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  1. Argh! Sorry guys, I totally fell off the wagon and was too embarrassed to come back for a while there. BUT instead of deleting or just forgetting about my account here I thought I'd jump in and post some reasons (not excuses! excuses are lame) for my disappearance. Half of my second week got eaten up by a few days interstate and more focused on catching up with people than going to the gym or getting some running in. I found out while I was away that I had to move blocks on base (not as extreme as moving house, but still essentially the same thing) so packing and moving stuff wiped out mu
  2. Week 1 Eek, bit of a rough start to the challenge! I'm back to normalish hours at work, which means I have fallen prey to the vicious circle of stay up too late at night > get up super early for work and squeeze through the shift on too much sugar and caffeine > come home and crash for a 'nap' which refreshes me just enough to make me stay up later at night again... I got my vegetarian day in! That was probably the easiest part - had a day off, designated it as vego only, and it was fine. I went to the gym once and did a weights workout for the first time in at least a year. I for
  3. Love the intro! And hooray, I have an army for the apocalypse! I'm a pretty good ninja for making up stuff that suits dietary requirements, Jeloc (or anyone else) so let me know what you like/don't like and I can probably come up with something for you to try. My usual trick for making foods seem different is to try different spices. At the moment I'm addicted to Moroccan mixes, and in the past I've used Indian curry paste bases to roast/cook vegies in to make them more awesome. Run: I can highly recommend the Zombies, Run! original game and the 5K version if you're just starting out runn
  4. Heya Jeloc, good luck to you too! I wish Zombies, Run! existed when I first started running... I'm so much better at it when a) I feel like I'm being chased and I'm having fun listening to the story and levelling up my base instead of thinking about how much I'm dying from the cardio. Just catching up on all my replies and boards... see you around!
  5. Hi Sam! I'm new here as well, and I think I've just signed up to the same accountability team as you. Your goals sound amazing yet achievable, and I'm sure the wedding is probably the best motivator for any girl to get fit and look trim. I tried joining a crossfit gym once, but was so sore for about a week after my first session that I was too chicken to go back! Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you over the next few weeks.
  6. Hi everyone, My name is Ange and I'm an adventurer with some inklings to be a warrior, but as I'm an overweight and unfit full time cook who hasn't lifted weights in months if not years, I have a long way to go. I also want to be a regular runner and even have the goal of the Great Wall of China half-marathon in May to work towards, but I still need the kick in the butt that I'm hoping this six week challenge will bring. My three goals are meant to be easy as one-two-three: Eat only vegetarian stuff for one day a week. Go to the gym (either a group fitness class or a weights session) two
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