting one but didn't really want to put down a hundred dollars until I knew how comfortable it was and if I would actually use it. I was in love, it was super neat to be able to see my heart rate and track it over the test. I went out and bought myself one. Coolest new toy ever; it syncs up with my iPhone, gives me graphs of my heart rate over training, which zones I've spent the most time in, and is versatile for different types of training. Also gives me the calories burnt, which is great because it gives me an indication of how much more I need to eat (I'm not trying to lose weight and would really like to have a little layer left on me for winter!!!) Hope you guys are doing well, thank you for your words of encouragement!
  3. Hey girly, just checking in. It's ok if you don't make your weight goal right away (I'm trained to advise a weight loss of a pound a week for my clients, so maybe that's more realistic?) and building better eating habits will pay off in the long haul. Week 3, we shall crush it like a tiny bug!!
  4. Better update to come shortly guys. Week 2 attacked like me at ribfest. Tons of excuses, some of them quite valid but still excuses. 2/4 workouts, 2/4 flexibility did some extra stretching but no DVD's or classes and I had drivers ed all weekend. Also lead my first body weight bootcamp with my partner today at the college. It went amazing and my programs coordinator was singing our high praises at the end. It's good to know I'm doing well and in the right field. Love you all <3
  5. Checked out the sandbag fitness thing, might be something I consider for next summer if I don't get a job at a gym with a complementary membership . I'm hoping you're as happy with your progress as I am so far. Keep it up!
  6. You're doing awesome here girly! I'm so happy the business thing figured itself out (there's nothing in the world that a little time and tenacity can't fix). I'm loving the coconut oil popsicle idea. Have fun at the bachelorette! I always remind myself when I go out that the amount I can drink doesn't have to be determined by how much everyone else is drinking. If it only takes me 4 beers, it's not my fault I can't keep up
  7. I go MIA for a week and you end up kicking all sorts of ass. You're doing well, a couple slip ups here and there aren't going to kill you but you are doing an excellent job on creating and reinforcing good habits.
  8. Did you find that switching fat percentages made your yogurt less thick? I stopped using skimmed milk and bought whole milk for my batches since I didn't like the change over.
  9. Greek yogurt is allowed to thicken at a temperature that allows for the bacteria to eat more of the milk and change it into whey. The thicker you want your yogurt the longer you keep the temperature nice for the bacteria to flourish. Straining it afterwards further thickens it but it's mostly in the fermenting process. So it is different from regular yogurt, I personally prefer it and loooove making it at home <3
  10. Go Fluffy Glad to see you're having a better week.
  11. First Week Overview: Diet and Fitness Goals: Consistently complete workouts: STA: 4 STR:1 3/4 workouts. Happy to be back in a gym and looking forward to seeing some gains. Pacing is the only part of this goal I'm worried about right now but as long as I keep running I'm happy. Be flexible DEX: 1 CON: 1Have not been able to do a DVD or a yoga class this week BUT I have been doing extra stretching in my classes and when standing around at work. Flexibility has been perfect, I've already seen some major gains and yesterday when I was dancing around randomly between rest sets (just doing things in the aerobics room I used to do in dance class) my form was a lot better. Very happy with myself Diet/Fitness Sidequest- Know your body. WIS: 1Got my sheets uploaded, printed off and the pencils purchased. The muscles I need to do my overview sheet on are in a word document and I can start fleshing it out now. Life Sidequest – Practice driving. WIS: 3Signed up for drivers ed, paying for it on Friday and doing the first sessions this weekend. There's also 10 hours of driving practice with this drivers ed course so I'll be meeting my challenge goal .
  12. Great work Xena . You're rocking pretty hard this challenge! I love the adjustment of you goals once you figured out they were too easy. If you feel like you an add stuff on and it's still reasonable without sabotaging the challenge it's worth doing. Keep it up girl.
