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  1. Got another workout done with my 35# KB Day B • 100 x Alternating KB Swing 10x10 each arm • REST 1 minute • 10 x GU • REST 1 minute • 5x10 BOR • 3x10 1arm BP • 3x10 hammer curls
  2. Just started reading this amazingly beautiful webcomic called Ghostblade. https://tapas.io/episode/28730 Not much to report aside from my legs being sore as hell. I will try to muster the strength to do workout B when I get home from work.
  3. Damn Feb 2019 was my last update?! Crazy how time flies. the last 2 years have had many ups and downs. I started smoking a while ago and then quit and started many times and I am currently on day 3 of a quit. I did my first workout in many months and was reduced to a sweaty puddle on my garage floor. Mentally I am in a much better place now than I was 2 years ago. My relationship with my wife and kids is better than ever and I want to continue getting better. I have been learning Java for the past month and find it frustrating but fun. I hope to one day transition from sys admin i.t to programming. Not sure who is still floating around here but hopefully I can use this site to spark some fitness consitency. Heres todays workout(all with a 35lb KB) Day A • 100 x 1- Hand alternating Clean and Press 10x10 • REST 1 minute • 10 x Turkish Getup • REST 1 minute • 5x10 Goblet Squat
  4. Made it to Tookland and the next milestone is the encounter with the black rider 0.o! I have 8mi so far so I am pretty excited. I decided to just go for a walk during lunch so I got some miles in. Hope everyone is doing well and I'll check in again at the end of the week.
  5. I joined the Walk to Mordor and Back Again PVP. Should be a lot of fun and will give these gypsy feet something to do.
  6. Hey Everyone I would like to hop on this especially because I am reading The Hobbit at the moment. Just starting my journey
  7. 4WC Wrap Up Well, I can't say this was my most successful challenge but I dragged my happy ass across the finish line! Overall made it with a Solid C- on this one. I am going to do some reevaluating of the goals I want to work on next time and maybe come back for another one. I appreciate the support from everyone on this and it has been fun haunting NF again after a long time away. Workout 3X a Week 11/12 Daily Family Meeting\Write Everyday Oh damn I forgot all about the writing ;( but the family connections happened so that's good Study 30min a Day I am going to say I completed this one about 80% I was pretty consistent but I know it wasn't every day So overall not as terrible as I thought but there is definitely room for improvement. Again thanks for following everyone
  8. Awww thank you! I am trying to teach myself to draw so that means a lot. Hopefully I can be as good as kim jung gi one day.
  9. Worked on some studying tonight and I spent a long time trying to learn how to draw hands lol. I decided to bite the bullet and that it will just have to come with practicing them to death. I made a grid of 45 squares and I drew 15 of them tonight. If you fancy a laugh at my terrible hands you can see them here:
  10. Quick update: Knocked out a workout and completed my study and family meeting goals for the day. Also quick update on the weight I am at 210 (~95kg) so that means I have lost 6lbs in 3 weeks so I want to keep up tha pace and get my ass back down in the 87kg ballpark again like I was in September (pre-veganism aka the dark times :/ damn you plants why do you hate me). BP 6x10 85# 4x10 105# DL 6x10 85# 4x10 105#
  11. You are still doing shadowrun sessions? Awesome are you playing a similar character to when we tried doing a campaign on here? I miss my little yakuza monkey :p I am glad your friend is okay. I just walked away from a carcrash a few months ago where my car was completely smashed in half so I know how scary that is.
  12. Lol I wish I had those Hives I would have at least had a good time.
  13. Awww I am happy for you man and I hope things turn out well. What is she doin in Cuba? also me reading ur dating updates:
  14. This was awesome. I actually listen to synthwave at work lol MOON and Voyage being some of my favorites. Hey also I hope your friend is okay after the car accident.
