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  1. Hello, to all... It is good to breathe the air of the NerdFitness Rebellion again!! I am back after a long break to check in with old friends and with any luck, make some new ones. So let's get down to brass tacks... My main goal will be to get into shape for the Tough Mudder 2014 in September. Goal 1: Lift 4x per week to increase overall strength. I currently lift 2-3 times per week, depending on how busy I am at work. My goal is to step it up a notch and train 4 days for at least 40 minute lifting sessions. Lift 4x: A 3x: C anything less is failure Goal 2: L
  2. Eboncat you may not be making headway with your pull-ups but you are obviously making up for it with TKD. You go girl! I like your idea about making your goals next challenge more about overall health instead of just exercise (isn't that why we all do this?)
  3. Well Starbon, all I can say is keep working at it, we all quit at one point or another, at least you are big enough to admit it. Moving in anyway is so very stressful. I have confidence that you will work through it all! Talking about admitting things....I actually have had 2 workouts in the last 2 months until today and I feel it, I swear the bar got heavier not me getting weaker! I suppose I didn't realize how much I missed all the haggling and encouragement I get from NF...it will be interesting to see how much I can deadlift now. I swear I have also packed on a few pounds and went up a
  4. Look at you go Starbon, Go you! And I find that when I am trying to start a new habit, like journaling, it is easier to do it everyday, then there is no excuses. It's awesome that you figured out what worked for you. Glad to see the updates as well, keeps the rest of us from wondering where you disappeared to! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!! Get your grub on!
  5. Starbon, I am very impressed. You are doing very well! I like the fact that even when you miss something you seem to intend on putting something else in its place....... THAT is how you succeed. Keep on rock'n it! (literally since your learning the guitar ) And thank you.
  6. Well, Eboncat, You are doing Fabulous! That is awesome...and I love the Skadi ring. How beautiful is that!?!?! talk about a reward. I love Etsy. Sorry to hear about your ankle, though its awesome to hear that you are still getting your weights and practice in. Rock On and Keep Up the Great work!
  7. CB3

    CB3 Warrior status

    Hello, all! I did actually sign up for this challenge. I just never got motivated enough to actually set goals this challenge. Though I think I lost all motivation for everything recently, seems kind of sad but just maybe...I need a break. Burn out was inevitable at this point. I don't think I have ever told you guys that I work 7 days a week, about 65 hours if you include my commute. Its been a blur for the last 5 months. All this typing and stuff is time consuming. It's time for a break. Something has got to give and sadly, things like this, that I love to be a part of, give out first.
  8. CB3

    CB3 Warrior status

    Thank you all so much! I'm not sure about Dickens....I think I sound a but crazy! But the last 3 weeks have been that way...Hoping the next 6 are better! See ya'll on the flip side!
  9. CB3

    CB3 Warrior status

    Hello, ladies, I did not fall off the planet. (Though that would have been a cool adventure! ) Thanks for checking up on me! I have been very busy.... on vacation, sick, home with sick kids, working too much, and not enough (yes, all at the same time). I have been over the moon, and under the weather, depressed, ecstatic, spending time with the new boyfriend and dealing with the ex, stressed is an understatement, gone to court, and to the top of a mountain(On foot). I have been in the best moods and the weirdest ones. I have become disenchanted with job hunting and enamored by the possibili
  10. Eboncat, TKD, sounds fab! I really hope that you enjoy it thoroughly. I have found here in the last month that just about everyone I know, online or off, has very limited to no motivation for a lot of things that seems to frosted with a disappointed disenchantment with the world in general. Don't bash yourself too much! You did try and your intentions were all in the right spot, not to mention your unfailing encouragement. You Rock!! Truly.
  11. Beautiful, fabulous lady, you!!! You are amazing! And just being aware enough of yourself to know when you need a break is amazing, a lot of people I know wouldn't pay that much attention to their own cues and know when to take a break. I say rock on! You did good. I will miss your encouragement and hope you the best workouts and conquering the clean eating! Enjoy your break and I will be looking forward to "seeing" you later!!
  12. You did a great Job Prime!!!! Look at all those fantastic marks, you go girl!! We will see you in the next one!
  13. Great Job Rogaecia! I am SO impressed that you stuck through it all and finished like a champ, even the C on budgeting is great since most people lack the foresight and will power to even try to budget anything.... I love you term "existential tantrum" I have been in a "mood" myself and that is a fantastic way to express the way I have been feeling. I'm glad I'm not the only one, you came out of it better than I did, you at least finished your challenge. Great Job, you lovely woman, you!
  14. Great to see you get back on the wagon, even after all that you didn't give up! I'll be looking for your workout post.
  15. CB3

    CB3 Warrior status

    Update time for last week (week 2 ) Goal 1: C/ B for week 2; got to the gym 3 x and am getting stronger, Whoo Hoo! Goal 2: A/ A Again I chopped wood over the weekend and a bit the other night, I am not sure if it was what I meant when I made this goal but I think it should count; totally. Goal 3: C/ Sugar intake ahs been down but alcohol intake (which just turns to sugar is up) I'm not sure how to grade this one but for solid food intake I will say I am about 85% I give myself a B for this week (maybe I deserve it, maybe I don't; haven't decided yet) Goal 4: F/A Totally journaled week 2, we
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