  13. I hope everything goes well with your talk with your doctor. There might be other things at play and it's important to get a broad spectrum look. Have you tried calorie counting? I know it's really annoying to track everything you eat and while you're eating healthy I might even seem unnecessary, but there can be quite a few calories in healthy food and that might be stalling your weight loss. I know when I was getting frustrated with my lack of progress with lifting I counted calories for a week and found out that I was 750 calories under what I was supposed to be eating daily three times a week. Or you might not be eating enough and your body thinks it's in starvation mode halting your weight loss (seems counter intuitive but can legit happen).
  14. Make your goal higher! Sometimes you underestimate yourself, and once you recognize that you can adjust accordingly. It's what I do
  15. Good job so far Fallyn! Love that you did so well on you calorie goal. Week two! Go, go, go, go!
  16. Update!: I did not want to get my ass to the gym yesterday. I've been having a horrid couple days (quit my job, found out I might not qualify for the fitness center monitor positions, and just a ton of tests and assignments due) and working out has not been a priority. So, I put on my thinking cap and tried to figure out why. I was in an awful mood because I was hormonal, had a lot of stress on my plate, and frankly did not have the time. So I stopped making excuses and took action. The biggest thing that was stressing me out was trying to get all my forms into my placement, which is quite far and off of the bus routes I could take in town, and part of that was picking the papers up from my placement and then going to get a police record check for the vulnerable sector and bring them back to my placement. I ended up paying $45 to take a cab all over town and could finally relax and get ready to do my placement. Which turned out to be So. Much. Fun . I'm working with children with different abilities in an after school exercise program with physiotherapists. It's only once a week but we did testing and I had a lot of fun doing the warm up and cool down. I'm running the warm up next week and looking forward to seeing all the kids again. But after I did that and I could relax I still didn't want to go to the gym. I made myself since I was already in my workout gear but couldn't figure out why I was avoiding doing my resistance routine. Then it hit me. I WAS BORED I didn't want to do my apps, I find them challenging each time but no longer appealing. I modified my routine; did barbell squats instead of the regular bodyweight ones, bench press instead of push ups and kettlebell deadlifts since the power cages were occupied and a group of asshats were blocking my access to the already weighted barbells. Kept the crunches as normal and did the dumbbell rows. I loved it. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Did my run outside and my time was terrible. I was doing 12 minute miles because every time I started going hard for any amount of time I was getting dull throbbing pain in my right knee. I'm going to split my runs and my weight lifting into different days now. We shall see how that works. Happy to be back in the game
  17. Dirty has her name for a reason. I do not like being wet. Showers, baths, swimming, and especially not being in rain.
  18. Beginner for planks definitely (still in the cognitive stage). Did the stretching yesterday as a part of my workouts but I will do 4 minutes of planks throughout today to catch up.
  19. I just roll mine into balls. I have no patience for keeping them covered in parchment. Really excited to try the chocolate pecan one <3. I also mentioned you in class today when we were talking about women doing CrossFit while pregnant. The girl in our class was asked to quit since she just started doing CrossFit when she became pregnant and she has very competitive tendencies that will make her push herself too much. Glad to see you're doing so well with your goals!
  20. I didn't do my prescribed workout yesterday, I moved a lot of my roommates stuff into the new home....... Apparently I should have warmed up a bit more prior because I'm officially feeling the DOM's in my legs and butt. Thank goodness today in class we learned about foam rolling. Onto week 2!
  21. I slept 14 hours that night, didn't even hear my alarm to get up and go to my friends debut at a rock show. I'm going to say it's a little of column A) and a little of column . Making sure I have everything in the house I need to make a meal by the end of the day.
  22. Hey stranger! Just checking in to see how you're doing
  23. 20/09/13 Consistently complete workouts: 3/22 Be flexible: 3/22 Today was a bummer. My strength training work was lacking. I pushed myself as much as I felt comfortable but was feeling weak. Probably cause I didn't get a chance to eat since breakfast, which was light in itself. Got my rows up to 25lbs, keeping them there for another session. Did more deadlifts today, feeling confident in my abilities to do them. Wanted to go outside for my run but it was raining again. Oh poo :-(. At this rate I'll never see the leaves changing
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