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  1. Tuna salad with a banana? Tell us more! I'm not sure how I feel about that. Love the lunch packing goal, that's something I have been trying to do myself, both to save money and to keep from eating fast food every day. Great start on your first challenge!
  2. I love having a 24 hour gym. Odd hours of the night/morning may be my new favorite time to work out. Which might be a little difficult on work days... Yeah, I'm trying not to sink into a pit of negativity (hard with my current overarching mindset these days). Fortunately, the observation that working out is so much harder than it used to be was more retrospective - while I was working out I mostly was just focusing on pushing and trying to do more, or better, or whatever. It wasn't until I finished that I was like, "Man, that was really hard. And I didn't accomplish nearly as much as I us
  3. It's a swole-low. (That stupid video on Dill's thread is stuck). Lol. So working out still really sucks. It probably has a lot to do with how long I have been out of the habit, since I keep expecting to be able to perform at the level I used to and I'm just not there anymore, and the crap food I'm using to fuel my body. I'm also not hydrating properly, so I'm getting plagued by cramps. I just had an idea to change goal #4 to a personal mini-challenge goal, where each week I assign myself a mini-challenge for the week. This'll give me a chance to give some new goals a test run and build some be
  4. That was really sloppy but I made it through. One down, will add to spreadsheet when I get home! Sent from my 306SH using Tapatalk
  5. Moar videos! I definitely need to look into OCR specific programs once I get back into working out regularly and am ready for a more complex routine. Following everyone's challenges is getting me super pumped to get back into fitness. I'm hitting sprint intervals already, though. Sprinting just FEELS awesome, even if I can't do it for very long. Something about really stretching out your stride and getting your heart racing gives me a huge adrenaline boost. Hah, who needs an excuse? I'm famous for going to kids movies and activities just me and a friend/boyfriend. 25 year old kid, over he
  6. I'm all for competition with bragging rights and sh*t talk. There's at least two others (Nuala and Pavowski) doing booze goals, too, we should take a vote. He said it before I could! Bonus points for bro tank and bandanna. I really, seriously hope this guy is for real. Swoly Bible.
  7. I'm jealous of your DOMS. I didn't think I would ever say that. That is all.
  8. That carving is pretty cool! I think you'll progress quickly with practice, and awesome to see you are getting a solid start right at the beginning of the challenge!
  9. You are so organized! I like your reward system you have set up for yourself, too. One of my coworkers recently started doing the 21 day fix. How are you liking it so far?
  10. Hooray for goals! I had totally forgotten about IF, I might have to steal that goal. I like the flexibility stuff, too. Looking forward to following your progress, and absolutely ecstatic you decided to stick around for the challenge! And we need to get that booze support group going!
  11. I wanted to burst your bubble and say coconut is not a fruit, but upon further research it appears it CAN be classified as a fruit. However, the fuzzy brown coconuts sold in non-tropical countries is apparently the coconut seed, not the whole fruit, and the fleshy white part and water inside the coconut is the inside of the seed. So really that doughnut was covered in shaved seed innards. It also looked delicious. I have several friends that take melatonin and swear by it. I have read some negative side effects from long term melatonin use, but I can't find any articles to back that up at th
  12. This has summed up my life lately. These days happen, and you have an awesome attitude to just leave it behind you. I applaud you. Also, all the barbell work and feedback seriously makes me want to go back to weightlifting. Maybe one day.
  13. As I'm thinking of new challenge goals for the next challenge I am going to put them down here so I have them stored somewhere. My head is notoriously unreliable storage, I'm awesome at coming up with brilliant ideas then completely forgetting them before I can execute. Totally want to steal Raptron's procrastisnacking goal. +1 point for adulting, -1 point for snacking. Along those lines, I would eventually like to overhaul my entire diet, as I have fallen into the pit of eating terrible food at inconsistent times in inconsistent amounts due to being broke and depressed. I have ingested way
  14. That's actually a really interesting tactic. I'm not sure if sloth or gluttony would be the deadly sin to win that battle...
  15. I'm here for the Away Team! I will definitely get a workout in today (not right this minute - I just ate).
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