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  1. Orc! I'm sorry about your loss. Right now you're doing a lot more than a 6 week challenge, you're doing a lot more than 4 smaller challenges. Any time you do anything it's a success when times are difficult. We will be around for you buddy <3.
  2. It seriously is. When I lived in India on exchange women frequently would oil their hair with coconut oil before bed and leave it over night or while they're around the house. Indian women are known for having the best hair (it's what good weaves are made out of). I also stopped buying moisturizer. I have a tub of coconut oil for cooking and one for my hair and skin lol.
  3. Your daughter is adorable and you didn't do so bad considering the circumstance!
  4. You regret it but I'm still considering making it one of my goals in the future lol. It's intense but I like it!
  5. Sounds like you had a good back up plan for your workout! Indulgences are fine every so often, we're only human and that sounds absolutely fantastic. Well worth it on a special day. . However, back to the grind!
  6. Also on a less kick ass note. My friends car broke down and my cousin is working out of town for most of the challenge (he'll be back mid-October). My life side quest is in jeopardy! Do you guys think it's alright if I substitute taking drivers Ed instead? I have a little extra money right now and can afford it if I really try.
  7. 18/09/13 Zombies, Run! App: Duration= 1:09:15 PushUps PRO- modified push ups 7-6-6-5-3 8-8-6-7-6 Dumbbell Row-20lbs SitUps PRO 20 Back Extensions-50lbs 20 Squats PRO-bodyweight 20 Deadlifts-30lbs and 40lbs bar 10-10
  8. 18/09/13 Consistently complete workouts: 2/22 Be flexible: 2/22 Completed my workout and decided since I'm training both for running and strength at the same time I'm going to have running my priority every other workout. Used the 20lb weights for my dumbbell rows easily enough. Progressing to 25lb next week. Used the back extension machine today for my opposite to sit ups. Used 50 lb and played around with it a little bit. Decided to use it because of ease of access. Ran on the treadmill since it's raining outside. Said I had a 13 min pace for a mile. I just laughed. This is why I don't like using machines.
  9. The shoulders were still a little sore today. Probably should have slept more but I had a ton of homework to do. Went easy on them today, decided that I'm going to focus on running every other day and do an hour workout instead of half an hour. I couldn't say which was a higher priority in my mind so I decided to switch off
  10. Did my 7-site body fat percentage today 20.1%. 03/05/13 was 24.3%.
  11. I was too until I reminded myself that once upon a time I was terrified of squats and I ended up being able to squat my bodyweight . Don't know if I can now, but then it was a pretty big deal. I really understand how lifting helps give people confidence in their ability to so anything. Plus I want sexy people to be singing Rod Stewarts "Hot Legs" every time I walk by.
  12. My placement is with the children's rehab center! Yahoo. ^_^

  13. Good on you for deciding that Fallyn! Diet soda is horrid and actually makes you crave even more sugar because your body gets confused by the aspartame. Keep it up
  14. You're going to draw those pages. I'm going to be a gnat in your ear until you do. Good goals! We gonna rock, rock, rock this challenge!
  15. Good job on putting a counting system in for your challenge and doing so well on your goals so far
  16. That's exactly where I found it. As soon as I saw the both of you had it I got jealous and promised myself when I had the time I would figure out how to have one of my own. I find it gives me a little extra oomph for my main quest
  17. Crockpot Cherry Tenderloin- But I use cranberries instead. This shall be my dinner tomorrow.
  18. Consistently complete workouts: Stronger, hungrier, I'm always left wanting more. Each time I work out I'm letting myself become even more capable than the last. When the time comes I'm going to be ready. It's do it or die. This week there weren't any excuses, just results. 1/4- Completed. 2/4 - Completed 3/4- Completed 4/4- Did not complete Be flexible: Limber, agile and strong. This Operative needs to be those things and more to defeat the Big Bad. When they get here, I'll be ready. A little pain now is worth the lot of hurt I would be in otherwise. 1/4- Completed 2/4-Completed 3/4- Completed 4/4- Completed
  19. That is adorable. I completely understand you're excitement! Yesterday I did a double batch of my push ups, partially because I'm a glutton for punishment but also because I was so ready to rock this challenge. Now let's start with a sizzle and end with a bang
  20. That, I love that. So organized . Good job on kicking some serious tushie
  21. .......SO MANY FEELS. ^ This was me during that mission. Thank god I was on a running trail alone.
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