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  1. I'll add you next time I'm on! I'm just writing it on my own. I've done NaNoWriMo before (it's wonderful, isn't it?), and this is an ongoing project that revolves more around polishing a draft I already have over disciplining myself to write consistently. Right?! I love being able to move furniture with the big and tall boys during moves! As a little blonde girl it's fun jumping in where no one expects! The novel is high fantasy erotica, and it's the beginning of a platform that will (hopefully) help me make a living writing novels. And I just moved to Fr
  2. New challenge. New respawn! Recently I started watching Supergirl, and I loved how Wonder Woman was a badass in the Batman vs Superman movie. What do these women have in common? (Besides being superheroes.) They're strong as hell. My butt is also complaining about all the sitting around I've been doing while working on my novel, blogs, and freelance job search. You see I recently changed cities and am looking for new employment, so there's a lot of time spent on the computer. Traditionally I've been a ranger who enjoys both running and lifting, but given the
  3. Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone here has followed the Paleo Diet for Athletes book, which does add back in certain carbohydrates for better athletic performance. Does anyone have a good or bad user experience on whether or not it helps with training? I'm a Ranger and trying to clean up my average food intake, but I don't want to cut grains and dairy out all together. Thoughts? ~PhantomHeart
  4. First off, Zorro is an awesome name for a horse! Second off, it looks like you have some great goals, and having the personal trainer will certainly help with keeping up on workouts. I found when I had a personal trainer I was much more motivated. And it's a neat idea to say your boyfriend can help with the cooking (even in 20 degree weather!); I've noticed that couples that cook dinner together and have fun with it tend to be a lot closer. Good luck with saving money! It's really hard to get that discipline down, but it looks like you're on the right track (that 150 cut is really dishea
  5. Simple and to the point! If you average on losing a little more than 1lb per week, you'll reach your weight goal easily (the max recommended is 2lbs, after that most people just lose muscle and not fat). Good luck with your healthy weight loss! Good luck with the 5k time too! What's your current time?
  6. Challenge Update: I've been keeping track of all my goals in my trusty Companion Cube (though the notebook has a frog face, so I really should call it Companion Frog). So far so good. I've made every marker I can in three days, and each time I run, I've added five minutes to my time. (Yesterday I ran 12 minutes and today I ran 17). I'm working up to running a half hour again, but I will probably make that marker by next week. Considering that's what I was doing only two months ago, that's a reasonable goal for me. Funny anecdote, never ever eat anything (no matter how small) right bef
  7. Thank you for the encouragement and the hip stretches! It looks like some of those poses are very similar to what I'm doing now, and I'll try out the rest today. I've tried yoga before, but found that many of the poses hurt my lower back (in group classes). Do you have that problem?
  8. Thanks! Good luck with yours too!
  9. Those sound like excellent goals, and I can concur that once I started consistently cleaning my room everyday life became much more organized too. The hardest part was forming the habit. And good luck on your running goal! I know from experience that running hills (hard work that really pays off!), cross training between runs, and doing intervals helps a lot for increasing endurance/distance. Here's a handy training schedule to give you an idea; it's only for a 5k, but the pattern doesn't change much between that and half marathons. http://arec-lb.com/125ktrain.html Good luck with your
  10. Good luck on your challenge! It looks like you really are on your way to fighting/eating/walking/programming/riding like Aragorn! Now just put a durable laptop in the saddlebags right next to the big cheese wheel. Awesome.
  11. Dear Hip, I love you; really, I do. I know I've abused you with division 1 rowing, years of bad trainers, and lack of proper stretching, but we've figured out a routine that works for both of us. You're not in pain, and I'm still physically active. Recently I've been slacking though, and you've made me aware of this.. painfully. I wish I could say I've been popping champagne more than you... but I can't, so I won't. So for my nerd-tastic first challenge, lets get back into sync with one another via the following four goals: 1) Stretching: I promise to stretch twice a day at a minimu
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