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  1. How does one go about viewing these? Please help!!
  2. Sometimes you just gotta listen to your body and give it a break....even though you may not want to deep inside.

  3. Sometimes you just gotta listen to your body and give it a break....even though you may not want to deep inside.

  4. My 5 year old daughter has been in gymnastics since she was a little more than 18 months old. She has progressed in the most phenomenal way over the years (she has been a member of the prep-team since she was 3). She loves it and does it all around the house. Recently, there have been some changes to her schedule at the gym. She now trains for 8 hours a week, up from 3 hours a week. She has some teammates that have missed time due to back and other injuries. She has complained before of her back and hands hurting, and being sore. Again, she is 5 years old, with teammates ranging from 5-
  5. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for when I started this thread!!! If Eric has 10 candy bars and Joe wants 2, how many candy bars does Eric have? That's right 10 candy bars!!
  6. Don't think words can say how much respect or congratulations you deserve. Will leave it at...AWESOME JOB!
  7. I seem to be saying this many times on many threads, but THIS IS AWESOME! Each day I find a "new" thread to check-in or follow. I am a Christian, raised in a Christian home. It is so reassuring to see so many other Christians in here. I just want to share with others a quote that has helped me change my life for the better. "GIGO...garbage in, garbage out." Be aware of what you put into your mind/body, because it will be what everyone else sees in you.
  8. My main source of inspiration comes from my wife and 2 daughters, soon to be 3 daughters (due in May). I am a very motivated and inspired individual. I look for inspiration daily from any source. It may be a line from a song or a quote from an article. I try to pass along some sort of inspiration daily to anybody and everybody I can. With that said, I am just curious....what inspires you or where do you get your inspiration from (internet, books, tv, music, etc.)? Please share, you never know who may use what you post to find his/her inspiration.
  9. Keep your head up. Stay strong. You can do it!
  10. Down in good 'ol San Antone....for now. Hopefully business will afford the opportunity to move to North of Houston (Woodlands/Conroe areas). Coming over this weekend to look around at things.
  11. I was thinking something along the lines of "Quasi-nerd", or something of the likes.
  12. Indeed. Until you've had it, it's hard to understand. Being from Louisiana and living in Texas, it's nice from time to time to get a taste of home!!
  13. We did this this weekend! We cooked and feasted on these!! The way you are approaching this challenge brings to mind this saying, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...." I take it your getting after this challenge with a vengeance.
  14. Luckily enough, my workout week starts on Monday. Day 1 logged!!
  15. This is awesome! I am curious, and since I trust my fellow Scouts most, could someone please give me a title for the following description. I consider myself a "nerd", because I like "nerdy" things.....Star Wars, LOTR, some RPGs, etc. The problem is, I am not as knowledgable as other "nerds" about these things. I get lost sometimes in some of the things discussed on this site. Through context clues and a little "looking up" things I am able to keep up. Just wondering what someone like myself is called in the "Nerd Community".
  16. My name: Slsanders2/Stephen Week 1 Challenge completed on: February 28, 2013 Week 1 Report: Took a major step forward in completing goal for my own company this week. Made contact with new clients and sent some proposals on work. Now the waiting on a response..... Other than that, the week was a MAJOR FAILURE in my book. The Skoal dragon is still attacking in the most fierce way! Didnt even cut back this week; actually dipped more than I was a few weeks ago. Running-didnt even come close to my goal per week. Overslept, by accident, one day; lazy on another. Just an off week. NO E
  17. Hello, my name is Stephen, and I am addicted to the 6-week challenges provided by the Rebel Leaders!! Goals for this challenge are: 1. Kick tobacco habit!!!!--Failed this one on the last challenge. Hope to get it this time. (WIS= +3, CON= +2) 2. Run 3X/Week (3 mile minimum)--Have a couple of events to do later this year, need to start training now. (STA= +3) 3. Do 5 pull-ups, unassisted (at one time)--Very excited about this goal. (STR= +3) 4. Increase workload for my company--As I'm a co-owner of a business, we need more work!! (WIS= +3, CHA= +1) Good luck to the res
  18. I know I'm late to the report party, but still wanted to put my results out. Goals/Results: Weight training 3X/Week This goal was actually the easiest of my goals to reach, as I enjoy working out. I actually weight trained 4 days a week throughout this challenge. Found a workout plan I really liked and stuck with it for longer than a week! Very happy with results...down in body fat percentage to 11-12%. Grade= A+++ Strength= +3, Stamina= +2 Run 2X/Week (3 mile minimum) Got at least 3 miles on more than half of the runs. Towards the end of the challenge was able to get in more 3 mil
  19. I consider myself to be in good shape, constantly working on it, mind you. I will be signing up for this in the very NEAR future. I am a very inspired person and try my best to live a very inspiring life. I was just curious about the heat. 2 of the 3 obstacle courses I have run have been in cold to mildly cool temps.
  20. I have recently found out about this GRC. I am addicted to these. I know that they don't compare, but I have done two obstacle course runs and have signed up for another in October. GRC, however, attracts me for a whole different reason. I am wondering, has anyone done one of these in the heat of the summer? I am in San Antonio and it gets triple digits here in the summer. There is a challenge scheduled for June/July here. I want to do it, but wondered how different it is than those done in cold weather.
  21. Appreciate the eye-opening challenge! Being as it was my first mini-challenge, I hope there are more like this. Thanks.
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