  15. Me trying to finish a damn 4WC the last 2 years I am alive good citizens. I actually decided it would be fun to be sick again and for the first time in my life I got hives and spent 2 days trying to figure out wtf was wrong with me and what I ate to set it off. The answer: ????? Ahh well, Plus side to being zombie like is that I didn't want to go outside and as a result I have been drawing more and I also bought a CCNA study course by David Bombal which is supposed to be good. Not gunna lie, IT stuff bores me to tears but it pays the bills right now. As far as my weight I am trying to figure out what kind of witchcraft is going on with the numbers on the scale because I feel lighter and I feel like my stomach has gone down but I still weigh the same so maybe it was just the bloat that went away after I kicked those bullshit veggies to the curb and eat mainly meat and rice now. Well shit I just checked my goals and I still managed to do 2 out of 3 of them these last 2 weeks (workouts ddn't happen but I did 1 or 2 yoga\stretches in there somewhere cuz my back was stiff). So if I could manage to knock out the remaining workouts until the challenge ends then maybe I can survive this with a solid C- lol. Anyway sorry I have been crappy on updating this everyone and that goes for checking in with everyone else too.
  16. Aww even Poppy is giving me motivation today because I am feeling a lot better.
  17. Awe yeah I am not a big sweets kind of person but give me sour or spicy and I am there! But whatever makes you feel a lil better when you are hangin on for life. Thanks I am trying. I started drawing again for the first time in forever tonight and I forgot how much I love it. I created a new instagram for my drawings cuz my old deviant art page got shutdown cuz i never logged into it. For anyone interested here is my ig: https://www.instagram.com/skrokfox/ I will upload more of my drawings tomorrow but I think I really need to get back into drawing.
  18. Mission log: Still dieing. Goals went to shit cuz trying not to die lol. I think I am on the other end of this sickness crap and I will hop back on the goals as soon as I can. I can tell I have lost weight though lately cuz eggs and brisket\steak are all I can stand to eat right now. If it has carbs or sugar my face don't want it for some reason. Anyway hope everyone is doing well.
  19. Hey thanks for checking in on me! I have been doing really well with 90% of my goals(writing goal not so much). I'm not sure why I keep forgetting to post here with updates. So all in all I am killin it until this morning, I think I picked up a small cold or something because I feel like trash today. So am trying to rest and get back to it. I will try and post more frequently on here. Thanks again for checking on me.
  20. Knocked out another workout and feelin damn good! BP 6x10 85# 38.6kg 4x10 105# 47.6kg DL 6x10 85# 38.6kg 4x10 105# 47.6kg I fixed something that has been bothering me about my DL for a long time. I never felt quite balanced when doing them and I always felt like my knees were in the way. So after watching an Alan Thrall vid on DLing with long legs I felt so much better and balanced. Basically I stand like a duck or frog as he says in the video but I am not throwing my back out to keep myself from going forward. Here is the vid:
  21. Badass job on the adulting man. I know all about that frugal life and sometimes it can be really hard to see it all laid out on paper but like you said but once you know all the details you can start workin on how to fix it.
  22. Hell yeah! I am working on fixing my weight and general health after wrecking it on a year of vegetarianism and half a year being vegan. Things went downhill big time toward the end and since I have been on a high meat keto style diet I feel like a new man! So did my SQ and OHP day today and the weight definitely felt lighter. SQ 6x10 85# 38.6kg 4x10 105# 47.6kg OHP 6x10 55# 34.9kg 4x10 85# 38.6kg Did some studying and some yoga\basic stretching as well as watched a few more training videos for my CCNA. Gotta keep these habits in line
  23. Glad you are feeling rested, I love those nice couch naps.
  24. Thanks! It has been a long road trying to kill all the demons especially nicotine. I started smoking in my teens and I am turning (took a 2 year break in between from smoking) 30 this year so its been too long. Caffeine is a lil bastard too, I used to drink multiple energy drinks a day plus lots of coffee and tea and still slept like a baby. Oh fun fact I just weighed myself and I guess I am down about 5# and I am at ~211.6# (96kg).
  25. No way thats awesome! I am super excited to see them here in Austin. I wish I could see Aesop Rock too he is my other favorite because of his amazing vocabulary.
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