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  1. I didn't train on sunday, too sleepy for it. Today, monday, I practiced the handstand after the wrist prep and hollow body hold as soon as I woke up and brushed my teeth. I can only hold the handstand for 2 seconds, the previous 3 seconds record counted the time going down. Then I followed with the vine flow advanced full flow, it got me agile for the morning. On the morning, I got 14 trophies. I consider what I translate a trophy, I translated 14 images on danbooru from japanese to english. I also did a few on the afternoon to make the total of 14, I didn't count them in the morning. When I g
  2. Today I did my weightlifting, handstand practice and ocean; vine and seesaw flows in advanced level section C. Peacock pose is still too difficult to hold.
  3. Wow, I havent updated since last friday. Anyway, I didnt do anything other than the handstand practice on Saturday and sunday. I did my weightlifting monday, tuesday and today Im on my way. Shoulder presses, incline rows and lateral raises are still tough. Im translating standalone images on danbooru, and Ive translated 10 from japanese so far.
  4. I liked this comment Yesterday and today, I did my weightliting, the shoulder press is absolute hell for me, as well as the incline rows. My lateral rows are still not at full range, but I manage to get the weights to my waist. I haven't done my yoga, and Ill do the handstand practice and weightlifting in the morning, and the prasara yoga before lunch. But, if theres no weightlifting for the day( wednesday, saturday, sunday), then I do the handstand practice and prasara yoga back to back.
  5. Thanks Elastigirl, welp, I lost speed since my body is all stiff from the weightlifting, but Ill get stronger and mainly, muscled if I keep at it for a few months. I did not muster the will to do my handstand again, but I had a heel realization. I was so lazy that I was living like I already ended my life, as in, reading too much tvtropes. Thus, aside from exercise, not much really mattered to me. I may be the most boring challenge that will appear on this site, since Ill keep at the same stuff for months, heck, even the stat boost wont change much. Now I live my life devoted to self
  6. Woke up at 6 am, did my basic hygiene except showering and went to do my wrist prep but got interrupted by my younger brother looking for some donation items I bought for him, got them, and he left so I did my wrist prep and noticed how my arms feel stiff, weight training tolls me Held the hollow body pose for a minute with no real problem, although, my abs wont stop trembling, and Im sure Im doing the pose right, so Im at a loss for why that happens. Handstands were horrible, doing them near an electric plug output was psychologically crippling, I only held the handstand for a second but I
  7. Use the Burt bees while you get something else
  8. You can try writing the manifesto randomly, and you can progress a little before the weekend :3
  9. I recommend you do one legged calf raises, they are good for leg strength
  10. Did my wrist prep, hollow body hold and handstand, still 3 seconds unsupported. Returned to training with the all dumbbell workout dvd, I actually got stronger from all the prasara yoga, but this is more to trim any excess weight. Did the ocean, seesaw and vine flows part c in intermediate. Seesaw is still the toughest with the peacock pose.
  11. Last night before sleeping, I did the vine flow in intermediate level, I felt my legs limber.
  12. Did the seesaw and ocean flows in intermediate level. Seesaw was quite tough, I cant do the elevated crane pose yet, but if I keep at it... Ill do the vine flow before dinner. Ah yes, I did my wrist prep, hollow body pose hold and handstand practice today, 3 seconds unsupported.
  13. Ill post my updates as soon as I workout, it should be about 2 or 3 messages per day. Anyhow, yesterday I practiced my handstand, and held it for two seconds unsupported. I do my wrist prep and hold the full hollow body pose though. I didnt do the flows yesterday, but, Im getting discouraged. Seems doing nothing but the flows and handstand practice is taking its toll. Im getting fat. I have the Old School New body program, as well as dumbbells and a bench. Is it cheating if I do weightlifting while on this challenge? I want to avoid getting fat.
  14. Im late to the party, but, I did jujitsu on and off last year, but this year Im going once a week or more whenever I can. Its taught me humillity and patience. Humble pie still tastes sour though
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